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Lace in 1870s to 1890s Sitka Alaska This wasn t really a bad book and the storylines were pretty interesting but I always tend to prefer a character driven novel and the characters in this book largely rubbed me the wrong wayFirst Yuri s good character never was portrayed So all I got of him was an annoying prideful I want my way kind of guy I didn t know why Phoebe liked him at all ven as a friend and I specially don t know why Dalton liked him I would have appreciated if their childhood friendship had been stablished If the plot developed that and focused on their compet This one was ven better than the first book The ch. T it is Dalton Linduist with his swarthy good looks who is the most intriguing part of this isolated xistence Despite their unusual first The Matriarchs (The Family encounter Phoebe dares to hope that the spark she feels between them is returned inual measure When Yuri Belikov Dalton's best friend begins to pursue her

Aracters seemed much real in this one and while there were conflicts between characters it was believable since Dalton s brothers played a very minor role in the story I loved seeing how Dalton dealt with their truly Notes for the Everlost evil characters and it made his faith stronger Can t wait until the next book comes out Loved itOnce again anasy read from Tracie Peterson The time period and setting are fascinating to me Not particularly fond of the abrupt nding She definitely leaves you wanting to know about the lives and happenings of her characters RereadI just didn t care for the characters as much this time around They were a little whin. Hoebe finds herself in a precarious position Did she misread Dalton's interest How will her decision between the two men affect their friendship And what of the long buried secret in her own family's past In the challenges ahead Phoebe will learn of conseuence and forgivenessand the power of love.

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This book makes so much sense after reading Dawn s Prelude Chapter 1 of Morning s Refrain fills in all the necessary details from Dawn s Prelude Setting is Sitka Alaska My first Tracie Peterson book to readlisten to No cursing nothing objectionable Christian Main character will not kiss his bride until the wedding Broaches homosexuality briefly with no detail and drinking A love story with a little of Alaska thrown in It s not as syrupy sweet and romantic as some other Christian novels I have read I would put it in a different category although this type of book is not my favorite Christian romance It is tastefully done Takes Phoebe Robbins uickly realizes that her life in Sitka Alaska will be a far cry from what she knew in the East The weather seems to be constantly rainy goods are often scarce and there's little ntertainment save the small orchestra she joins There are also plenty of men actively seeking a wife bu.

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