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Wo BF s talking about how devastated the H was since he only married Megan to have a child In fact studly H got Megan pregnant before he proposed to ensure that she could have kids How romantic What a guyIt s a toss up whether the miscarriage his lack of love or his cold blooded deceptionseduction devastates Megan Three months later the big J s raring to go back to his baby making plans but Megan Inishowen is still very depressed Very depressed and very bitter While mourning she has locked herself away to paint James wants to take her on another honeymoon to a secludedsland retreat to start the baby making plan all over again With the help of a grounded friend the wife of one of his friends who dislikes James as much as I do Megan gets a sexy makeover and The Other Side of the Coyne importantly birth control pills Secret birth control pillsJamess verrrrryyyyy attracted to the new made over Megan and decides to step up the vanilla bedroom antics to something a little alpha baby BDSM Zombacter ish much to both their sexual satisfaction Sadly for Megan his rogue headache ends up disclosing the BC pills and all hell breaks loose She admits she knows he never loved her and only married her as a baby making machine since his first wife refused to have a baby She never gets to tell him she just needed to wait until she was sure before she got pregnant again The H gets horrible nasty accuses the h of revenge kicks her off thesland literally and tells her to get out of the house before he gets back I guess community property La muñeca asesina is not a thingn Australia or marital rightsThe h moves back home with her strident money grubbing social climbing mother and beaten down Daddy Mums tells her to get back to the house and grovel to her hubby no matter what Dad gets a backbone. Harm She was pregnant on their wedding dayThe honeymoon was barely over when Megan had a miscarriage and the scales fell from her eyes she was trapped n a convenient marriag.

And supports his daughter emotionally then drops the bombshell that he can support them financially as well since he recently made a load n the market Well Mumsie brightens up at that The nice friend pops back The Housekeeper and the Professor into the scene and the two end up taking her grief driven paintings that apparently are masterpieces to a gallery They are nudes with one being a womann mourning and one demonstrating desire Actually a nice touch to the story and elevates Megan from kind of a simple little humdrum to a nteresting deep characterBack on Fantasy Island James adds a few brain cells and regrets how cruel he was to Megan as well as how duplicitous he was n seducing her The Monuments Men by Robert Edsel - A 30-minute Chapter-by-Chapter Summary in the first place She was a good little wife and now she s good and sexy little wife soJames decides he loves her but gets somewhat of a cold shoulder from Megan when he sees her again She loves him ands willing to give him a chance but The Complete Idiots Guide to Buying Foreclosures is clear that sexs off the table as a means of coercion Well she s clear that night as apparently while sleeping her doormat gene reactivates and she s so sorry she was a bitch Too bad as I think James Asian Bites is one of those kind of guys that thrives on challenges Reminds me of a guy I datedn college that wanted to date other people That lasted until my roommates had the brilliant Perfect idea to plant messages on our suite blackboardt was the 80s from other guys whenever he picked me up for a date I should say thank you to them but what t actually meant s I dated him that much longer which was a BIG m Avengers i s t a k eAnyhoo thes about James and Megan s mistakes NOT MINE It ends with buttercups and roses but I have a feeling that unless Megan keeps that spine of steel The Princess and the Goblin in place and gives James a run for his money he ll be a wandering ma. E and James expected her to conceive again soon She should have demanded a divorce but Megan was facing the uncomfortable truth she'd fallenn love with her ruthless husband.

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Lowered to three stars on the re read I really dislike the makeover now I love you trope 35 stars This s a plot I could have liked I love a good betrayal story and nothing says betrayal like tricking someone who loves you The Devouring (The Devouring, into a marriage of convenience However this had somessues that kept me from liking t 1 the hero was a big fat liar Usually these heroes hedge about loving the heroine when they don t They treat them well but never say those 3 words The heroine just assumes I m not saying she doesn t have reason to assume and wasn t manipulatedmisled but the hero doesn t usually go so far as to flat out lie and say he loves her How could you ever believe someone like that 2 the wanting a baby maker thing was kind of disturbing n this The Campaign for Domestic Happiness instance I guesst s easier to swallow with some Greek tycoon who must make his dying grandfather happy or some typical BS like that This guy was just OTT obsessed with having kids and picked out a wife for that express purpose even going so far as to get her pregnant before proposing to make sure she was fertile Creep y 3 there was something a bit odd about the flow of the writing It seemed kind of like this happened and then that happened and then It didn t seem natural 4 okay dude was all setup to grovel and prove his love at the end so what happened to that The heroine decided she was too hard on him and went to him the very next day and fell right Il tesoro di Gengis Khan (Le avventure di Dirk Pitt, into his arms Where s the proof This was a re read A reluctant re read rather like trying to avert your eyes from a car crash but looking at the last momentJames the Hs an arrogant full of himself Australian tycoon married to meek and sueamish Megan The story starts out when after suffering a miscarriage Megan overhears his James Logan knew t was time to take a wife and produce an heir Megan was perfect for his plans shy unworldly and uickly seduced by the Sydney advertising tycoon's devilish

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Miranda Lee was born at Port Macuarie a popular seaside town on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales Australia and is the youngest of four children Her father was a country school teacher and brilliant sportsman Her mother was a talented dressmaker When Miranda was ten her father was transferred to Gosford another coastal town in the countryside much closer to Sydney After leaving her