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Esh News She has also found a lover in the form of the beautiful slavegirl KashikaBut there are forces at work that wish to destroy Shiller's carefully run ethical slave business Shiller's rival and archenemy the media mogul Sir Harvey Rochester has not given p trying to take over its.

Vanessa Buckingham has discovered strange contentment in the bizarre and secretive nderworld of commercially organized slavery Having accepted her own submissive nature Vanessa is now happily working for the powerful Shiller Company as a slave reporter for its select publication Girlfl.

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Operation Having failed to se Vanessa as his nwitting pawn to expose Shiller's operation Sir Harvey turns to other methodsPart of Adriana Arden's 'Girlflesh' series Titles in this series are The Girlflesh Institute The Girlflesh Castle and The Girlflesh Captives all available from Nex.