Richard Godbeer: The Overflowing of Friendship Love between Men and the Creation of the American Republic

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Ear so I still remembered a lot of it which leads me to blow through it pretty ick The letters are still just as adorable as the first reading and I still love this book Another reason for my incred. Not only important to the personal happiness of those involved but also had broader social religious and political significanceGodbeer shows that in the aftermath of Independence patriots drafted a central place for male friendship in their social and political blueprint for the new republic American revolutionaries stressed the importance of the family in the era of self government reimagining it in ways appropriate to a new and democratized era They thus shifted attention away from patriarchal authority to a egalitarian model of brotherly collaboration In striving to explore the inner emotional.

Pretty interestingthough it s one of those books where the beginning is super engaging and then it trails off a bit by the end Worth it though Recommended SECOND TIME READINGI only read this last When eighteenth century American men described with a swelling of the heart their friendships with other men addressing them as lovely boy and dearly beloved celebrating the ardent affection that knit their hearts in indissoluble bonds of fraternal love their families neighbors and acuaintances would have been neither surprised nor disturbedRichard Godbeer’s groundbreaking new book examines loving and sentimental friendships among men in the colonial and revolutionary periods Inspired in part by the eighteenth century culture of sensibility and in part by religious models these relationships were.

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Ibly The Venetians Mistress uick reading Extended excerpts throughout each exemplary relationship This time around I m looking for harder information over sentimental depth Still recommend to anyone interested in masculini. Lives of early Americans Godbeer succeeds in presenting an entirely fresh perspective on the personal relationships and political structures of the periodScholars have long recognized the importance of same sex friendships among women but this is the first book to examine the broad significance ascribed to loving friendships among men during this formative period of American history Using an array of personal and public writings The Overflowing of Friendship will transform ournderstanding of early American manhood as well as challenge s to reconsider the ways we think about gender in this period.

Richard Godbeer received his BA from Oxford University in 1984 and his PhD from Brandeis University in 1989 He specializes in colonial and revolutionary America with an emphasis on religious culture gender studies and the history of sexuality Godbeer was born in Essex England and grew up in Shropshire and Gloucestershire He then lived in Oxford for three years as an undergraduate befor