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I am annoyed that I allowed myself to get sucked into eading this book The characterizations manage to be both simplistic and inconsistent both within themselves and compared with actual humans The plot is contrived melodramatic and not Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose remotely credible The way the characterselate among one another is also absurd they constantly make speeches about How Much They ve Learned while acting simultaneously immature and world weary I finally dropped the book in disgust when I got to the part where a twelve month old not only speaks in complete sentences but makes insightful observations about the moods health and motivations of the adults around her Oh Please That s not a novel that s a fantasy comic book Do NOT waste your time this is my third colleen mccullough book though the other two were vastly different from each other i thoroughly enjoyed both and i was very intrigued at which direction she would take in this one i LOVED the first half of the book Not since The Thorn Birds has Colleen McCullough written a novel of such broad appeal about a family and the Australian experience as The Touch At its center is Alexander Kinross The Kaya-Girl remembered as a young man in his native Scotland only as a shiftless boilermaker's apprentice and a godlessebel But when years later he writes from Australia to summon his bride his Scottish elatives uickly ealize that he has made a fortune in the gold fields and is now a man to be Omnibus Films reckoned with Arriving in Sydney after a difficult voyage the sixteen year old Elizabeth Drummond meets her husband to be and discovers to her dismay that he frightens andepels her Offered no choice she marries him and is whisked at once across a wild uninhabited countryside to Alexander's own town named Kinross after himself In the crags above it lies the world's ichest gold mine Isolated in Alexander's great.

Would give the first half 4 or 4 12 stars the descriptions were engaging the character development subtle but thorough the plot thickened in some predictable ways and in some surprising ways then about halfway through i stopped enjoying the book i stopped caring about the characters everything started to feel cliche the frigid wife the hooker with heart of gold the brilliant yet plain daughter it all felt stale the one character that i consistently enjoyed was sir alexander however i ultimately disagreed with the direction and tone of the story it was from epic and sweeping to thoughtless and dull it felt like an entirely different book from the beginning needless to say i was annoyed with the outcome and i threw the book down at the end too many loose ends tied up too neatly and too uickly for such a dysfunctional family The title of the book caught my eye on Goodreads and I knew I had ead it once but could not Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge remember it So I found it last week and House with no company save Chinese servants Elizabeth finds that the intimacies of marriage do not prompt her husband to enlighten her about his past life or even his present one She has no idea that he still has a mistress the sensual tough outspoken Ruby Costevan whom Alexander has established in his town nor that he has also made Ruby a partner in his companyapidly expanding its interests far beyond gold Ruby has a son Lee whose father is the head of the beleaguered Chinese community; the boy becomes dear to Alexander who fosters his education as a gentleman Captured by the very different natures of Elizabeth and Ruby Alexander esolves to have both of them Why should he not He has the fabled Midas Touch a combination of curiosity boldness and intelligence that he applies to every situation and which fails him only when it comes to these two women Although Ruby love.

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Ashed off into Australia again I found the zig zag ailway into the Blue Mountains so fascinating that I spend than an hour on the internet Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family reading the history about it before I continued with the book The book is a bit of a clich though but the narrative probably started off with the uestion what if a brothel owner Rubi and a conservative virginElizabeth can share one manAlexander s love and become the best of friends during a time period when it was totally unheard of And from there the thirty year saga develops in which the storyline follows pioneering spirits sharing love lust social ineuality p This was one of those books I picked up bc I didn t know what else toead at the time and I wound up loving it The thing that surprised me about it was I expected to like Elizabeth and hate Alexander and it turned out to be the exact opposite I thought the ending was neat different unexpected Not as lovely as The Thorn Birds but a powerful saga just the same. S Alexander desperately Elizabeth does not Elizabeth bears him two daughters the brilliant Nell so much like her father; and the beautiful haunting Anna who is to present her father with a torment out of which for once he cannot buy his way Thwarted in his desire for a son Alexander turns to Ruby's boy as a possible heir to his empire unaware that by keeping Lee with him he is courting disaster The stories of the lives of Alexander Elizabeth and Ruby are intermingled with those of a ich cast of characters and after many twists and turns come to a stunning and shocking climax Like The Thorn Birds Colleen McCullough's new novel is at once a love story and a family saga eplete with tragedy pathos history and passion As few other novelists can she conveys a sense of place the desperate need of her characters men and women ootless in a strange land to create new beginnings.

Colleen Margaretta McCullough was an Australian author known for her novels her most well known being The Thorn Birds and TimRaised by her mother in Wellington and then Sydney McCullough began writing stories at age 5 She flourished at Catholic schools and earned a physiology degree from the University of New South Wales in 1963 Planning become a doctor she found that she had a violent aller