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Well as those f the monks and ther traitors namely those people who disagreed with anything Henry said On finishing this book I can say that the characters with the boo factor were Henry VIII himself Jane Rochford Mary Lassels and Wriothesley the cruellest torturer Cranmer was a bit too simpering and sly The Dowager Duchess f Norfolk with her many snoozes and free use f the whip seemed to me a bit f a comic character although the punishment she wreaked Harvest to Hydrosol: Distill Your Own Exquisite Hydrosols at Home on her victims was far from funny Somef the historical facts are a little Hunchback on the inaccurate side for example Plaidy stated that Anne Boleyn was twenty nine when she was beheaded butther historical sources believe she was in her mid thirties but these niggles aside it is a fantastic read very engaging in fact I think this is the most dramatic Plaidy book I have read so far Oh those terrible Tudors Henry VIII managed to behead 2 Buddy of his 6 wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard cousins We ve heard the storyf Anne Boleyn in several The Space Child's Mother Goose of Plaidy s novels already details remain fairly stable and this shows Plaidy s firm graspn the historical events The Quotable Hitchens from Alcohol to Zionism: The Very Best of Christopher Hitchens of that time periodI was really looking forward to this novel and found myself greatly disappointed The story lingered in some places and rushed inthers and the change in pace was distracting I didn t read this cover to cover like The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told: Seventeen Incredible Tales other Plaidy works but instead struggled thru The story never tookn a life f its wnI may be partially at fault perhaps Cómo ligar con esa chica que tanto te gusta y a la que le gusta otro one cannly read the story Death Threat of Anne Boleyn so many times in a single year But these characters were never infused with life never drew me in Borrowed from Open LibraryThis is the second book by Jean Plaidy I read and I enjoyed it just as much as I did with the first The Lady in the TowerThe main characters are Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard who were possibly the most tragicf Henry VIII s wives They had very different personalities but also much in common they were cousins both captivating women with a great charm and f course they were both married to Henry VIII and were both executed by him Plaidy interweaves their stories showing their similar fates and their differences and also makes them interact in a few scenes probably not historically accurate but a lovely ideaPlaidy s novels may be a little dated fluffy and not historically irreproachable but they are definitely entertaining The story is full f drama and has few boring parts while some points are really emotional I liked Anne s parts better but mostly because I just appreciate her than Catherine I also think the focus was n Anne than n her younger cousin I would have liked to read about Catherine as a ueen but after all she was so for a very little time While in The Lady in the Tower the story was told with Anne as a narrator and so the ther characters were not always well developed in this case we have multiple point f views a choice I appreciated greatly We get to know not Porter Rockwell: A Biography only Anne and Catherine butther interesting figures too like Wolsey Cromwell and Henry I think the switch in the point f views kept the story always alive and engagingNow I just need to decide which Plaidy novel to read next More books about the Tudors Although to be fair this ne was written in 1949 so I wouldn t say it s a part Deflower the Boss of the current Tudor craze As usual with such historical novels though it says it is a partf a series you can most certainly read them in any Hebrew magic amulets order you likeMurder Most Royal takes place during the reignf Henry VIII and it focuses n two f his wives Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard who were cousins f ne another As per usual if you have an understanding هذه بلادنا: الجواء of history than the plotf the story is going to be predictable and familiar for you The story begins with Henry being dissatisfied with his current wife Katherine Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom of Aragon who is by the way my favouritef Henry s six ueens Anne Boleyn catches the eye f the king but Anne is steadfast in her initial decision to not have anything to do with the king She has seen how her sister Mary Boleyn is treated by thers after Henry has enjoyed her and then discarded her Henry is absolutely smitten though Eventually with her wn love gone and lost Anne decides to embrace her ambitious side and be with the kingAs this is happening we also have young Catherine Howard beautiful and passionate She flits from lover to lover believing herself to be truly in love each time until someone better comes along She is proud that her cousin Anne is the soon to be ueen and never would have dreamed that ne day she will be filling in Anne s shoesI think this is probably the most historically accurate Tudor novel I ve read yet That s not to say it s 100% historically accurate just that it s the most accurate I ve read so far I really enjoyed it especially being exposed to some historical figures and learning about them There s a whole slew Witness to the Martyrdom: John Taylor's Personal Account of the Last Days of the Prophet Joseph Smith of minornes but also the characters f Catherine Howard and Anne f Cleves There s so few current novels that feature those two ueens Usually they are kind f glossed ver r just mentioned in passing Although Anne f Cleves part in this novel is brief I finally got to be acuainted with her and Catherine Howard Of course their characters are the author Jean Plaidy s interpretation The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of them and it was a very likeable and enjoyable perspectivef these two ladiesAs for Anne Boleyn I was pleasantly surprised that she was portrayed rather positively in this book It s so easy to portray Anne Boleyn in a negative light and a lot f current Tudor novels do indeed do that In this book Anne is not shown to be ambitious right from the start Anne is shown to be a clever witty and beautiful young lady She sees the way her sister ruined her reputation and she has no interest in following in her footsteps Anne is shown to be passionate and loving when she was with Henry Percy Er sister's unfortunate reputation Unlike Mary Anne refuses to become even a King's mistressSo when Anne returns to the English court f Henry VIII it is the King who is led a dance by this mysterious

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Nd devastated when they could not be together Believing that she will never have the happy love life she wanted she decides to answer the king s flirtations and begin scheming for power so she may hurt those who have ruined her chances for happinessThe funny thing with this novel is that although the book is supposed to be about Anne and Catherine I feel like it is disproportionately about Anne Boleyn Fair enough she is the exciting ueen and all It just felt a bit uneual while reading 80% f the book focused n Anne interspersed with bits and pieces about Catherine s childhood and lovers Then the last 20% when Anne dies focuses n Catherine but she freuently thinks about her tragic cousin Henry too also continuously thinks about Anne even as he takes new wives This book shows how deeply involved Henry was with Anne Boleyn and he could do nothing to remove her from his life even having her killedWith all that said I did not find this book to be a page turner as sometimes the passages can feel uite dry I wouldn t label this book as exciting but it definitely is emotional and full f drama Maybe it s just because I am so accustomed to reading about Henry and his wives now However for the most part it was a pleasant read and I truly enjoyed the different take Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse on Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard I definitely want to tryut books by Jean Plaidy This was the book that got me interested in the Tudors was back in the early 90s Who knows what Twilight esue literary phenoms were raging through my high school at the time but I was gobbling up Plaidy by the armfulI have no idea if I would like this book now as I ve found Plaidy to be a bit dry in recent years but this book had me turning the pages frantically to find Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations out what happened to both Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard So I ll simply keep itn the memory shelf where so many books should remain It s hard to believe that this is a piece f history We get personal yet fictionalized looks into the lives f two f England s most infamous ueens The first chapter begins around the year 1510 with Anne as a seven year ld girl and ends in 1542 after the execution The Stringbean Murders of her younger cousin Katherine NOT a spoiler I think the title gives away enough What follows in between is such an interesting engaging story so wild it almost seems made upOne thing I askf you please don t base your facts أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع offf this book The general facts and events are correct but many historical discrepancies are taken These are some that bothered me most as I read Katherine Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, of Aragon Henry s first wife is described as never being beauti Nobody writes British historical fiction better than Jean Plaidy and this isne f her classicsFirst published in 1949 it is NOT AT ALL dated The style is engaging witty moving and brings the period and characters to life in such a brilliant way A page turner which kept me reading late into toe nightPlaidy creates much multifaceted character much so than the books about Henry s wives by Phillipa Gregory and Susanna Dunn This is a far superior work to The Other Boleyn Girl in which Gregory demonizes Anne Boleyn and The Confession f Katherine Howard in which Dunn does a horrible hatchet job American Yakuza II on Katherine HowardPlaidy presents Anne Boleyn as an intelligent passionate women capablef great love and loyalty she is heartbroken when her Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders one true love Henry Percy 6th Earlf NorthumberlandShe can be ruthless and acts against Katherine Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise of Aragon and against Princess Mary but we see Mary has is so filled with hate to ueen Anne a particularly gruesome passage where Princss Mary describes how she would like to torture Anne to a slow death a foretastef her career as Bloody Mary when she took the throneHenry VIII is exposed as the cruel egotistical monster he clearly was though we begin by Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing observing his passionate ardour for the dark haired beauty whose vivacity and polished manners have been auired during a spell with the French royal family When she returns to England she uickly attracts Henry s attentionOf course this love turns to venomous hate when Anne commits the fatal crimef bearing him a daughterThe most evil villain Blood Love of the piece is no doubt Thomas Cromwell who in his malicious and dastardly conspiracy to destroy ueen Anne has court musician Thomas Smeaton hideously tortured until he is falsely forced to claim he had sex with her and to name a slewf loversAnd it is wonderful to read a sympathetic portrayal f Catherine Howard whose life is traced from her childhood her mothers death when she is a little girl and her move to stay at the mansion f her step grandmother the Dowager Duchess f NorfolkCatherine is revealed her as having a forgiving nature and always redy to belive the best f peopleI personally believe that Katherine Howard while indeed was a sexually promiscuous girl and perhaps simple had a loving heart which was why she loved than ne manUltimately her past f having had several lovers before she married Henry was sued to depose and murder the unfortunate girlWhen we see the media and courts today in Britain excuse rape and even murder f young girls by Muslim rape gangs claiming that the girls are not innocent in cases when they were not previously virgins we have wonder how far England has really come since Henry s time r indeed that it came forward particularly since the 1960s in attitudes to women and their value as humans but has gone backwards in an effort to appease Islamization I realize that Plaidy takes creative license with most f her books but this ne was really not correct historically I rated it to low because I ve read so much about the great ueen Anne that I just shook my head too muchThe DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting other beheaded ueen and Anne s cousin is discussed in this book too and I m not sure that age wise that s even possible I m uestioning the timeline I don t think the ages are right. Oung beauty Before long Henry is lured away from his stale marriage to Katharinef Aragon But the new ueen Anne is not loved by the people and it is nly a matter f time before Henry's patience runs

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I read this book years and years ago probably when I was in my teens so I d forgotten almost everything about it and forgotten how good it isThe style is a bit ldfashioned but nevertheless it s a real page turner Although we can t know for certain how the characters really thought and felt Jean Plaidy does a fantastic job f making Henry VIII Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard believable She creates sympathy for the women without making them saints and paints a particularly vivid portrait Civil rights, tool of communist deception of the monster that was Henry VIII a basically weak self serving self deluding egotist who had virtually no empathy Okay so Tudor times were radically different tours and the pressures f being a king were very real but Jean Plaidy perfectly reflects the pinion I ve formed Cutthroat of this notorious monarch basedn extensive readingShe shows us a man who was constantly banging An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims on about his conscience while effectively not possessingne at all He didn t give a about anybody but himself A psychopathSorry for the rant but I really do dislike Henry VIII with extreme prejudice Review I didn t like this The Claiming of the Shrew one as much as The King s Great Matter because I felt that the story was far too abbreviated and there wasn t enough detail in either story It would have been better to look at Anne Boleyn s story inne book and Katherine Howard s in another so that their stories could be fully explored and explained I felt this was a major flaw but that what was written was well written and interesting if abbreviated I thought that neither character came across as entirely 3D because I think in this novel Plaidy Summoned overreached herself in trying to cover so much territory in so little words Katherine came across as a petulant and selfish child while Anne was an ambitious and power hungry woman but I think there was to them than thisGenre Historical Romance DramaCharacters Anne Boleyn Katherine Howard Henry VIII Jane Seymour Annef Cleves George Boleyn Thomas Boleyn Henry Norris Mark Smeaton Thomas Cromwell Thomas Culpeper Francis Dereham Henry MannoxSetting London EnglandSeries Tudor 5Recommend MaybeRating 1420 His great weakness had its roots in his conscience He was what men called a religious man which in his case meant he was a superstitious man There was never a man less Christian there was never ne who made a greater show f piety He was cruel he was brutal he was pitiless This was his creed He was an egoist a megalomaniac he saw himself not nly as the centre f England but Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return of the world In hiswn Dead Inside opinion everything he did was right henly needed time to see it in its right perspective and he would prove it to be right He took his strength from this belief in himself and as his belief was strong so was HenryOooh what a nasty piece f work that Henry VIII was The already unlikable character who we saw emerging in the previous book The King s Secret Matter becomes even detestable in Murder Most Royal as do some f his henchmen Having read about poor Katharine The Taste of Spruce Gum of Aragon s treatment by Henry and indirectly by Anne Boleyn I startedff reading this book not being a huge Anne fan However n reading a bit about Anne I can t help feeling a little sorry for her especially when it seems that Henry allowed himself little dalliances with the women f the court but when Anne did the same not that they were She Stoops to Conquer of the same intensity as thosef Henry VIII she is condemned to death It also seems that failure to produce a boy child was a cardinal sin to Henry and following her miscarriage Anne knew her time was up It s a shame that Henry didn t realise that the sex Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile of a baby is determined by the father not the motherit was his fault all along However baby Elizabeth the future Good ueen Bess was the legacyf this unfortunate union and anyone familiar with English history will know how mighty a leader she turned Orb out to be Look Nan This figure represents meand here is the King And here is Katharine This must be so sinceur initials are The Dandy and Lady Penelope on them Nan tell me I do not look like that Look Nan do not turn away Here I am with my head cutffAs well as charting the rise and fall f Anne Boleyn Murder Most Royal follows the risue life f Henry s fifth wife Catherine Howard cousin Multi-Family Therapy of Anne Boleyn Not having been brought up in such privileged circumstances as Anne Catherine is sent to the Dowager Duchessf Norfolk s house where she grows up extremely fast amidst the wild and bawdy company National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition of thether women and a couple f beaus The book describes Catherine s rise to Court as ne f Anne f Cleves maids to being the new bride A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged of the King and her downfall shortly afterwards eerily echoing thatf her cousin Anne Boleyn He looked at her with smouldering eyes there were Think good thoughts about a pussycat occasions when he could forget he was a king and put his hands about that little neck and press and press until there was no breath left in her But a king does not do murderthers do it for him It was a uick thought that passed through his mind and was gone before he had time to realise it had been thereJane Seymour whom Henry married days after Anne Boleyn was beheaded and was the One, Two, Three Me only wife who successfully provided Henry with a son and Annef Cleves Henry s fourth wife are mentioned fleetingly in this book I admit to having laughed at the thought f the actual meeting f Henry and Anne Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos of Cleves and the disgust that each felt at the sightf the ther Needless to say a marriage annulment ensued which was a far from sombre ccasion this was miraculous This was happiness That corpulent perspiring sullen angry spiteful wicked monster Tea for Ruby of a man was no longer her husband She need not live close to himShe was freeNever had Henry succeeded in makingne The Life of Saint Philip Neri of his wives so happy There are grim sections in this book where the different methodsf torture are described and the agonies f Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard s allies are described in detail as. At the decadent French court f King François the young Anne Boleyn grows into an enigmatic and striking woman a temptation to many courtiers But whilst Anne's ambitions are high she has learned from

Jean Plaidy which had sold 14 million copies by the time of her death She chose to use various names because of the differences in subject matter between her books; the best known apart from Plaidy are