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The title says it all a ood comprehensive overview of the basic structure and characteristics of astrology Thanks to the book I now know way than the average person should probably know and can read people s charts 3 stars because I wish it had visuals as well as explanations on the actual science of astrology For example not once in the book does it mention that astrology is The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, geocentric has the earth as the center with everything else moving around it Maybe it. Getting alimpse of your own astrological chart isn't a challenge these days The tough part is finding meaning in this complex diagram of symbols In Astrology for Beginners Joann Hampar shows that interpreting your birth

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Myself plus information that I needed I was not able to understand aspects so I did not unf Find out what s behind your daily horoscope with this straightforward Inverloch Volume 4 guide to understanding and interpreting your birth chart The book is well organized with clear explanations of The Seven Chart Patterns The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac The Twelve Houses The Planets The Aspects Charts of famous people such as Oprah Winfrey Leonardo DiCaprio and Donald Trump are included. Ding chart patterns zodiac signs houses planets and aspects By the last lesson you'll be able to read and interpret your chart what originally looked like a jumble of symbols andain valuable insight into yourself and othe.

S my virgo ness but I think it s uite important to know If you re beginning to The Good and Beautiful God get interested in astrology I recommend you this book It s not huge so iuess its handy However its not as complex and detailed as other beginner astrology book but its still informative you only et a piece of an eight slices of pizza This book is very well written and accessible I printed out my chart and followed the instructions it all made sense and confirmed many aspects of. Hart is actually easy Emphasizing a practical approach this step by step uide takes you effortlessly through the language of astrological symbols As each chapter unfolds a new realm of your horoscope will be revealed inclu.