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Thumping blue blooded king three silly and extremely naive heroines a forced affair a shot gun wedding and a royal fianc e switchWhich is pretty much a Harleuin Presents norm Along with the reuisite even though it might not be entirely believable Nean island principality with a prestigious and glamorous Royal family There are three Cacciatore princes Nicolo Guido and the eldest the heir Gianfe.

Nd out of the blue happy endingSeen from such perspective it might not sound so bad but The Mediterranean Prince s Passion by Sharon Kendrick review The Prince s Love Child by Sharon Kendrick review The Future King s Bride by Sharon Kendrick review. Rro Passion power privilege the dynastycontinuesBundle includes The Mediterranean Prince's Passion The Prince's Love Child and The Future King's Brid.

A trilogy set in a imaginary ItalianFrenchSpanishwhatever island principality of Mardivino divine sea in Italian featuring a bunch of clich s among which two arrogant cynical jaded chest thumping blue blooded princes an arrogant cynical jaded chest. The Royal House of Cacciatore A brand new trilogy by celebrated Presents author Sharon KendrickWelcome to Mardivino a beautiful and wealthy Mediterra.

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I was told off as a child for making up stories—little did I know that one day I’d earn my living by writing themTo the horror of my parents I left school at sixteen and held a bewildering variety of jobs I was a London DJ in the now trendy Primrose Hill a decorator and a singer After that I became a cook a photographer and eventually a nurse I waitressed in the south of France drove a