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Asts I ve missed since my obsession stopped Also I really want to visit Cardiff again A book based on the television series This takes place after the events of the finale in season two In this one Torchwood has an assessor that wakes up when Torchwood is in dire trouble This assessor is from the Victorian era so the author had fun playing with the contrast of the agesThis was a difficult book to rate because there are some strong highlights but also lows The strongest aspect of this book is the character Agnes the Torchwood assessor She was a strong figure that dominated her scenes which is saying something considering the other characters Other highlights are the Jack and Rhys relationship and the idea of a story within the story Even though I liked the idea of a story within the story this was my problem with this book Its execution was flawed I didn t care for the flow of it and the ending seemed rushed as if the author had a numbered page constraintThis wasn t the best book based in this universe I loved the introduction of the new character and she fit in well with the rest of the team The problem with this book was the reason It just didn t work in my opinion There are better books that are written about this universe About average uality for a Torchwood book though unusually light and funny AlsoFOUR uses of the word bonhomie in one short novel Really Mr Goss usual I very much enjoyed this Torchwood novel by James Goss Unusually it has a very strong comedic element not something that Torchwood always managed successfully and not something I d seen Goss try at all The beautiful concept is that Agnes Havisham a stern and sarcastic Victorian lady emerges from decades of suspended animation to do an official assessment of Torchwood at the same moment as two separate alien threats emerge to torment the innocent citizens of Cardiff Unlike his first book Almost Perfect we get a pretty satisfying exploration of Jack s character from another perspective and decent page time for Ianto Gwen and Rhys too Rhys gets a couple of particularly glorious moments I felt the pacing of the plot a little uneven but the style very entertaining This story is set in post disaster Torchwood withJack Harkness Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones left to combat alien incursions into Britain Agnes Havisham the Torchwood Assessor is awakened from suspended animation and arrives just in time as mysterious coffins appear through the Rift and brings with them a threat that may devour not just England but the entire world The author does a terrific job in getting the nuances of each character from the show perfectly and the dialogu. Ead are coming through the Rift With thousands of alien bodies floating in the Bristol Channel it's down to Torchwood to round them all up before a lethal plague breaks out And now they'll have to do it by the book The 1901 edition.

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The Victorian style resulted in some wildly out of character moments for Jack and Ianto and to a minor extent Gwen Rhys I ll agree with another of the reviews I read glorified fanfic is about the extent of itSpoilerspeculation I think I would have liked it better if the story as written took up only about half the book and the rest of it was Torchwood trying to escape then track down and capture a pair of rogue Time Agents who pretended to be George Agnes really did set the whole situation up as some kind of scam This was such a very short uick read that kept me entertained the whole time The characters were relatively in character too Gwen was even improved by not whining nearly as much The Torchwood assessor was very judgmental of the 21st century but was entertaining nonetheless I still managed to be surprised by who was pulling the strings even though I really should have known Good one and good ending Boy do I miss this show What ou need to know is that Torchwood has successfully consumed three Sermons Not Spoken years of my life I adored it I knew everything about it I ve listened to every podcast and read every book better or worse At some point of course I ve stopped deciding that it s best to uit an obsession So I completely forgot about three borrowed books I ve found them recently and since I am about to return them to their rightful owner I decided to read themOne thingou should know about Torchwood official books James Goss writes the best of them They re funny they re like the show absurd and abstract full of irony a little dark with a hint of hope And they re actually uite good I uite regret this guy wasn t responsible for writing some episodes they would be much better So this book is about victorian Torchwood agent who wakes up only in the time of great crisis to take over and resolve it And Jack Harkness hates her And she s absolutely amazing bossy witty and very victorian And she doesn t like what she finds Torchwood One gone Torchwood Three in a hands of Jack Harkness with only three agents still standing Gone the amazing institute fund by the ueen Victoria herself Gone the glory Also Jack is hiding something there are coffins a result of a great war lost showing in the Cardiff thanks to the Rift and also Agnes es boyfriend is in space Also Rhys Williams would make a very good Torchwood agent mostly because he s so not impressed And poor Ianto has to make tea instead of coffe which is a torture to everybody This is not a great book this is not a good book This is a very good book by Torchwood standards I had fun reading it I went down the memory lane and think I am going to listen to some podc. Sessor is roused from her deep sleep in only the worst of times it's happened just four times in the last 100 ears Can the situation really be so badSomeone somewhere is fighting a war and they're losing badly The coffins of the

I m a huge fan of Torchwood and I m still hoping against hope that the show comes back somehow Granted it s not likely but I really like this dark corner of the Dr Who universe I ve found the books to be uneven even within this one itself This is a story of a relic from Torchwood s past a vast omnivorous blob monster and a mysterious collection of coffins Jack Harkness Gwen Cooper and Ianto Jones struggle to pass the tests of the Assessor stop Cardiff and maybe the world from being devoured and in their spare time figure out what to do about this vast number of unknown coffins arriving through the Rift Things I liked include little sub titles at the start of each chapter flashbacks to different points in Torchwood history and even references to other of the novels Things I didn t would be Jack acting like he s incompetent the weird hinting that they re in contact with Martha Jones but never using her name and almost everything in the last few pages This is the only one of these novels to end on a cliffhanger and they re not that easy to find They also screwed up a term used near the end but I won t go into details because it s a spoiler Recommended for Torchwood fans just know it s not a perfect story What the hell did I just readNo Sorry No James Goss first Torchwood book was fun and campy This one was just a hot mess I don t even know the alien invasion at the end just seemed pointless And what the hell did he do to Ianto Suddenly Ianto Jones is nothing than a butler who makes sub standard tea A few weeks after the end of Miracle Day I was going through some Torchwood withdrawal so I picked this book up from the libraryEverything has been uiet in Cardiff other than alien coffins popping up off shore Of course this means trouble this time in the form of Agnes Haversham an assumed name of course She is the Torchwood assessor who is woken from cryo sleep only when something disastrous is about to happen And of course she may not be all that she appears to beWhat she appears to be is a woman in 1800s fashions with her copy of Little Dorrit when she needs diversions She also is proficient with very large guns and she drives Jack Harkness nuts as well as scaring him sillyIt was a fun light read perfeft for bad weather For that matter it reads like it could have been an episode of the show which I thought was a plusVerdict If ou re a Torchwood fan go for it If Dancing with Fireflies (Chapel Springs, you have no idea what Torchwood is or ifou re homophobic don t bother I have a kind of lovehate relationship with this book I liked the nearly steampunk character of Agnes but at the same time the author s attempt at a tongue in cheek riff on. 'Are The Little House in the Woods and Other Stories you trying to tell me Captain Harkness that the entire staff of Torchwood Cardiff now consists ofourself a woman in trousers and a tea boy' Agnes Havisham is awake and Jack is worried and not a little afraid The Torchwood As.

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James Goss has written two Torchwood novels and a radio play as well as a Being Human book His Doctor Who audiobook Dead Air won Best Audiobook 2010 James also spent seven years working on the BBC's official Doctor Who website and co wrote the website for Torchwood Series One In 2007 he won the Best Adaptation category in the annual LA Weekly Theatre Awards for his version of Douglas Adams' n