Dick Francis: Even Money

Summary Even Money

Not good I don t think Felix uite gets it He has a heavier hand than his father in the arlier books The characters are not as delightfully genteel and the Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses educational content here about betting id ing horses bi polar disorderlectronics and MORE is way over done The plot is also over done In this story Ned Talbot is a bookie on the racetrack who meets a man claiming to be the father that Ned thought to have died 30 years ago The same day Ned meets him the father who lives in Australia is murdered The plot goes on from investigating his father s murder to investigating his father to Ned s problems with his mentally ill wife to Ned s problems with his staff to a case of horse mistaken identity to incidents of computer malfunction and ad infinitum I think it s been several years since the last time I read Dick Francis His world of horse racing is so very different than almost anything A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, else I read that it is purescapism This is thriller than mystery There were a few times when the first person narrator did what I Ned Talbot is a small time bookmaker on the dge of giving it all up when his world is turned upside down by.

Ife MaryBut for several yearsshe didn t get any creditAnd then it merged that all those prim and proper sentences in his books were crafted by Maryand she also helped with the researchShe was described as a literary dark horsea fitting descriptionAfter Mary diedDick Francis still continued to writebut it didn t feel the sameHoweverto the credit of the father and soneven after Mary s deaththe books are still goodstill readableEven Money begins wellwith lots of twists and turnsFor a changethe hero is a bookmakersomething which has never happened in a Francis novel beforeCrooked bookmakers are traditionally the bad guys in his booksBut in Even Money the bookmaker is still a good guyFelix s writing isat timesa bit jarringbut he makes up for that with the flow of the storyThe book remains interesting for the most partAt the startthe protagonist Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, encounters an old manwho claims to be his fatherwhom he has never knownShortly thereafterhis newly discovered father dies The surprisending in this book certainly gave me a shoc. Mpelled to find out xactly what is going on But the he discovers the longer the odds become for his survival.

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Hought was stupid or unthinking No don t or How could you be so dumb I thoughtThere is Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose enough characterization to keep it interesting so perhaps than I mightxpect in a novel of this type The prose does its job without being complex on the one hand or boring on the other If there was any subtlety or hidden meanings anywhere it was too subtle or hidden for me to notice itOther readers have said that when the son Felix Francis started being a part of the Dick Francis offerings the uality slipped I haven t read Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., enough to make comparisons but this was annjoyably solid 3 star read The third collaboration between bestseller Francis and son Felix after Silks a taut crime thriller features an Her First Mother (Conveniently Wed, especially sympathetic hero Bookmaker Ed Talbot is struggling with his wife s mental illnessven as te It was several years after the death of Dick Francis in 2010that I turned my attention to the books he co wrote with his son Felix Francisand the ones written ntirely by Felix himselfBefore FelixDick s co writer used to be his A man who claims to be his father long thought dead And when the mysterious stranger is murdered Ned feels co.

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