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VERY SPICY Otro de esos libros culposos ue tiene gratis Paige es una mujer abusada or su marido ue huye de el y encuentra refugio y algo m s en la antigua casa de Ian un aruitecto ue fue asesinado mientras dorm aLa idea de este amor The Art of Standing Still paranormal me llam la atenci n y lo consider una ridiculezero me ayud a A Ladys Honor (Cliffs of Cornwall, perder el tiempo mientras tos a y estornudaba P Title Phantom LoverAuthor Kelly WallacePublisher Liuid Silver BooksPublication Date 2011ISBN 978 1 59578 813 9Genrearanormal romanceLength 88Rating 3 12 diamondsHeat Level sensualOther naReviewer Brecken StevensDate July 19 2011 2011 Killed one random evening in his new home Ian Holt was far from done with his life The Voice keeps him on earth in ghost form but only in his home which sits empty for years after his death Paige Stanfield escaped an abusive relationship after a decade of marriage She wants Bob and Larry in the Case of the Missing Patience peace and to regain her confidence but her ex husband continues to terrorize her Ian and Paige form alan to keep the ex at bay but when feelings grow between human and ghost both know no good can come What sort of future can Paige really have with a man who isn t really therePhantom Lover takes a lot of classic ghost elements and adds interesting spins I enjoyed the change up with the ex husband and the abilities Ian had The mother in law was also a really interesting character For the most The War to End All Wars part thelot was very Illustrious architect Ian Holt is shot to death one evening in his newly built home on the Monterey Peninsula Forced to find a destiny that’s unknown to him before he can fully cross over he thinks he may have found his

Redictable and though there were some new things I had moments of de ja vu reminding me of many other ghost lover type stories I ve read in the Death Comes for the Archbishop past Still it was a nice story and hit all the right notes for someone looking for a sweet and sexy ghost story Freebie 10252012 So this was the BOTM for Bookaholics Anonymous it was OK Irobably wouldn t have read this if it wasn t the BOTM but I thought I d give it a go you jusf never know what you will stumble on I m a little on the fence on whether to bump my rating up to 3 12 stars There were Mostly Mama parts in the book that really had me turningages The sexual tension and longing for the untouchable were really well described and my favorite arts of the story On the other hand there were a couple of times when the storyline got a little too unrealistic and something you thought could be important to the story seemed to just get dropped I kept asking myself why certain things were included The main character Paige although I really liked her did some retty stupid things and could have been a stronger Overall it was a freebie for me so I did enjoy it This isn t a finished novel it s a first draft and a lousy one at that The dialogue is forced the antagonist is over the top and without motivation the characterisation is inconsistent there was hardly any Damias Children plot to go with the cliches and it was so overly sentimental that I wanted. Alling in a delicate beauty named Paige Stanfield whourchases his home five years after his death With a children’s hospital being built under shady circumstances by her greedy and sychotic ex husband who’s on the ra.

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To gag Aside from that If you decide to write about abuse you d damned well better understand it because if you don t you come across as ignorant and hony It absolutely enraged me that the answer to abuse in this novel was to buy a gun What The Fuck Not healthy Not realistic Also if you re writing a love story that involves ghosts don t g I liked it It was short and sweet A very interesting story 25 starsI enjoyed it overall however I think the reader was expected to Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes push aside too much logic while reading there was too much implausibility This was a very solid attempt at contemporary romance but thearanormal aspect was liking That being said I am not opposed to reading other works by this author in the future Sooo hmm this book reminded me a lot of the movie Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze Just the way the story unfolded kept returning me to that movie which I guess in a way was not bad at all after all I did love the Movie It had some annoying moments such as her not being strong enough and having a ghost be someone who she fell in love with and needed to make stronger instead of being strong on her own that may be my own feminist coming out lol But it was a sweet story and also had fun moments that made me really enjoy itThe ending was kinda huh really It was very very almost too sweet and Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie predictable But again it was a fastaced read which I needed. Mpage will they be up for the challenge and find true love in each other before Paige has her own life taken away Phantom Lover is a dramatic and sensual story where breaking all the rules of here and the hereafter are a mu.

Everything Kelly writes about stems from personal experience Her nonfiction books are based on decades as a professional psychic counselor and various health challenges What about her romances Yes They contain scenes and characters she's known witnessed or fantasized about and places she's beenKelly was born and raised in Southern California After 32 years on the west coast she moved to t