Richard Tulloch: Twisted Tales Six Fairy Tales Turned Inside Out

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Apanthus and whacked over the head with an enormous pink club with a sharp silver star on the end Other tales include Red Riding Hood with the Big Good Wolf an insomniac Sleeping Beauty a deaf spinner of straw to gold in Rumpelstiltskin the REAL story of the objectionable Hansel. Perhaps the big bad wolf was in fact very kind and friendly but just a little hungry; and maybe the princess couldn’t feel the pea at al.

A delightful read We all know the story of Cinderella but has anyone stopped to wonder how the lizards mice and rats felt about their transformation in the pursuit of Cinderella s happiness Lennie the Lizard was one such nfortunate plucked from his hidey hole in amongst the ag. The so called villains and innocent bystanders of six famous fairy tales share their points of view in this hilarious collection of tales.

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And Gretel and the story of the bean seller from Jack and the Beanstalk and take a tip from me Jack is not the nice guy we all believedIf you have a spare moment and seek escapism this is the book for you With six stories in 153 pages you can knock off a tale per cup of coffee. L but just couldn’t get to sleep irky funny and full of rhyming alliteration and word play these are rollicking rewrites of old classic.

Richard Tulloch is one of Australia's most popular writers of books plays film and television for young audiences His television series' which include 150 episodes of the phenomenal BANANAS IN PYJAMAS have reached an audience of hundreds of millions around the world In 1998 he won his third Australian Writers' Guild AWGIE award for his play BODY AND SOUL and was also nominated in America f