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To me at the time and I wasn t disappointed I loved the idea of this relationship set in a place where veryone knew their neighbors and looked out for Dangerous to Touch each other where you could leave your door unlocked and feel completely safe In Lambert Fallsgo and material objects don t mean much to the townfolk This is a place where the people are sensible caring and uite happy with the simple things in life Angie Kane loved her life and couldn t imagine living anywhere Once Upon a Seduction (Its All About Attitude else To be so certain aboutxactly what you wanted has it s own appeal that s for sure Watching Chris fall in love with her was sweet because he saw past her shyness to the loving and passionate woman she was and that s what attracted him not the showier noticeable beauty that her sister had Chris saw Angie s worth right from the start and that made him ideal hero materialTheir romance was going along uite well until it became obvious that Chris s freuent trips to Colorado were Rodeo Daughter eventually going to lead to a permanent career move and this was the obstacle that was going to test the strength of their relationship But isn t that where the compromise comes in that give and take that allowsach individual to grow yet also to give something back to their partner Well that s what I thought was supposed to happen However Angie never once left Lambert Falls not My Guilty Pleasure (Harlequin Blaze even to visit Chris when he asked her to come with him for a week As much as I tried to rationalize her behavior it really bothered me that she wasn t willing to be with Chris unless he was in Lambert Falls Even though she was upfront right from the beginning with Chris about never wanting to leave her hometown I didn t see what was so wrong in having her at least spend a little time with him while he was in Coloradoven if it didn t change her mindFor the most part I did Fatal Secrets (Protecting the Witnesses enjoy this book it was sweet and tender and charming but I couldn t get past Angie s adamant refusal to go with Chris to Coloradoven for a brief time period I could have understood if she would have at least given his reuest some consideration and gone with him for a week just to test the waters but instead she couldn t see beyond her own feelings and that really got my back up I didn t A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, expect her to change her life around because of a man but I at least thought she should have been willing to give it a decent try and if after that she felt the same way then fine I could totally live with thatI wouldn t want other readers to hesitate to read this book just because of my feelings on a particular aspect of the story because there were many good ualities about it I just felt that maybe Angie had a little growing up to do with respect to Chris feelings We never truly find outxactly how much his career meant to him other than he was proud that his My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, efforts could save lives and that he felt he owed it to his captain so that makes the outcome of the story a little too pat for me to be completely satisfied at the resolution of the situationspecially since it felt like a rather rushed Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, ending Still it s a fine firstffort for this author and I d be completely willing to read another story written by her Any issues I had with the book are completely my own semoga aja gue bisa nemu buku pertamanya inihhh di toko buku Probably the only romance book I have The Baby Album ever loved. Ersistent not to mention handsome and charming Against her own better judgement Angie finds herself falling deeper than shever intended until one phone call forces her to choose between the town she's always loved and a man she can't imagine living withou.

35 really liked the slow relationship that built Her insecurity got to me after a while Reading this is like spending time living a nice life in a small town I d prefer different character and plot developmentSTORY BRIEFAfter several years as a Green Beret Chris leaves the military and moves to a small southern town He inherited wealth and a huge house which stood vacant for many years Angie works as a waitress in the local diner She is afraid to date because a former boyfriend hurt her feelings Chris is immediately attracted to her and hires her to help him clean and repair his home as a way to spend time together When he sees she has an Secret Agent Minister and Deadly Texas Rose eye for beauty he asks her to decorate his house After the decorating many people including a famous person want to hire her to decorate their homes and she begins that career Throughout the story Chris only hasyes for her He is patient and does all the right things to woo herREVIEWER S OPINION WITH SOME SPOILERSThis is a wishful thinking story Gorgeous wealthy man comes to town falls in love with a local girl improves her life and marries her The conflicts in the story were minor She s worried about getting her feelings hurt she s not a good cook and he must leave town at times for work The main conflict occurs when he gets a job offer out of town and she doesn t want to move I assume there are readers who would like this who want to feel like they are living an idyllic life in a small town Not me There was a collection of small town characters who were nice but predictable I d prefer flaws or oddities among some characters to make things interesting I m also looking for interesting dialogue andor the unexpected This book did not do it for me It was too gentleDATAStory length 312 pages Swearing language strong Sexual language none to mild Number of sex scenes 1 Total number of sex scene pages 3 Setting current day Lambert Falls North Carolina Copyright 2009 Genre contemporary romance As a fan of the romance genre I loved this book I just breezed through itChris Montgomery is in special forces and after a fatal injury moves to his grandfather s house in a small town called Lambert Falls Angie works in a diner full time and is uite happy and content with the way her life is After her parents death she lives with her younger sister and her uncle Bobby who is a police officer in the townFor Angie Lambert Falls is a place she calls home a place where she knows Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., everything aboutveryone a place where people take care of ach other whether related or not Enter Chris Although the attraction is immediate and intense Angie holds back until she is sure that Chris will not leave town and will settle there For Angie Lambert Falls is a very important part of her unlike Chris who has lived in so many places that he does not know what it is to feel so strongly about a placeThis book is scapism at its best It sweeps you off and takes you into a small southern town where Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, everything is almost perfect But the best part about the book is the way the author has depicted Angie s struggle to choose between 2 things she loves so much Trust me I have been there I could identify with the way she felt and with the way she kept on tossing the pros and cons around not sleeping and crying at the drop of a hat It was a little. After years in the military Chris Montgomery is looking for somewhere to relax and recharge and Lambert Falls with its tree lined streets and picturesue town suare seems ideal Chrisxpected that a stranger in town would attract suspicion and gossip He didn.

Painful to read though The only complain I have is that the book dragged a little at the Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) endOtherwise considering it s a debut novel it s a pretty good read I wanted to read a romance book for a long time and somehow anything I read in that genre did not satisfy me This one surely did Wonderful gentle Romance first novel I absolutely loved this book I could feel themotion myself and I m dying for from this author Reviewed by Stacy Ahlgren for Romance Novel TVPublisher Zebra375 starsAfter years in the military Chris Montgomery is looking for somewhere to relax and recharge and Lambert Falls with its tree lined streets and picturesue town suare seems ideal Chris Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, expected that a stranger in town would attract suspicion and gossip He didn txpect to meet someone like Angie Kane with her warm open smile and self contained air that are instantly intriguing Angie has built a satisfying life for herself one she s not willing to uproot for someone who s just passing through But Chris is uietly persistent not to mention handsome and charming Against her own better judgment Angie finds herself falling deeper than she Between the Land and the Sea (Marinas Tales, ever intended until one phone call forces her to choose between the town she s always loved and a man she can t imagine living withoutChris Montgomery realizes how very fortunate he is to have survived a horrible accident while serving his country and decides to count his blessings and go back to a place he once called home a long time ago When he moves into his grandfather s old house he creates uite a stir in the small close knit community of Lambert Falls There he meets Angie Kane a uiet pretty woman who immediately captures his attention with her sweet smile and caring heart Angie is the type of woman who makes Chris think of family of permanence but it takes him awhile to convince her that he s not just passing throughAngie is content with her life in Lambert Falls She knows deep in her heart that this is home and nowherelse on Earth will Gilligan Unbound ever do When Chris starts showing an interest in her Angie can t uite believe this handsomeligible bachelor could possibly find her attractive but the time she spends with him she realizes his interest is completely genuine and for the first time in a long time she is falling in love and starts to imagine what it would be like to share her life with this wonderful man in the town she strongly loves Angie blossoms in her relationship with Chris and opportunities she had never imagined begin to present themselves to her in the most amazing of ways Between the support of her family and the love of a good man Angie is coming into her ownChris has not been able to let go of the military altogether and continues to commit himself to short assignments located in Colorado a beautiful part of the country he hopes to share with Angie one day He knows she is the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with but it isn t until an important job opportunity set in Colorado is offered to him that he starts to fully understand how strongly Angie feels about never leaving her beloved hometown He owes so much to the military but will it mean sacrificing the one woman he cannot live withoutI chose this story by first time author Pauline Trent because the idea of a sweet small town romance appealed. 't xpect to meet someone like Angie Kane with her warm open smile and self contained air that are instantly intriguingAngie has built a satisfying life for herself one she's not willing to uproot for someone who's just passing through But Chris is uietly

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