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Hate Whitey The Cinema of Defamation is another publication by the brilliant evisionist historian Michael A Hoffman II This fairly short a little over 50 pages pamphlet includes a list of at least a couple hundred films featuring anti white sentiment and hatred Each film listed in Hate Whitey also has a short 1 3 sentence synopsis Unsurprisingly most of the films listed in the pamphlet are mainstream films produced by typical Zionist agitators like Jeffrey Katzenberg Steven Spielberg and David Geffen Michael A Hoffman II also mentions how most blackface films were created by bigoted Jews that had No Limits (Brutal Master recently arrived from Eastern Europe The same group of god s chosen that had supported or were still supporting Leon Trotsky and Vladimir Lenin were creating films for the majority white gentiles of American to see The book Blackface White Noise. The only publication tracking Hollywood's psychological war against whites Christians Germans and gentiles In this specialeport Micha.

By Michael Rogin tries to white wash this early Hollywood trend of Talmudic blackface bigotry Of course DW Griffith a white gentile easily one of the most important pioneering filmmakers of all time is the only filmmaker singled out as a Liar, Liar racist Anyone who has ever taken an Intro to Film or American Film course will know this to be true I personally majored in film at your typical American liberal arts University I once wrote a paper on Hollywood films portraying southerns as inbredapist hicks looking to lynch any black person that just happens to cross their path Of course the teacher who also happened to be a bigoted Zionist and a member of a certain Zionist organization denied the accusations in my paper I listed many Hollywood films with specific examples but of course that was not enough for this Steven Spielberg fan yes a college El A Hoffman II has compiled the most complete documentation available anywhere tracking the hundreds of movies and TV shows which comp.

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Rofessor openly admitting their favorite director is Spielberg To make a long story short I Essays One received a hate charge from the University for arguing that Hollywood makes hateful films about the Southern US Cultural Marxism has been alive and well at American Universities for some time now The only problem with Hate Whitey is that it is far too short Chapters or even books could easily be dedicated to the cinematic hate crimes of subversive Zionist directors like Erich Von Stroheim Billy Wilder Sergei Eistenstein Josef Von Sternberg Steven Spielberg and many anti European perverts There is a very long and dark history of Zionist bigotry in Hollywood The early Soviet filmmakers also created there fair share of films promotingevolutionary genocide It is not coincidence that many of the early Soviet filmmakers would also later work in Hollywoo. Rise the worst hate propaganda assault in the annals of communications Here is the information you need to fight back against media hat.