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Lay fight with my German Shepherd Pepsi partly because I am older and less fit and if he accidently bit me in a play fight I would probably need a blood transfusion but mainly because he has three other male dogs to play fight withI paste below from my chapter on Paddy Ch 5 OF MICE ZEN on how play fighting can be sed constructively and positively as a part of training and bondingStandard obedience training with close heel work and long stays and recalls of a few feet will [Original Bondage Fairies: v. 1] [by: Kondom] uickly bore the brains out of a Irish Setter As adolescent learners they have to be made tired enough to actually focus on the trainer and they work better at a distance Paddy became brilliant at send aways as any good sheepdog or gundog should be And because his recalls were a preparation for a controlled send away he eventually became good at those too Getting him to come back off the lead had to be builtp by a combination of recalls on the long rope or extendable and then I sed some high fenced shale tennis courts at the University where I could let him off and he couldn t get out and disappear on me These were also seful since there were few distractions like wildlife or other dogs to detract from his training Ten minutes maximum were spent in these enclosed areas The real test came to when he was off the lead and in open country Would he come back there surrounded by rabbits interesting smells and other distractionThe trick is to make sure you are doing something at least as interesting as the potential distractions So I tried to do the early recalls when he was in the middle of a field not around the edges where animals are hiding If he looked like ignoring me then clearly in his sight line I would run away in the opposite direction while calling him Most dogs when they have bonded with their ownertrainer cannot resist chasing them if invited My sprinting was pretty good then as I was playing football twice a week Usually he would be onto me in seconds His reward for catching me was lost of praise and maybe a short tussle or play fight which he loved Some trainers would disapprove of the last phase believing it encourages aggression or dominance struggles but in my view for a basically good natured dog that should not be a problemIn term of the seuence described you have just appealed to a set of basic dog instincts These are first to follow or hunt another animal which is running away It may be prey it may be another pack member The point is dogs like to chase things so turn this to your advantage and incorporate it into the training Then second having caught you he gets rewarded with another pleasurable experience and further bonding through the playfight Provided that you know your dog and the play fight doesn t get out of control and turn aggressive and provided you remain the boss and make sure that you metaphorically win the fight then no harm is done When two dogs who are friends play fight if left to get on with it they can be seen getting Daddys Boy uite rough Then if the play gets too rough they will scale it down andsually just have a break and flop down together Puppies in a litter do this all the time with their siblings Dogs who like to play fight are getting great exercise together just in the tussles This Isshinryu Chinto Kata uickly tires them and they know when to break and take a breather With a good natured dog like a setter or most labs and retrievers I see no harm in play fighting with their trainer or with their dog friends Paddy was a dominant but gentle dog So long as you the trainer are in control and can calm down the dog when needed then there is no harm in play fights It is basically about you being the leader and calling shots in this case deciding when the tussle ends When I was training his send ways and recalls and rewarding him with a tussle Paddy was easily calmed down set in the down position and sent away again The trick was to end the recall with another pleasure to the dogsually with another send away Of Mice and Zen Animal Encounters in the Life of a Wandering BuddhistGetting back to Victoria Schade s book she makes the important point that when you do obedience training as soon as the dog has the hang of basic commands se them all the time in different situations that is what they re for to make dog better companions to have out and about and at homeA down stay or a re call in the garden or a controlled obedience class is not the same as a down stay in a market or a park with many tempting distractions But you should build p to the latter Though I would never leave a dog in stay Papillon unsecured in a dangerous place with traffic and hazardsSome of her students were apparently rather dim and it never occurred to them tose the obedience training in everyday situations they thought it was just for the class This tells me they were not doing enough with their dog out of class The obedience class mentality is why I gave Descent into Chaos up standard obedience training back in 1966 It seems to me that training dogs to perform pointless tasks to absolute precision for competitions they will never enter is the height of futility I personally would not want my dogs doing precision obedience style heels with their noses glued to my knee I have 8 dogs for start and only two knees More practical to me is a good stop fast stop when the dog is moving away at speed Pepsi my GSD did a very good one this morning We were out on a remote farm track I was busy photographing some flowers A farmer in a truck came down the track towardss I greeted him as he passed and realized he knew me and the dogs Pepsi is friendly and started to follow the truck just being curious But I didn t want him getting the others to follow as the track is narrow so I gave him the halt command and he stopped dead Because he had stopped the rest of the pack did too I strolled p to them and gave jerky treats all round I make a point of chatting with famers and field hands and let the dogs make friends It is their land or place of employment so it is good to be friendly and make it clear you are doing no harm Also if one of the dogs decides to go awol or do some independent exploring and encounters these people then they are less likely to harm the dog Besides rural Thais and Cambodians are friendly and like a chat with a foreigner who speaks their language Farm work in the heat can be pretty tedious and most like a break and some entertainment from a mad foreigner who is dressed like a farmer carries a ; if it's lacking it's the primary source of any frustration you may be having with your dogFirst you'll take a iz to help you gauge your current relationship with your dog Next you'll learn the building blocks for creating a positive mutually rewarding bond from granting privileges to being npredictable to offering ample praise and playtime You'll discover how a bonded dogListens to obe.

Started promising but half way through I find it difficult to motivate myself to finish the book as its really not telling me anything new I bought it to learn about how trainers solve these kind of problems and not because I have a problem with my own dogsBut it should be mandatory reading for people who don t get through to their dogs This book was ok but honestly didn t tell me anything I didn t already know Maybe I ve been readingwatching too much dog stuff It s also aimed at people who are nsure of the bond they have with their dog while my bond with Bailey has been pretty solid since she was five months old Still a book that I wish some other dog owners would read This is a fantastic book on building a relationship with your dog based on love positive reinforcement training and fun Some interesting takeaways but not mind blowingI was hoping for puppy focused advice but this book often talks about retraining dogs with existing habits and behaviours I still found it Just Once (The Runaways, useful but didn t learn a whole lot I didn t already know I will begin by saying I loved this book It s not a training manual per se It is in essence exactly what it says it is a book about building a bond with your dog The entire book is rooted 100% in positive ideals And not only is it rooted in those ideals but it also does not buy into the dominance myths in fact she calls alpha the dirtiest concept in dog training Schade is a clicker trainer and she s proud of it Like many positive trainers that s not where she began She began with traditional methods she neverite felt comfortable with and discovered the joys of clicker training when someone suggested she try it in order to teach her dog to roll over something she was struggling with The dog picked it Contemporary Plays by African American Women up amazingly fast and even importantly was joyful about it She was a convertThe book is broken down into two main sectionsPart I All About the Bond ex I enjoyed this book the first time I read it I m rereading it because it s full of great suggestions for fun things to do with your dog I ve implemented many of Schade s games with my dog Honey and was looking for a few fun things to do that would strengthen our bond and makes likely to pass our pcoming Canine Good Citizens test This book is aimed for people who want to make the bond between them and their dogs stronger I feel like I have ite a nice bond with my dog already though he could be paying attention to me on walks but this book gave me tips of new kinds of exercises and games I can do with my dog We ve already tried out a few of them and I ve seen an improvement in just a couple of days in the attentiveness of my dogThe book was very positive both in methods and general feel and it was a pleasurable read altogether ExcellentLoved the mind games Victoria trains the same way our wonderful trainers at DOG do which made this book a wonderful reminder and was an affirmation to what we have learned I wasn t ite sure what to expect when I picked p this book Sure I skimmed the sample and read the reviews but I wasn t sure if it would give me information that I needed Fortunately it totally didThe bond is something that I think most people misunderstand It isn t easy to do and strengthening it like any relationship takes work Victoria Schade gives excellent examples real life stories that illustrate both what a good bond and a weak bond is Just in the first few sentences I was nodding my head and I nderstood That is a powerful way to illustrate not only how necessary it is to foster a bond but how much work it takesSchade gives great ideas for working on that bond ideas that just about any teacher nderstands Predictability boring Fear less than stellar work Yes you need some predictability and consistency but don t be afraid to have fun That is a reason you got a dog isn tI feel that these techniues are not limited to dogs Just about any bond with a pet can benefit from these ideas If you are willing to put in the effort and time willing to give willing to exert your patience to probably the ltimate limits you can succeed I am slowly putting into practice several of the things in this book and it is totally paying off with my 6 month old Shiba He is a iet one but his expectations are clear Already I am seeing a huge difference in how we interact If only I could get hubby on the same page Victoria Schade Bonding with Your Dog A Trainer s Secrets for Building a Better Relationship Kindle Locations 2437 2445 Kindle EditionVictoria Schade is a North American Dog trainer who rightly believes that the bond between dog and owner is fundamental to successful training and to a happy harmonious relationship with your dogShe ses many of the same methods that I se for the same reasons positive humane dog training based around a The Ascent of Man uality relationship between dog owner This includes the running away method for dogs reluctant to come back and the what s this on getting your dog s attention on walks ie finding interesting smelling stuff on walks and showing the dog also constructive suirrel chasing ie you decide when and which suirrels can be chased and the dog follows your lead and hide and seek Ise all these methods with my dogs just as I did with my Irish Setter Paddy my first rescue dog over 30 years agoI agree with everything she says except where she is critical of dog human play fightingwrestling She gives an extreme example of a client a hard drinking man s man type guy who seems to only relate to his Bernese Mountain Dog by wrestling with it and he does it as soon as he comes in from work so the dog was immediately hyper Actually I have noticed a lot of macho type guys are like this This was an extreme case and he encouraged his drinkingcard game buddies to do the same Result the dog was out of control couldn t relate to people without being boisterous and frightened off most women Clearly dog and owner needed remedial action If The Grand Sophy used sensibly play fighting with your dog is OK if it is the right kind of dog and if it is done appropriately andsed as part of the learning bonding process As I indicate below I sed top play fight with my Irish Setter often as part of his reward in training He had the right kind of gentle temperament to enjoy it without getting violent Also because he was the only other male dog I had and he needed male bonding He would not play fight with my bitches as they were too small delicate for him Having said that I don t The human canine bond a relationship steeped in love with eual parts mutual respect trust and regardIn this groundbreaking book professional dog trainer Victoria Schade reveals that a successful relationship between you and your dog isn't about establishing yourself as the pack leader but about building a meaningful bond She explains how this bond forms the core of your entire relationship.

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Tick and knife and walks with 8 dogsVictoria Schade s book is particularly good on car training skills In fact her whole focus is on practical skills which enable the dog to be a great companion anywhereYou can make them do a sit stay as she waits for food then give the food as a rewardYou can vary it and let them be out in garden then re call them to get the reward ie supper or combine and make them waitstay a good distance away then call them to you to eatie dont waste meal times they are great training opportunitiesIf someone comes to the door you can se it to train the dog to sit or lie O viziune a sentimentelor uietly when you open it rather than having the dog fly out go nutsYou can induce people to come call and brief them to ignore the dog if he is jumping about and or barkingA well timed sit or down which he holds will earn him praise and attention That is what she craves tell visitors particularly that she only gets attention from them when he is good Sometimes theiet sit is ruined because the dogs gets excited by the praise and goes mad again this is common in puppies you just have to gauge and moderate the praise so it doesnt set him off You can always repeat the sit and start againOne of the problems in raising a dog in Thailand is the stupidity of many Thai people in relation to dogs Thai men think it is great fun to encourage a large friendly dog to jump Harveys Revised English Grammar up at them It is a macho thing rather like the play fighting client with the over boisterous Bernese My own GSD is big and friendly so he is often encouraged to jumpp in greetings Fortunately he has the intelligence to know only to jump Como agua para chocolate up to men who he knowssually Thais He will never jump p at a woman or child My Mother in law excepted as she likes being jumped p to and his front paws rest on her shoulders so she is not forced back but down Not all dogs are so smart or discriminating so when someone is hurt a dog gets the blame not the idiots who encouraged it to jump p in the first place Other irritations are that Thais who feed stray dogs do so randomly and will just throw the food down so the dogs are competing and fights develop I feed stray dogs but I either do it individually by hand or create a distance between each dog to avoid fights This type of laziness and carelessness applies to the majority of Thai dog owners Most never take their dogs a walk or take it out with them and any kind of training is of courseway too much trouble Most would not know where to start Their interaction with their dog is minimal Most Thai dogs are simply left to wander on the roads in extreme danger due to the stupidity of most Thai drivers Drivers on a 300 yard stretch of iet road near our house have killed 5 dogs in the past three months Or the dogs sit outside their homes or are confined permanently in yards gardens or cages bored stupid Owned dogs will be fed a few scraps but Thais rarely bother to provide fresh water for the dog It is expected to find its own or drink from stinking drains and puddles This kind of ignorance and negligence especially in a permanently hot country makes me very angry I spent part of New Years Day taking a tiny stray puppy to the vet Its skin was burnt and bleeding from having boiling water thrown on itThe vet is convinced it was deliberate as the burns are extensive If I got hold of the scum who did this they would not be seeing in another New YearGetting back to the main theme of Victoria Schade s book adopting and bonding with Thai dogs is very easy in one sense because they are so starved of proper care and attention they are delighted to get it They may have some terrible habits but they Multiple Mayhem (Gabby Duran uickly become devoted to you On the habits one of the litter of 3 puppies I rescued from the countryside living wild has disgusting dietary habits Despite being fed fresh chicken fish rice biscuit egg pork bones all lovingly prepared by me out on walks she loves eating driedp worms cowshit and her favourite horse shit She is the also the dog most fond of kissing and licking your face I have explained to her that her eating habits are like taking a girl out to a fancy restaurant getting her the best food on the menu and the finest wine and then she gets a greasy burger and coke on the way home but she just wags her tail and tries to kiss me Her brothers manage on the regular meals and snacks I The Eagles Nest (The New Avengers, use in training but she likes to supplement her diet I am assured that earthworms are highly nutritious and I read that they are basic to the diet of rural foxes in the UK but I am sure the Brit foxes dig their wormsp fresh not dried When the Sea Turned to Silver up and shriveled Being a dog lover in Thailand is also heartbreaking because of the numbers of neglected and suffering dogs There must be millions of them I have managed to adopt 8 and take care of 7 others who are basically stray or feral and I support the work of the Soi Dogs Charity but it is depressing seeing the numbers of neglected dogsI think one of most important messages of Victoria Schade s book is about keeping the training fun positive and have a sense of humour along with patienceHer closing tips areoted belowAm I doing this right Feeling overwhelmed by information overload A few simple The Dont Worry Book uestions can help you determine if you re headed in the right direction with Fido Is your dog having a good time Thisestion separates the old school be the alpha approach to living and working with a dog from modern dog friendly training Remember drills are for the military and the tool chest Your dog will learn and retain if you keep your training sessions fun Are you having a good time You re likely to stick with the program if you re actually enjoying it Are you comfortable with the methods you re Moles Hill using Gut check Does it feel right If kneeing Fido in the chest because he s jumping doesn t sit well with you don t do it You will get frustrated as you work on your bond You ll have many many off days Plan on some all out bad days as well Bond building is not a linear procedure but one of fits and starts Before you givep on your dog take a step back and recognize any progress he s made We re so programmed to look only for major successes that the little ones are often forgotten One amazing recall out of three That s a start Dropping the empty potato chip bag when you asked Fantastic Keeping an eye on you while at the dog park Now that s progressGreat book clearly written and full of practical sensible advice I strongly recommend it to all dog owners. Dience cuesWants you in her sightlines even in intriguing environmentsDoesn't escape through open doorwaysUnderstands and follows your house rulesWants to be close to you and work with youTruly trusts and respects youWhether you share your heart and home with a puppy an adolescent or a senior dog it's never too early or too late to build a bond to last a lifetime and this book shows you ho.

Victoria Schade has been a dog trainer and writer for over seventeen years During that time her dog duties have included working behind the scenes on Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl as the lead animal wrangler appearing on two seasons of the Animal Planet show Faithful Friends writing dog training content and appearing in educational videos for NBCUniversal Pet360 PawCulture and petMD and writin