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Icking to it For me three stars is a rating for a book with serious flaws but it wasn t a bad book Definitely could have been better though Carole Mortimer is an author I will efinitely pick up Opens very promisingly when the Heroine Luccy is inspired to use the hero Sin who s a stranger to her in a bid to evade the advances of a client Sin takes Luccy to his Suite in order to administer her a restorative brandy and passion overtakes them Then comes the misunderstanding I Several Strangers didn t like that Sin was so ready to believe the creepy client butid not even think of asking Luccy for an explanation That s why this book gets 3 stars instead of 4Liked this Lillian Toos Little Book Of Feng Shui dialogueShe gave aismissive laugh I The Winter Warrior don t believe I ve ever met anyone else who has believed me capable of blackmail let alone actually accused me of it Her voice had hardened over the last words her eyes glittering angrily as she looked at him in furious challenge Theawning realisation that Luccy could be pregnant Sin looked at her searchingly easily noting the changes in her now that he knew what he was looking for there were ark shadows beneath those bewitching blue eyes that indicated a lack of sleep her cheeks were hollow than they had been and there were lines of tension beside her unsmiling mouth His gaze moved lower She was still incredibly slender but he was sure that her breasts were slightly fuller than he remembered He wasn t wrong in his conclusion Sin was sure that he wasn t He had spent the time while Luccy was in the bathroom considering all the options including that she might have eaten something that isagreed with her But the obvious reason for her sudden nausea was the one that refused to go away Just loved the Butler Wallace The turning point was when Wallace tells Luccy about his past and his tragic loss of his wife and unborn child Sin happens to overhear the conversation and starts thinking that maybe he could be wrongHEA They have twins A boy and a girl The story focuses on billionaire Jacob Sin Sinclair s and photographer Luccy O Neill Their instant chemistry leads to a night of passion one that shocks Luccy and leads to her making a uick exist one Sin in no way expected Fast forward to months and Sin is under the mistaken assumption Luccy targeted him specifically to gain a leg up the career ladder so when he realises she is pregnant well he is anything but charming Sin is uite obtuse for uite a while Toffees night noises determi After one sizzling night together the heroine creeps out of the heroes room Only for him to track herown and find out she was pregnant He tries forcing her into a marriage that she Flawed (The Butcher, doesn t want to the point where she is absolutely unhappy Then when you think things can t get any worse the villain stick his nose into it and says the baby are his With no trust and the hero not showi. Ightened when sheiscovers she's expecting Sin's babySin wastes no time in tracking her own The Sinclair heir inheritor to his billions will not be illegitima.


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It was an okay read for me I found the story predictable but I was interested enough to see the etails get filled in And though I on t usually like the Push and pull kind of relationship I guess it was really necessary in this book And although I admired Luccy because she idn t give in easily and gave as good as she got there are times I want to shake her for being a wishy washy and Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, dense heroine I hated both these characters and was mildly encouraged that they seemed to feel the same way about each other Then suddenly they re in love Um huh Awful I hated the bitch annoying heroine who all sheid was insult and Pages From Bee Journal degrade the hero and then suddenly and magically she is in love Um huh Am I supposed to believe it Awful boring repetitive and zero plot To much fightingI thought there was two much fighting and not enough loveI like the ending love that they had twins but needed passion less anger Adult romance novels are a guilty pleasure of mine I now that there are problems with some of them and that most contain love at first sight which I usually hate but there s just something about these novels that is so addicting I have read many Harleuin Presents and some other adult romance novels and while I enjoy some I also understand that there are many flaws with these and usually Ion t mind them as muchI enjoy romance novels where the girl is hard to get throughout at least half of the novel and it seems realistic instead of falling for the guy the minute you see him Does that even happen in real life is that even possible Also I ve noticed that the couples in many of these romance novels can barely handle being in the same room without wanting to touch each other I ve never been in love or lust but I Stones of Witness don t think that s how love and attraction works It just seems stupid when people say or act like that they can t control themselves is a good excuse it s not it just seems stupid But then again these are romance novels so of course they are going to have this kind of stuff in them it s just hard to tolerate them sometimes especially when they keep repeating that stuff over and over and overThere were so many things Iidn t like about this book one of them is the cliche start of this love story a man and a women fall into bed together because of some attraction which is ridiculous even if the girl is a smart rational women who usually My Indian Kitchen doesn t sleep with random guys I m similar in that respect I m the type of girl who wants a real relationship not a one night stand or whatever which is why I find what sheid instead of listening to her inner voice and going back home or to her hotel room I can t remember if she was staying at the hotel or not so unbelievable and bizarreFull review to comeI m not sure if I will write of my thoughts on the book later or if I ll just le. Jacob Sin Sinclair's one night with prim Luccy ended with an unexpected twist she left him in the early hours of the morning without a wordLuccy was overawed by.

Ave it like thisBlog nazishreadsnetTravelandBookBlogMy twitter account NazishTVDSwiftMy Instagram accounts nazishreads nrcharmed01 nrdisney and nazishcosplay Normally I love HP books They re fast paced and I can read them in one Lots of Mommies day Carole Mortimer has been writing for years and I usually like her stories I like them enough that I ignore her odd overuse of exclamation points throughout her booksThis oneidn t uite o it for me though The main problem is that the hero and heroine argued constantly Half the time I idn t know why they were fighting It seemed to be just a way to keep them apart As the story wore on it grew harder to finish I id like Jacob s character It was obvious he really cared for Luccy although he couldn t show her when she made it clear she idn t want anything to The Flame Of Adventure do with him even though she was pregnant Poor guy I could tell he got tired of the constant bickering too This is a mediocre book by an author who I feel has written some excellent books in her time I think the whole set up was underwhelming I have always felt the scenario of falling into bed together shortly after meetingue to an ungovernable attraction a hard one to pull off Not an auspicious start to a true love story in my opinion I can t see why Luccy was so compelled to allow Sin to jump her bones Especially for a woman who was so cautious about men and circumspect in her love life Yeah he was good looking and he helped her in an awkward situation but she should have listened to the voice that said Go back to your room Of course if she id the book would have ended a lot sooner Sin s arrogance is a strike against him for me He thinks the world is his oyster Admittedly as the only son of a billionaire empire maybe it is However he has the flaw of being unable to conceive that a woman could want him for himself and that she could be a legitimate businesswoman who would get by on skills and competence as a photographer instead of coercing clients into contracting her services with her sexuality and lies Highly insulting And to make it worse Luccy ownplayed herself as a secretary as if she was ashamed of the fact that she was a self made businesswoman Left a bad taste in my mouthYou wonder sometimes how a person can believe that someone wants you when they act like they hold you in perfect contempt Of course you Divine Magnetic Lands don t want them in your life or want to open up to them or gasp be intimate with them Of course yourreaded hormones act against you I Frog and the Treasure didn t root for Sin to win over Luccy at all I kept thinking she should just go back to England He wasn t worth her time or energy I m not entirely sure that hiseclaration of love at the end had much of an effect on me Good thing they have a happy epilogue at the end Probably being too hard on this book But that s my opinion and I m st. The sinful billionaire's luxury penthouse Her cheeks still burn when she thinks of how she succumbed to one night of exuisite pleasure But her shame is only he.

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