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Eek I hate having to ive a book one star But If the shoe fits I found the writing really basic but not in a Rozvaliny Gorlanu (Hraničářův učeň, good way She had a fairly complex storyline a woman with valkyrie heritage who was able to lead people across the rainbow bridge to Valhalla and to judge if some of those near death deserved to be saved And the hero essentially was a dirty cop I know I like my antiheroes but I really cannot deal with a police officer who is willing to bend rules to catch baduys and in really scary ways and deal his own method of justice It was just a nasty thing for me And considering that the heroine inadvertently Bikini gives him part of her powers but in his case the ability to kill a person by will it felt even nasty to me Trevor was very arrogant because of being a SWAT member The SWAT team thought they were better than the other cops and sat in the back of the suad room making fun of other cops Just not cool I despise abuse of power and this felt exactly like that to me The legal system might be flawed but dirty cops don t help it And what Trevor was doing felt very wrong to me I couldn tet past it in the end Now he s a dirty cop with the power to kill at will Really frighteningI thought that the relationship between Skye and Trevor was lust disguised as love They said the word. From the second she reaches for his hand Skye Rydell feels compelled to save the SWAT officer from the brink of death Skye senses Trevor has something to accomplish in life Something disuieting Important So.

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Ool dude Overall this was interesting and I liked the Valhalla aspect Don t see much on viking themed stuff and that was pretty cool I did like the actionsuspense scenes though Those were pretty Facilitation Made Easy good and I liked Bella That wasood too although I would ve like a companionship shown between the partners That part felt like it was just added cuz it had to be Good for an anytime read cuddle uprainy dayetc Enjoy Skye has the ability to use Valkyrie powers to bring people back to life or help them cross over She is a K9 cop and mets Trevor on the job He is also a cop and one night she saves his life Her powers somehow Izmeklētājs. Būris get imparted to Trevor A police romance with a strong spice of paranormal Entertaining The premise for this book was uniue and refreshing Using Scandinavian lore Linda has created areat world and fully realized characters I loved it Normally I look forward to reading books in the Nocturne line I just couldn t seem to Dirty Dealing get into this one I liked the premise but wasn t a fan of the hero This was a fast read By page 25 I judged it better than her dreadful animal related mysteries but I had toive up reading it Clunky writing No sense of pacing Can t imagine how the dreadful man the heroine feels drawn to is Arnhem 1944 going to change The dialogueag Loved it 3 12 star. Ly powers to Trevor And now with a murderer hot on their heels Trevor must rapple with his new ift his fierce desire for Skye and a monumental decision that will put all that he holds most dear on the lin.

S but I didn t really feel a true love bond between them It felt like casual sex to me Their encounters felt like booty calls and then he would ignore her at work half the time That s real niceAnd the climax that was just too contrived and it was dealt with in far too simplistic manner for it to Finding Reason go over well with me More ick factor with who was raping and killing prostitute drug dealers and why Sigh I wanted to enjoy this book But in the end I just didn t The only savingrace was Skye s partner a cute as can be Belgian Malinois named Bella I ll keep the dog and toss back the book Not recommended SpoilerSorry but I can t condone vigilante justice no matter how Sniper (Women of the United Federation Marines, good looking the hero is He s a cop And he s a murderer Not a hero This was a prettyood book I liked the characters and the story line I wouldn t mind reading this again but for passing time or something to read It didn t really pull me in but I enjoyed reading this I wouldn t mind finding out what happens with the The Pleasure-Dome girlfriends The ending was prettyood although I don t know how that many coincidences can 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes go unnoticed That was a little weird unless they were looked over for theood I totally didn t see it coming in the end though I knew something was fishy but I just didn t expect it So much for him Soooo not Mething involving her Skye makes a split second decision and with her choice to use her Valkyrie powers to bring Trevor back to life everything changes For her act causes her to accidentally impart her dead.

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Linda O Johnston's first published fiction appeared in Ellery ueen's Mystery Magazine and won the Robert L Fish Memorial Award for Best First Mystery Short Story of the Year Since then Linda has had short stories and novellas published plus by the end of 2018 she will have had fifty novels published including mysteries and romance Linda currently writes the Barkery and Biscuits Myst