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It was great Great climax Bystander was a very good and emotional book I really liked that James Preller had gotten the message out in this book even though you can tell right from the cover it is about bullying But the twist that he added which made the story even better was the bystander turned out to be the bully s next target Usually the bystander isn t involved But this goes to show that the bystander can be just as an easy target as the victim Now people might think twice to just stand around and watch Is Bystander a well written book The answer is no Is it a book middle schoolers will like appreciate and learn from The obvious response is of course This book is meant to be read aloud to whole classes There is lots of action ialogue and opportunities for students to The Note discuss if the charactersid or The Loving Gift did noto the right thing The premise of the book is Eric a new student who just moved to New York meets a rough group of boys The leader of this group is Griffin Griffin is charismatic a uick thinker and has many adults fooled into thinking he is an innocent nice kid In reality Griffin is a bully who picks on students especially a curly haired kid named David Hallenback Eric becomes friends with Griffin and uickly becomes a bystander to these cruel incidentsuntil he takes a stand against Griffin and uickly becomes the next victim This book reads very fast and would be a good recommendation to any middle schooler Many readers will be able to relate to the main character in James Preller s BYSTANDER Moving from Ohio to Bellport Long Island has made Eric the new kid on the block and being the new seventh grader has put fear into the hearts of even the most well adjusted kidsEric witnesses a terrified ketchup covered boy running from a group of kids The boy escapes and Eric is left to confront his tormentors One boy named Griffin appears to be the leader of the group Griffin tries to intimidate Eric but Eric is able to stand his ground Hopefully not all the kids in Bellport are like this Griffin characterWhen school starts Eric uickly learns that Griffin is a bully but not a typical one He seems to have many adults convinced that he is a polite well behaved kid He operates by gaining the confidence of his followers and then getting them to The Wildcatter do hisirty work Eric falls victim to Griffin s cunning ways It takes several unfortunate events and Eric being accused of having a weapon in his locker before Eric realizes exactly how much trouble Griffin can cause Author James Preller Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, deftly handles a current adolescent concern bullying By breaking the stereotype of the rough tough bully and revealing aevious variety Preller s story will make readers consider their own role in bullying situations Eric is a normal kid in a normal new school with normal friends and normal bullies But when the biggest normal bully becomes friends with Eric he has to think of an extraordinary way to stop himSeems like a Her Nine Month Confession decent plot I thought Let s try itOne reading session laterREVIEW TIMEHello everybody I am That One Reviewer with a book I stumbled across calle Bystander Pretty good name as it suits the first half of the story Will this story finally stop the bully and become a hero or will it be another helpless victim of the bully s pursuit for fame Our story begins with the main character Eric shooting baskets as he sees Ketchup kid struggling to run away He tries to help fails were introduced to the main bully and his posses and we learn Eric s past Itoesn t take long for things to kick off though Eric is uickly thrusted into a situation where he either helps his friend stop the bully or be a pun intended byst. Eric is the new kid in seventh grade Griffin wants to be his friend When you're new in town it's hard to know who to hang out with and who to avoid Griffin seems cool confident and popularBut something isn't right abou.

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Ool police officer the truth about being bullied Adults are idiots 3 Hide the truth and lie about being bullied4 The best way to beat a bully is to sink to his level and beat him at his own game breaking any laws necessary in the process 5 And always remember as long as the bully leaves YOU alone everything is good Is it just me or is there something wrong here Bystander is yet another YA novel that has me cheering the author for his brave realistic storytelling and mentally ordering class sets to use in class only to slap me in the face with a poorly constructed nonsensical ending Author James Preller actually goes a bit farther than isappointing he edges into irresponsible The central theme in Bystander is supposedly that bullying is wrong and bearing witness as a bystander to bullying is wrong Chapter after chapter Preller paints a realistic sometimes brutal portrait of how Eric the new boy in town Let It Go deals with the challenges of fitting in at a new school while being a sometimes target and sometimes friend of Griffin a seventh grade sociopath Griffin isn t your average middle school bully this kid isangerous Griffin is a modern Charade of Hearts day Eddie Haskell mixed with Ted Bundy Good looking and charismatic he purposely works to convince adults that he is harmless and trustworthy by carrying groceries for the elderly on Saturdays at the grocery store for the tips and showing real interest and concern for the school lunch supervisor who is oddly loaded Griffin also orchestrates a severe attack on Eric at the local pet cemetery the most graphic realistic beating I ve ever read in a YA novel never getting his own handsirty preferring to get his cronies to The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue deliver the blows while enjoying from the sidelines and maintaining his own innocence Adding to Griffin s bully resume is his PINS officer presumably a juvenile probationsocial worker and his collection of trophies from his crimes and bullying episodesThree uarters of Bystander had me completely hooked I hoped to have a great novel to recommend to my seventh grade students a novel with genuine charactersealing with bullying in a way that students could use as a blueprint for handling their own issues Unfortunately Eric s bizarre solution to Toward a Better Life defeating Griffin is to beat him at his own game He breaks into Griffin s house while his abusive father is home steals back 27 and a burned CD that Griffin had stolen from him and nearly gets caught by Griffin sad leaving evidence behind proving that he was there Eric Die Konigreiche Israel Und Juda Im 9. Jahrhundert V. Chr. does exactly what we as teachers and parents hope bullied kids nevero he plays the bully s game He never tells adults the real truth about being bullied or being a bystander He breaks the law He involves a friend in his crime He keeps all of Griffin s Schaums Outline of Microbiology, Second Edition dangerous secrets leaving him free to move on to his next victims Griffin never gets punished for the horrible things heoes In fact he just finds a new group of friends and will of course continue his bullying behaviors But that is fine with Eric as long has he is no longer in Griffin s sights Eric will just concentrate on the basketball team and his new girlfriend Griffin is clearly a villain however the most After the Rubicon disturbing character in Bystander might be Eric our hero Young adult readers will understand that Griffin is a bad guy but I m not sure that they will understand that Eric s choices are irresponsible andangerous I fear that Bystander may contribute to the bullying cycle of secrecy instead of helping to prevent it by convincing kids that they can tell trusted adults when they are victims or bystanders and need not resort to vigilantism I will not be recommending this novel to my students. The truth about Griffin he's a liar a bully a thief Eric wants to break away o the right thing But in one shocking moment he goes from being a bystander to the bully's next victimThis title has Common Core connection.

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Ander What crazy adventures and scary moments unfold as we venture through our hero s first year in a new schoolThis book is uite literally centered around bullying and how to stop it I honestly recommend this book to teachers to see how most kids who know a bully is a bully but teachers on t know what it feels likeThe rating counterEpic XAwesomeMehBadTerribleAbout flippin time we ve had another epic I can t explain this book very well so please please please get it yourself Thank you for reading and I ll see you in cyberspace Bummed about the ending but I loved every part leading up to it This has potential to be a great resource for any bullying program But that ending though I NEVER give a book a 1 star rating and I sure idn t think this would be the book to earn it But good Lord you can NOT take an important subject like bullying and treat it like this I really have no idea why the author chose to bail out at the end of the book In essence Preller became a bystander to the whole issue Very isappointing You simply cannot write a book for kids that promises to Accounting for Taste deal with an important issue that promises to educate kids on the subject that promises to show the solution and then simply walk away selfishly and cowardly from the theme of the book Ion t get it Mr Preller you really ticked me off If you want to write a little wussified book choose a topic that Anarchist Modernism doesn t matter something light and whimsical not aeadly serious subject like bullying I was going to give you another chance and read Six Innings a baseball novel which sounded interesting but frankly sir I An Audience of Artists don t trust you Sorry This isn t your idealized school This is realityAs someone who was formerly bullied in elementary school I consider Bystander to be a success in its goal of presenting an issue as realistically as possible The characters are not the cardboard cut outs that widely populate the pages of typical novels set at schoolsEric is the new kid in school Griffin is the bully Eric watches Griffin s actions yetoesn t tell anyone about them Eric is part of the problem and he s content there It s not an idealized existence but it s a living It s that or isolation from the group of people who befriended him In short in order to be a part of society Eric needs to allow the bullying of these kidsJames Preller s writing is not idealized or fancy It is harsh reality staring out at us from the page The facts are presented to us in a voice that is not meant to be fictional or entertaining There is nowhere to hide Bystander is a A Dogs Head dark book The payoffs are few and far between and the characters often than not make the wrong choice view spoiler The characters are not much better off at the end then they are at the beginning And a bully whoesperately needs his comeuppance walks away smiling There are no happy endings here Just bleak reality hide spoiler I really liked this book it portrayed the real kind of bullying that happens in school other than what others usually happens in school and I like how it tells it in a point of a kid who was a bystander And bullying is a really serious topic and no one should ever The History of Cartography, Volume 3 do that I like how the book talks about what happensuring a kid His Virgin Secretary during that times point of view but Ion t think at the end it has a loud voice saying that you shouldn t Bachelors and Bunnies do this and isn t like the main point Other than that the book had a great plot and climax always intriguing the reader to think about whats going to happen next Things I learned from reading Bystander 1 Bullying in middle school is a serious scary bloody business2 Never under any circumstances tell an adult parent teacher principal counselor or sch. T Griffin He always seems to be in the middle of bad things And if Griffinoesn't like you you'd better watch your back There might be a target on itAs Eric gets Both Hands Tied drawneeper into Griffin's ark world he begins to see.

James Preller born 1961 is the children's book author of the Jigsaw Jones Mysteries which are published by Scholastic Corporation He grew up in Wantagh New York and went to college in Oneonta New York After graduating from college in 1983 James Preller was employed as a waiter for one year before being hired as a copywriter by Scholastic Corporation where he was introduced through their