Denise Peck: 101 Wire Earrings Step by Step Projects and Techniues

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Very easy and simple I want to add this to my shelf How to arts and crafts books have the tendency to be hit or miss This one was really interesting if only because it was full of excellent ideas Some of the design ideas were really uniue and were very enjoyable to read about The earring rojects were also Popular Representations of Development pretty basic A beginner could definitelyick up this book and figure out how to make the majority of the designs enjoyed the Sister for Sale products but the techniues are above my skill set and great if you have a dedicated craft room Keeping on my bookshelf wonderful designs I really liked this book Theages full of great ictures and fun designs that made me really want to take a class so I can try my hand out on some of those really neat earring designs I might have to buy this book instead of just borrowing it from the library Crafts Begins by going over the tools you need to make the earrings in this book then the techniues roviding step by step instruction on how to make head Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity pins loops ear wires coils spirals and jump ringsEachroject has a colored The Art of Standing Still picture of the finished. Providing detailed descriptions on how to intricately craft stylish wire earrings this beautifully illustrated guide offers simple yet elegantrojects that are inexpensive and easily accomplished Easy to follow instructions and comprehensive definitions guide the jewelry.

Product and lists the tools and materials reuired The earrings I just started learning about wire jewelry and my best friend bought me this book I spent a lot of time with this book learning new techniues and improving my skillsThe book starts by telling you about the different tools you will need and what makes them different It also goes through some of the basic techniues so if you are just starting out this is a great book to learn how to do the simplest of things Then it gets into some of the harder things I ve had the book for a little over a year and there are still some things that I cannot do in it I loved every design in the book and it was very easy to alter and be able to use what you have on hand It gives great step by step instructions that are so easy to follow and understand Some other books are hard to understand It was A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, perfect for a beginner to learn from The earring included are all veryretty and elegant The designs are one you can build off of and add different elements to make them your ownI highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn to make Maker through the many elements of wire working such as headpins jump rings hoops loops spirals and ear wires clearly highlighting the techniues and detailing the uality materials necessary to roduce functional and innovative works of wearable art With a diverse select.

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Heir own jewelry and need something that gives exceptional step by step instructions Enough to keep one interested and experimenting for some time I never make the exact thing I see in the book I always change it up in some way depending on what I have on hand to work with but the inspiration is invaluable My biggest roblem with this book was that the finished The War to End All Wars projects looked so amateur Most of the earrings they showed weren t even close to the same size when finished or even the same shape I liked the step by step instructions and thought the information about what tools and supplies you need was very helpful but just couldn t get over thehotos of the finished Death Comes for the Archbishop projects This is a decent book with lots of earringrojects mostly geared towards beginners and thus retty simple looking earrings I m aghast that there is no sandpaper listed as a supply at all in this book in my jewelry classes I spent a LOT of time just sanding Some of the finished earrings look a bit sloppy I m really articular about centered loops being well centered But there s a lot to be inspired here. Ion of 101 contemporary earring The Naked Man projects submitted from top designers wire crafters of all skill levels will hone their talents while discovering new and inspirational ideas forroducing uniue and creative works in one of the fastest growing trends of modern jewelry art.