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N his own mother Satyavathi proudly introduces her son to Shantanu and Bhishma who are grateful for his timely interventionWith oyal support backing him Krishna debates with the most learned and erudite teachers of that time to unite the four vedas together After much arguments they concede defeat and agree to Vyasa s decision Delighted Vyasa hurries to Maha Atharvan Jaabali to Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, relay the momentous news Jabaali is shocked and surprized to hear what his disciple had achieved Veda Vyasa sole in Mahabharata is well known he impregnated the ueens of Vichitravirya to perpetuate the line of Kuru kings A controversial situation Vyasa himself is eluctant to go about the task but the alternative is unthinkable Vyasa s agrees to aid his mother and performs his duty but the esults are eually bad He becomes the confidante of his mother and consoles her whenever things turn bad for her This book ends with the death of Pandu and the esultant confusion in the succession as the Five Brothers too were conceived through Niyoga So who had the higher claim to the throne Duryodhana and his brothers who were the ightful sons of Dhristrashtra or the sons of Pandu who were obviously not his flesh and bloodI loved this book because it shows a very vivid picture of vedic India And Vyasa is probably the best character to give us an impartial insight about the decisions that the Kurus took that finally led them to wa. Rishna of Jarasandha the Emperor of Magadha The third part is entitled The Five Brothers and ends with Draupadi's Swayamvara The Fourth is titled The Book of Bhima Fifth part The Book of Satyabhaama the sixth volume The Book of Vyaasa the Master The seventh and concluding volume incorporating 7th part and unfinished 8th part is titled The Book of Yudhishthir.

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T vedas and the Aryan way of life The next few chapters give us a wonderful insight about the daily life of Aryans and their very many traditions It was a time when the vedas was considered to be three fold and Atharva veda was not a part of the sacred vedas A controversial subject in the then arya world no one taught their pupil the verses of Athrava vedaAfter Sage Parashara s death Krishna is attacked by wild hoards that leave him injured Rescued by Maha Atharva Jaabali s Au bagne recitation of Atharva veda and its magic potency Krishna is much influenced by this great sage and seeks to learn from him but Atharvan scoffs his attempts and sends him on his way But his own daughter falls in love with Krishna and helps him to escape her father s wrathKrishna goes to his mother s island to meet her and is shocked to hear that she had left after her marriage to a king With no knowledge of her whereabouts he is left bereft In the mean time he continues his mission to unite the four vedas and to bring Atharva veda into the mainstream of vedas His mission takes him to the Kuru empire but his entry was at an importune time because Emperor Shantanu lies dying and everyone is distractedWith Brahmins invoking aswins Gods of medicine to heal the king Krishnaecites the newly learnt atharva verses and is successful in healing the king And he gets the shock of his life when he finds that the Empress is none other tha. Which ends with the death of Kamsa has been named The Magic Flute for it deals with his boyhood associated with the flute which hypnotized men animals and birds alike sung with such loving tenderness y innumerable poets The second volume which ends with Rukmini Haran is named as The Wrath of an Emperor as the central theme is the successful defiance by Sri

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Well Came to know about Sage Vedvyaasa He was a mystery to me till I Indistractable read this book good Yet again I fall short of words to describe the beauty of the book and the care with which the writer has forged his words to write this series of book I can all but imagine the amount ifesearch the writer must have made to keep the content Jacques Prevert relevant to us humans while completely being intune with mahabharat This book is an oddity in these series because the story doesn t move forward here Instead youead about the background of Kuru kings and the bold decisions that they take to continue their kingship This is also an important book in these series because it shows us the way of life in an Aryan community and we get to know about Veda Vyasa himself the man who wrote the Mahabharata The book begins with Satyavathi and her fishermen tribe saving Sage Parashara from his burning hermitage Parashara is injured and Satyavathi tends to him After about five years we see Krishna waiting anxiously for his father to arrive Satyavathi is anxious for him as his obsession for his father s presence increases every day while her father wants her to get married to someone eligibleSage Parashara arrives and understands the situation and takes his son away with him and Krishna leaves his mother with a promise that if she ever needs him again she just needs to call him Sage Parashara tutors Krishna and he learns all abou. Krishnavatara is a 7 volume econstruction of Krishna's life and adventures by weaving a omance around him Wise ad valorous he was loving and loved far seeing and yet living for the moment gifted with sage like detachment and yet intensely human; the diplomat the sage and the man of action with a personality as luminous as that of a divinity The first part.

KM Munshi is one of Gujarat's most well known literary writers His historical novels have contributed profoundly to the sense of past that Gujarat lives with A multi faceted personality he was a prominent lawyer freedom fighter and politician He was also the founder of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan