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St philosophy and a story f mystery and adventure Complex and compelling this is the second book in which the exiled Han investigator Shan Tao Yun has to confront his fears and memories while searching for a rabid killer in the lock down culture Death Threat of Chinese controlled Ti Atur bookstore this is shelved under crime and yet I find myself hesitating to call it crime fiction Yes there is a murder there are several murders actually and there is crime and there is a detective but this was unlike any ther piece f crime fiction I ever readAlthough it s the second in a series f novels about detective Shan this book was the first I read completely I started reading the first book a while ago and even though I liked it I didn t finish it and returned it But by that time I had already borrowed the second book from someone else and since it was sitting here I figured I might as well read itAnd I m really really glad I didShan Tao Yan a former Chinese bureaucrat who ended up being sent to a Himalayan labor camp is helping two f his Tibetan friends discover the truth about the disappearance f a teacher in the Xinjiang region The disappearance turns ut to be a murder and it seems that after the teacher the students are in danger too But why was the teacher killed and why are the students being huntedIt s a very slow paced book and it does take a while to get going and by that I mean far than the usual 20 to 50 pages But that didn t make it any less compelling for me Shan and his traveling companions captured my attention right away and I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible During Shan s uest for truth we also get an impression for what it s like to be living under Chinese rule for the different people living in the region and many Porter Rockwell: A Biography of the things that are described in this book are horrifying to say the least And we get an introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and its traditionsWhat I loved best about this book is the uiet beautyf Pattison s writing It s very calm and beautiful and because Satire of its calm all the powerful It s difficult to describe but his writing moved me than anything I have read in a while The crime plot as such is well done andnce it does get going the book is hard to put down There are a lot Deflower the Boss of seemingly unconnected crimes and leads in the beginning and I found myself asking where it would all lead until it suddenly all came together and made sense But the book wouldnly be half as good if it weren t for the many minor characters we meet Hebrew magic amulets on Shan s journey each with theirwn backstory sometimes told nly in ne sentence It s a very sad book at times but there are also moments Being There of hope in between which make the sadness bearable It s really a very beautiful book andne I am really glad to have read And I ve already هذه بلادنا: الجواء ordered thene before and the Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom one after that In this his second novel featuring Inspector Shan a Han Chinese political exile in Tibet Pattison moves from southern Tibet the setting for The Skull Mantra to the far northwestf China to the lands f the Kazakh and Uighur Moslem clans The action begins Nd ne by ne her rphaned students have followed her to her grave victims f a killer harboring unfathomable motives Abandoning his mountain hermitage Shan Tao Yun a former Beijing police inspector who has been exiled to Tibet emb.

Another Inspector Shan mystery that provides about the destruction f native cultures by the Chinese central government Perhaps some idealization f the noble savage in examining the vanishing ways f life in Tajikistan and similar areas but informative and moving nonetheles A murderer is preying n a group f rphans and their teacher as disappeared In response a disgraced former Chinese investigator and his Tibetan mentors sally forth As they seek to prevent further deaths they come across the resistance kazakhs and uighers seeking to maintain their culture and the han chinese settling in their lands the book is than a crime thriller it is eual part an exploration f tibetan culture and a travelogue It is The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD on this third dimension that the book worked best for me as the author is great at conjuring up what life is like there As a crime thriller i found it managed to be bothbvious and confusing in parts As an exploration f tibetan culture it is very interesting and very educationalI found the book to be very didactic and ne sided the tibetans are all wise saints and almost all chinese are predators there is a point f view that the tibetan monks practiced a restrictive theocracy that deeply hurt the people f tibet but it gets no play here This would take pages to review in detail It was an extremely difficult read for me and the length wasn t the hardest part f difficult It s mood is minous and set into different and Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse often viscous setsf circumstances Because it encompasses entire regions Western provinces Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of China ethnic mixtures Tibet as an entity mindsetf 1000 interjections which cover the long decades and decades f China incorporating these regions into Chinese nation It s beautifully written and far than a mystery investigation Very sorrowful too Mystery set in Tibet it is an homage to a profound beautiful culture and an anchor to ur wn restless urbanity I have really been enjoying the inspector Shan series but it is so depressing what is happening to Tibet as so well utlined in this book The Stringbean Murders on a very personal levelThe books are like meditations in themselves and as a normally fast reader I find that I have to really take my time to get through the journeyf the book The experience أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع of the journey seems to be central to the book than the solvingf the mystery One Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, of the most amazing seriesf books I have ever readDon t let the fact it is a detective series dissuade you from reading themThis series gets to the heart The Sporty Game of all that ishas been goingn in TibetHistory hidden behind the label American Yakuza II of a detective series these books speakf Tibet it s struggle againstthe invasion Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of China how the Chinese tried to wipeut Buddhism it s monks and a way Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise of life that has existed for thousandsf years This series will make your soul cry make your spirit soar and believe in the power Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing of faith in a people whose courage rose above all the horrors that surrounded them I strongly suggest this series to anyone who is interested in Tibet and the storyf it s people A beautifully and skillfully written book that weaves Tibetan Buddhi. In Water Touching Stone the seuel to the internationally acclaimed The Skull Mantra Shan Tao Yun is cloistered in a remote Tibetan sanctuary when he receives shattering news A teacher revered by the ppressed has been found slain

N media res Pattison immediately creating a situation f grave danger as Shan and his Tibetan companions are sent to solve the murder f a teacher and her pupils Buddhist and Taoist myths and philosophy are central to the narrative as they are central in the lives f the characters Tension is thick not nly because f the dangers the companions face from thers but also because f the suspicions and prejudices among themselves Pattison creates an ambiance f a culture and geography utterly foreign to ur wn a way f looking at and experiencing life that contrasts greatly to that DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting of contemporary Western society Pattison has created a gripping story involving contemporary history and ancient cultures all contributing to make an engrossing mystery in a very foreign context Almost continually I find myself wondering about the accuracyf the history and politics that he portrays I know little about the politics and peoples f Tibet and especially Xinjiang and it would be easy for me to assume that what Pattison describes is factually accurate It would also be easy for me to erroneously assume such accuracy and for the author to be writing what in effect is a propaganda document and so I must be alert and aware that such is a possibility and a danger One can enjoy a good story for its wn sake even while suspending judgment about factual veracityHere are two uotations from the book that I especially liked Maybe humans existjust to keep virtue alive and to pass it n to someone else The great barriers to understandingare material possessions which nly build hunger for and time which pushes so many through life fearful that they will miss something if they slow as though if they are uick enough they can change their destiny There were many characters Civil rights, tool of communist deception of importance in this novel and it was not until the end that I was sure that I was keeping them all straight and the plot was sufficiently convoluted that it wasnly in the last couple f chapters that I could discern its details But most f all I wanted another glimpse Cutthroat of the Tibetan people their culture and traditions and this book was a most satisfactory depiction Ostensibly this is a mystery novel and it s a goodne It may seem strange then for me to suggest that the marvelous and compelling storyline is practically irrelevant but in some ways it is An even greater power An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims of this book lies in it s characterizations it s sensef place and it s vivid visceral evocation The Claiming of the Shrew of vanishing and emerging cultures Set in Tibet and Central Asia amid societies being absorbed into the dominant Han Chinese political system the novel paints such an indelible portraitf life in a cultural maelstrom that the compelling whodunit actually takes a backseat to the experience Summoned of being there Pattison spent time in the places about which he writes and his characters literally think in culturally specific ways a particularly revealing techniue for dealing with Tibetan Buddhists and Chinese bureaucrats alike If you have an interest in China Tibetr Central Asian nomads r just an interest in culture change and Arks n a search for justice Shadowed by bizarre tales f an unleashed 'demon' Shan braces himself for even darker imaginings as he stalks a killer and fights to restore spiritual balance to the ancient and tenuous splendor f Tibe.

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Edgar Award winning Eliot Pattison has been described as a writer of faraway mysteries a label which is particularly apt for someone whose travel and interests span a million miles of global trekking visiting every continent but Antarctica An international lawyer by training Pattison first combined his deep concerns for the people of Tibet with his interest in fiction writing in The Skull Ma