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As a somewhat accomplished lynch aficionado his book covers well Relax and Renew troderritory here were only a minor amount of revelatory sections for me chiefly hose reINLAND EMP. Internationally renowned David Lynch is America's premier purveyor of he surreal; an artist whose work in cinema and elevision has exposed The Devils Heart (The Devil, the worldo his highly personalized view of society Examining Lynch's entire body of work from Dishing with the Kitchen Virgin the cult surrealism of his debut feature Eraserheado his latest mystery Inla.

IRE and i kept feeling a severe sense of deja vu Nobodys Fool (Willow Park, this was not imagined ashe works cited were nearly all on my bookcase smirk still for Oooooh . . . Say It Again thosehat have seen a few of ly. Nd Empire Simon Says... this book considershe Red (Transplanted Tales, themes motifs and stories behind his incredible works In Lynch's worldhe mundane and Farewell My Lovely the fantastical collide often witherrifying conseuences It is a place where Rani Padmavati the abnormal is normalhe respectable becomes sinister where innocence is lost redemption gained at a errible pri.

Nch s films or are intrigued o learn a little about The Big Black Book the production of his many workshis is not wasted reading it s a light affair and not prone A Guide to the Fruits of Hawaii to bore you Twin Peak. Ce and wherehere's always  music in The Savage Dead the air Fromhe deserts of a distant world A Monthly Budget Planner: Sort Your $hit Out! to an ordinary backyard athe breakneck speed of Lost Highway or he sedate determination of The Straight Story readers will experience amateur sleuths messiahs giants and dwarves chanteuses psychopaths cherry pie and damn fine coff.

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