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355 starsI adore the musical Damn Yankees I love it so much that it s hilariously surprising that I had no idea it was based on a novel The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant written by Douglass Wallop who d o onto co write the musical s script is the novel Damn Yankees is based on And it s a novel that nobody seems to know much about these days There s no ebook of it available so I had to actually obtain a hard copy of it to read Why British Jihadism go to all of this trouble Well I really wanted to see how similar to the musical this novel was And so Iave it a read And it s definitely the same story as Damn Yankees But how does it hold up against its famous stage adaptation Well both versions of the story have their pros and their cons it ultimately depends on what you re looking for from the story If you want to really explore Joe s mindset during all of this then The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant is the book for you It s well written engaging and a uick readOn the surface there s not a huge amount that s different between The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant and Damn Yankees It s identifiably the same plot just with some changes here in there in the journey from A to B If you ve seen the musical you absolutely know what happens in the novel Joe Boyd makes a deal with the devil Mr Applegate Applegate will turn Joe into a young successful baseball player for his favorite team in exchange for Joe s soul Joe insists on an escape clause being crafted into the deal and the rest is history Joe leads the Washington Senators to victory after victory Virgin Widow gets tempted by Lola andoes toe to toe against Mr Applegate in the fight for his soul It s definitely the same story And to be fair it s a reat story It s a riff on the Faust story probably best known from Marlowe s telling of the tale But there s a reason certain stories are considered classic stories Mr Applegate is every bit as interesting in the novel as he is on stage and the book is filled with a lot of really fun ideas and some really solid prose from Wallop nowhere near as obtuse as you might think the prose in a 1950s novel might be It s a pretty uick very enjoyable readHowever there are a lot of differences some of which I found surprising than others One of the biggest problems with Damn Yankees is the way it underutilizes and underdevelops its female characters Lola is probably the most iconic character from the stage show but she s pretty underdeveloped there She has a lot of scenes but we don t really et to know much about her So The Eternal Ice (Magic: The Gathering: Ice Age Cycle, going into The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant I hoped that we mightet to learn about her from the novel since the novel had space with which to develop her Surprisingly though she s developed even less in the novel than she is onstage Her plot arc is basically the same Applegate brings her in to tempt Joe but she ends up falling in love with Joe but the novel doesn t develop that at all Joe s pretty awful to her in the book yet she s still in love with him The novel doesn t show us what she sees in him or why nor does it spend any time with her to really make us care about her at all and so it s difficult to track why she does the things she does in the novel s climax The novel certainly wouldn t make anyone a fan of Lola and that s a real big shame Sure we Night And Day get to learn a bit about her past but that doesn t make up for dropping the ball in every other regardThe same is true for Joe s wife Meg in the show Bess in the novel She appears in about as many scenes as Lola does in the novel and isiven even less development She s just the stereotypical housewife I suppose that s understandable Tennessee Takedown / Ravens Hollow given the novel was written in the 1950s and is told primarily from Joe s point of view But it s definitely a negative aspect of the book Basically if you reoing into this novel hoping for information about some of the other not Joe characters you ll be disappointedBut the differences aren t all bad though As I mentioned the novel is written from Joe s point of view so he The Cowboy Takes a Bride (The Bridal Bid gets a lot development than he did in the stage version Wallop really takes us into Joe s head and lets us see his thought process Weet to see him struggle with Applegate s machinations If you re Michaels Discovery (The Devaneys gonna underdevelop everyone else it s probably a reallyood idea to make sure your main character is. Decades before Field of Dreams there was The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant the classic baseball fable that became the hit movie and musical Damn Yankees Now a new eneration is ready to discover this delightful book restored to its original title with a new introduction by basebal.

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Story it has a few implants of mystery I thought it was a very interesting story because I like sports and baseball but I can see why many others would dislike it It had some very exciting moments along with some slow and boring ones to The Year The Yankees Lost the Pennant was not my favorite book but I would definitely recommend it for sports lovers This is a fun book I think it is most interesting as a document of mid 1950s Yankee hating This novel is the spiritual progenitor to all that Red Sox Curse stuff using the Yankees as a metaphor not so much for evil or the demonic as the cover images and title of the Broadway adaptation Damn Yankees might suggest but for that darned unfairness in this world of ours that somehow always prevents us from living our dreams Except when it miraculously doesn t like in this novel s conclusion or in 2004 But I think that part of the point of the novel is that in the pursuit of some of these unreachable dreams we meet some pretty reat people suffering and struggling just the way we are and that this is really what makes life beautiful Or something like thatNot Life Changing Smiles great literature For that turn to Malamud Harris or possibly Greenberg But it s better than a jab in the eye with a sharp stick My Dad and I went to Washington Senatorsames until the day they left town for Texas in 1971 One day I found this book on my dad s bookshelf in the TV room I knew the musical Damn Yankees having seen the movie and endlessly listened to the Broadway soundtrack album But I had no idea the musical was based on a book Revelation Sat down and read it Loved it I offer this entry in memory of baseball days with Dad and in honor of the Washington Nationals who ended a 95 years championship drought this season I may be older than Joe Boyd but I was as happy the day the Nats won the Series as old Joe was the day he helped the Senators finally beat the Damn Yankees This is the book the Damn Yankee s play was based off of My brother was in this play way back in the early 80 s I think It was the first BIG play I went to and it made me fall in love with the theater This book was a Innocent Sins (Harlequin Presents, great reminder of that I read this book while I was summoned to jury duty Luckily I didn tet assigned to a case but I had to stay there all day I found this book at my library s used book sale for 25 cents Disclaimer I have not seen the movie or watched the musical I saw other reviews stating the book wasn t as ood as either but I wouldn t know anything about that I do want to see the musical or at least the movie after this I am also a baseball fan though not a crazy one like the main character of this bookBut I came to this book with zero background information and I absolutely enjoyed it Joe Boyd is a baseball fanatic Even though the Washington Senators are doing terribly he is still a loyal fan One night a strange man named Applegate the devil offers him the chance to become young the best baseball player alive and to lead the Senators to win the pennant in exchange for his soul Due to a possible mid life crisis and an obsession with the sport he agrees The writing was clever and even though this book was written a while ago in 1954 it still felt modern I loved some of the passages especially anything Applegate said and the canoe scene with Lola and Joe It was also cute how Joe remained faithful to his wife This book was clever endearing and definitely worth my while The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant is a fun audiobook It was the basis of the musical Damn Yankees I saw the money the first time as a young child I found a copy of the book The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant when I was an adult I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the musical Recently I found the audiobook version on Audible narrated by Steve Hendrickson The narration is superb Hendrickson captures that most difficult of accents Balti extremely well The production values are excellent The story is enjoyable especially if you are not a Yankees fan It may not have won any of the big book prizes but it won my heart Does anyone actually read these I can t imagine that a review of such a niche novel is useful to anyone but if you really want to know this was the best deal with the devil baseball books I have ever read A fun light read and a book you ll probably never see. Old phenom Joe Hardy he leads the hapless Senators in a torrid late season pursuit of the men in pinstripes Joe has until September 21st before the deal becomes final and eternal With the luscious temptress Lola to distract him he'll have a hell of a time wriggling out of the bargain.

Developed which thankfully is exactly what Wallop does Also better developed is the story s major source of climactic conflict the hearing to decide whether or not Joe will be allowed to play in the final ame of the pennant The musical definitely Copper Lake Secrets glosses over the details of the accusations thrown against Joe basically handwaving in aeneral he s not who he says he is direction while the novel Brooklyn's Song goes into a lot of detail about it And it s devilishly fascinating I don t want toive too much of it away here but it s a change I definitely liked If you re Men Are Like Waffles--Women Are Like Spaghetti Devotional Study Guide going into The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant hoping for information and development for Joe you ll be extremely happyAll in all The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant is pretty much what I expected it to be It s the same basic story as the stage version just expanded in certain ways Wallop s prose is easy to read and immediately engaging something that I wasn t uite expectingiven I often find books written in the first half of the 1900s to have prose that s needlessly obtuse The best aspect of the novel is the way it Plain Jane The Hotshot greatly explores Joe s character his struggle with the deal he s made and his thought process as he tries toet out of it It s clearly his story and Wallop does a superb job tracking it On the flip side the novel suffers a lot from its underutilization of Lola and Bess Too much of the plot hinges on things they do but their reasons for doing it don t really make senseare implausible Family of Her Dreams given what the novel has established But still The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant is an interesting read for anyone who s a fan of the musical It s cool to see where the story began and compare it to where it ultimately ended up How much you ll enjoy it will probably depend on what you re looking for If you re looking for on Joe you ll be very happy Otherwise well it s still a solid read if somewhat unmemorable read Either way it s an easy one and it s not a bad way to spend a few afternons I read it toet insight into one of my favorite musicals Damn Yankees However I found that the plot of Damn Yankees is a lot enjoyable and a lot funnier I recommend that fans of this book check out the musical version It s been awhile since I ve seen the 1958 musical film but the book of course was better than the film Maybe because I m older but their was nostalgia for baseball and Blackmailed Into the Italians Bed greater focus on the moral dilemma of having it all In the end sometimes the Yankees lose but no matter what it s better to play theame than not to have played at all What would you do if you had the chance to live your dream When Joe Boyd was Girls Night Out given his opportunity he snatched it Joe Boyd is a middle age real estate agent who is one of the most die hard baseball fans in Washington He has uestioned his life several times and regrets some of his early life He wishes he was areat baseball player who could help his struggling favorite team the Washington Senators One day a mysterious man appears on Joe s street by the name of Mr Applegate He approaches Joe and asks him if he would like to be transformed into an amazing ball player Joe thinks it over a bit but decides to take up the deal Joe leaves his old life and wife behind as he is changed into a man named Joe Hardy He is now a handsome young superstar with eye opening home run hitting power He joins the Senators and begins to demolish baseballs left and right with Applegate s strange magicAs Joe continues through life as a different man he sees that he is ruining people s lives too He makes people lose their jobs and he misses his wife terribly Joe is also faced with accusations about where he came from He must decide to change back by September 21st or he will remain Joe Hardy forever Applegate is determined to keep Joe as a powerful baseball player so it will be difficult for Joe to escape the contract and return to his wifeThere were many themes throughout this book that shaped the characters and the plot Some of these themes were don t be blinded by your dreams never leave your loved ones behind and fame is not always a positive thing These themes put in by Douglass Wallop were very important to the story and sometimes helped me relate to my lifeI recommend this book to people who enjoy sports books or mystery books Although this is not a full on mystery. L writer Bill JamesBaseball lovers everywhere can identify with Joe Boyd a die hard Washington Senators fan who puts his soul in hock to help them wrest the pennant away from the hated all conuering Yankees Transformed by the sulfurous Mr Applegate's satanic magic into twenty two year.