Cathy Gillen Thacker: Found Made in Texas Families of the Lone Star State #4

A relationship Thad wants to settle down and have a family but can t see spending a lot of time on a woman if it is obvious pretty uickly that she s not the right one From the moment Michelle appears on his porch he is attracted to her When she also bonds with the baby they decide to work together to take care of him then try for a oint adoption Michelle is cautious about getting emotionally involved since she d had a bad S cry she realizes this is no ordinary deliveryThad opens his front door to find his gorgeous neighbor cradling an infant in her arms Michelle is obviously instantly smitten with the mysterious baby It seems as if the coolly professional at.

Xperience before Thad really likes their relationship and where it seems to be going but tends to rush things with Michelle I loved seeing Thad take to the baby and how determined he was to be a great father I also loved seeing Michelle s love for the baby and how he made her life so much better I thought their co parenting plan was really cool and the way they made it work It had a great happy ending and I loved the epilogu. Torney is also a natural momWhen Thad finds out the baby is a relation he sets out to adopt little William immediatelyand who better to help than Michelle But how does Thad tell her he wants her not ust as a lawyer but as a wife and mother.

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Couldn t really get into it This is a great short read that many romance unkies will enjoy D I completely devoured this book in a matter of two days and do not regret picking it up Good book This was a fun baby on the doorstep story Michelle found the baby on Thad s porch and is immediately taken with him She is also attracted to Thad but has no intention of getting involved with someone who so obviously can t commit to. It's no surprise to see a package on Thad Garner's porch Women are always leaving tempting offerings for the sexy ER doctor and his reputation with the ladies is what makes Michelle Anderson keep her distance But when Michelle hears a baby'.

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