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Two of the three held my interest I could ve done without the wordiness of the third last book wasn t that great but the first two were really good Overall 2 stars Ice Maiden was the best of the three novels in this anthology and sadly Helen Kirkman s last tale the one I looked forward to the most was a oor disappointment The second book rests suarely in the DNF category as I had to skim whole Betty Fedora Issue One passages to get through itIce Maiden by Debra Lee Brown 3 starsA solid 3 stars for a Harleuin Historical romance Harleuin is like the Chevrolet of romance books heartbeat of America reliable crank her up and take her for a short spinIce Maiden is like that You know what you re getting and you can t help but smile at the greatarts and cringe at the others It s a fun read about a Scottish laird washed up on a small Viking island and forced to wed Rika a Viking lass who can t seem to trust any man enough about. A fierce warrior race from a frozen land the Vikings gloried in battle and lived for conuest But for the Vikings in these three exciting tales the greatest battle of all is the the one to co.

Why she needs her wedding dowry to rescue her enslaved brother and free herself from the tyranny of her bethrothed Sounds heavy but it s not It s a harleuin There s the usual family mama drama the tension Aubrey Beardsley, The Man And His Work plot devising due to the typical conclusion jumping of our young couple And the HEA at the end is one of the best over the top romantic crazy in love moments that should be televised and replayed over and over Great stuffThe Viking s Captive by Julia Byrne 1 starI couldn t finish this kidnapped by a Viking romance because of my increasing irritation with the sheer stupidity of our so called heroine Yvaine More than half way through the book and you would think Yvaine would start acting like a female of 900 AD Nope Yvaine is super smart super educated super entitled super annoying She also started experiencing some sort of splitersonality disorder acting sweet and demure one moment and than ragging. Nuer the desires of their own hearts Forced to surrender to the Jazz Ukulele power of love they soon discover their capacity for tendernessand sizzlingassion to melt the coldest heart Discover the brea.


On Rorik like a harrigan and challenging his authority in front of his men If I were Rorik I would take her back and tie her back to the Off 13 pole where I found herA Moment s Madness by Helen Kirkman 2 starsThis book was a most frustrating read for me I spent the majority of the time wishing that Sigrid would just shut up and let Liefwin complete a single sentence Dealing with Sigrid felt like dealing with an annoying 6 year old child constant interruptions and then suppositions based upon ignorance Because of course Sigrid didn tause long enough in her headlong flight towards incorrect conclusions She had to get the last word in despite her common background her foreign enemy status her complete lack of common sense Despite the fact that Liefwin Amata Means Beloved places her in alush environment and rotects her from everything based upon nothing else but her kewpie doll appareance I wonder if there were muzzles back the. Thtaking adventure and romance of Viking love in this thrilling bundle which includes Ice Maiden by Debra Lee Brown The Viking's Captive by Julia Byrne and A Moment's Madness by Helen Kirkma.

An award winning author Debra's ongoing romance with wild and remote locales began at an early age and is reflected in her books Born and raised in California and drawn to the rugged Sierra Nevada mountain range like a fish to water Debra was an accomplished outdoorswoman by the time she finished high school Debra began her writing career in 1997 and after winning the Romance Writers of Amer