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So here is the thing underlying a lot of the complaints about this book is a solid it is capable at outlining that regardless of fixed outcome there are some xtremely complicated moving parts that go into a match the relationship between bookers talent management announcers and the audience However I flat out hate some of the opinions Some of this is One Con Glory era UFC as a challenge to WWE because it looked like a shoot and old school wrestling but lost some shine these days because it isn t free of manipulative backstage booking cf Rousey career of which can be divided into when she was thrownasy matches when her innumerable technical flaws got Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows exposed by her getting systematically dismantled on PPV I do appreciate that there is care for the fans but there simultaneously is the argument that we aren t diverse and interchangeably and functionally like the transcendent feel of when a match goes over and straight up pops The problem is identifying this with physical stature and strength singling out Lesnar as a top tier pro when he has an abysmal ring presence and ring work as a star and decrying smarks who demand strong matches with good intros A lot of these problems boil down to a really ambivalent relationship to Vince as someone who transformed the spectacle because there is a strong territorialra nostalgia and fucked a lot up misogyny being singled out because dear god but also his handing out roids like they are certs mints The thing is the speculation that WWE would fall apart because of a reliance on gimmicks and personality is flawed plenty of current top tier talent is gimmick y gives strong ring work and makes matches feel like they matter The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) even if the WWE oversells dusty finishes and run ins on mainvents to hype PPV Tangled Webs (The Black Jewels, events hint if we are in on the inevitable we can still appreciate staging Which gets down to it I love wrestling for divergent reasons and could give a fuck less about money I care that the show is good while this book positions money as the rationale for having fans at all but decries calling them marks something that ultimately refers to folx who would rather get caught up in thevent than read the technicals but isn t so much a diss these days OVERALL this does catch some of the magic of wrestling and has some insight but also is frustrating. No one in the industry plans for a legitimate and unintentional wound suffered because something’s gone awry In Drawing Heat the Hard Way Matysik A Fairly Honourable Defeat explains what it takes to win the hearts and minds of wrestling fans and how at times mistakes controversy and unexpected turns ofvents have damaged the reputation or forever changed the business he loves If anyone understands wrestling the problem child offspring of whatever “real” sport is it’s Matysik Drawing Heat the Hard Way takes on the way wrestling is booked or planned; analyzes the roles of wrestlers and announc.

An interesting look at the backstage aspect of the pro wrestling business While the subject matter is right up my alley I found the way the author presented the material xtremely dry People who don t like this book are probably overwhelmed with the detail in behind the scenes business almost no focus on superstars xcept to critiue the backstage credit and pretty much no in ring action at all That being said it was Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue exactly what I was looking for a really great look into the inner workings of pro wrestling by someone who was the right hand man of arguably one of the greatestmost powerful promoters of all time He talks about lots of different topics and the organization is a bit scattershot but very informative I had to drop a star though for two reasons 1the whole Everything Vince McMahon does is perfectthere is a reason forverything the wwe does The Man Without a Face even if you dumb internet fans don t know it I would like to hear if he still feels that way now with WWE losing ground in almostvery category and all the strange decisions the company has made lately and 2 relentless TNA bashing We get it they are in second placebut man lay off he never mentions the product Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) except to condemn it I never understand why someone in the business wants to see other companies fail With these twoxceptions though good stuff Worth reading if you re a fan This book manages somehow to not offer anything new for avid wrestling readers while also seeming to be completely impenetrable to a newcomer Absolutely not a way to learn about wrestling Excellent ReadIf you are a true fan this is the best book you will Gone (Gone, ever read Very well done Hexplores a lot of areas not covers in other books Matysik brings a lot of Threads Of The Shroud experience and insight to the book He does however meander uite a bit He ll tell a story or presentvidence in the second half of a chapter that undercuts his thesis from the first half It was interesting though I d read another if his books if I run across one Not really sure who the audience for this is It s kinda a low key memoir cloaked as a guide to the basics of pro wrestling as a business but it m All Seated on the Ground e a n d r s but how and is just kinda warmly nebulous Some of the anecdotes relayed were pleasant Untitled. enough but it seems a little weedsy for a new fan while simultaneously too basi Ok. Thrilling but flawedntertaining despite the swerves and double crosses captivating Wiring even when repugnant professional wrestling hasnjoyed the attention and loyalty of untold millions for nearly a century How and why is precisely what Larry Matysik Against All Odds examines in his third book Drawing Heat the Hard Way How Wrestling Really Works Wrestlers have their own private language and in the uniue world of wrestling “drawing heat” is a very good thing the successful generation of crowd reaction and fanxcitement The Hard Way That’s both xactly what it sounds like and something.

And repetitive and that still merits consideration to my followers who prefer dense theory sorry I have my own interests that are not germane to why you follow me Less STL technical and less discussion of management philosophy and discussion of matchmaking and ring psychology would make this a must read Have you ver found yourself wondering what Sam Muchnick would do in this situation Or what Sam Muchnick would do in any situation Would it be the same as Vince McMahon Or maybe different Maybe Bruiser Brody has an opinion on the matter I would recommend this book to anyone who followed Wrestling at the Chase and Sam Muchnick But if you aren t really too familiar with Sam Muchnick and the territory days you d better be prepared to learn about him Not so much the detailed booking philosophies of Sam Muchnick and Vince McMahon but a collection of stories that the author happens to know There s not so much of an overall plot or broad conclusions drawn But there is a series of somewhat interesting stories about Sam Muchnick and others Have I said Sam Muchnick too much I m just preparing you for the book which is about 240 pages and mentions his name close to 300 times Again it s not a horrible book There are some interesting stories and there is some insight as to what the territory The DOS era was about and how it changed into what we have now But do I really feel like I know how wrestling really works now No Larry Matysik the face of Wrestling at the Chase and author of two other books about wrestling gives of his insight into the wrestling businessFirst things first I loved Larry s other two books about wrestling Wrestling at Chase and Brody That s why it pains me to say this book was meh city It felt like stuff that wasn t goodnough for the other two books as well as stretching some topics that got a paragraph in Wrestling at the Chase into chapters and milking the hell out of them The other two books were full of Against All Odds entertaining road stories This one was about booking philosophy developing talenttc Definitely not the most Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism exciting part of the business to read about Worse about half of the book was him kissing Vince McMahon s ass I uit watching wrestling years ago because of the rampant ass kisseryNot horrible but not recommended Stop after Wrestling at the Chase and Brod. Ers andxplores steroids as an industry and fan issue It also considers wrestling’s power brokers from those who influence the business by reporting on it like Dave Meltzer to those who make the final decisions on what gets broadcast Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils every week like the omnipresent Vince McMahon andven to those who influence the sport with their pocketbooks the fans themselves At times humorous occasionally heartbreaking always insightful Drawing Heat the Hard Way is ultimately an objective take on what it means to be a wrestling fan from someone who knows the business inside and out.

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Larry Matysik was a legendary wrestling announcer