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35 stars It s a warm feel good story about good people good relationships and close family time at ChristmasSTORY BRIEFBecky is divorced with a 9 year old son Nick who has a genius I and wears leg braces due to mild cerebral palsy She took a temporary six month ob as a udge in the small town of Spruce Lake Colorado She hopes to get a permanent ob as a Neimhaim (Neimhaim, judge in Denver when thisob is over For intellectual stimulation she has Nick in classes two years ahead of his age He suffers daily from bullying at schoolWill was a ski movie actor who nearly died in a recent avalanche As a result and due to nightmares about it he gave up skiing and returned home to Spruce Lake to decide what to do A developer is planning to tear down some vacant buildings in town and replace them with modern condos Will organizes a group of locals to stop the developers They vandalize the developers euipment As a result Will appears in Becky s courtroom pleads guilty and agrees to her punishments From the moment he sees her he knows she s the one for him and he plans to marry her He does all the right things but she won t go out with him She believes he has no ob no assets and no future She s been hurt by her father and her ex husband and won t trust menREVIEWER S OPINIONThis is a feel good story Not a lot of negatives to create anxiety while reading Will is a great guy He has a great heart He s so go. Judge Becky McBride has recently landed in the small town of Spruce Lake Colorado with her son Nicolas and she doesn't want to stay there long The former big city lawyer sees this six month gig as her ticket to a

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To enjoy Christmas in a small town with a former ski bum Will O Malley So many characters especially Will s family that the story would have made an awesome Harleuin SuperRomance too Nick her son certainly helped move the romance along and the action with the avalanche was exciting All I can say is in the middle of an August heat wave bring on the snow cones or ice cream or a handy dandy snowfall and then we can go back to enjoying summer again I loved this book It s sweet touching and whimsical showing a uirky slice of American town life reminiscent of Doc Hollywood The hero is gorgeous the heroine sufficiently flawed and I was cheering for them to get together Already looking forward to of the O Malley Men I really loved this book All the characters were great Will was a hero you loved There was humor parts made you cry but you ended the book with a smile on your face This book is SO bad SO bad It features a pig that runs around in a tutu And a man who can t understand the word no and tries to kiss women against their will that s the hero I got to page 47 and I ust can t with this shit It s too bad even for me A nice Christmas story based in the best place to spend Christmas Colorado A light read in the traditional Harleuin style One love scene with mild descriptions Interested in reading the rest of the series This is such a heartwarming wonderful story I loved it. Tentions but he's fallen hard for her and nine year old Nick Not only that her son's ust as crazy about him Now Will has to convince Becky that she feels exactly the same wayAnd Christmas is the best time to do it.

Od with people old young and everyone else He s smart and does good things for the community He helps any who need help including dogs and wild animals Plus he loves this one woman so much it s impossible not to like him Becky has some issues She is overprotective of her son and herself She s petty regarding Will She makes wrong assumptions about him I don t see this as great writing The characters are simply drawn The conversations are typical nothing unusual But it s not a waste of time I see this as something to put you in a good mood for Christmas with people close to you It s short about 23 the length of a typical romance novel I had trouble deciding between 3 and 4 stars Since I m probably not going to buy the seuels I went with 3 stars To spend money on a book I d prefer a little meat to the story This was a sweet dessert good to get from the libraryDATAStory length 213 pages Swearing language mild Sexual language mild Number of sex scenes 1 5 pages long Setting current day Spruce Lake Colorado Copyright 2009 Genre contemporary Christmas romanceOTHER BOOKSThis is the author s debut novel I believe she has two seuels coming out about two of Will s brothers The Sheriff and the Baby and Loving Luke O Malley Loved the book I read this on summer vacation which was okay if you re missing winter or snow or Colorado It was a good story with uptight Becky loosening up enough. Ourtroom in Denver She can't wait to leave the town and its eccentric residents especially the handsome and irrepressible Will O'MalleyWill loves skiing dogs his hometown and Becky She might not trust him or his in.

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I've been fascinated by the Rocky Mountains for as long as I can rememberGrowing up in an Australian outback town with no TV and only one radio station my summer evenings were spent lying on the back lawn looking up at the stars and trust me in the Aussie outback the stars shine very brightlyWinter nights were spent inside around the fire curled up with the latest issue of the National Geogra