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To outrageous to be true but who am I to say he is lying I can t go into it without giving away some of the story so I m just stating my opinion and leaving it at that This didn t make me dislike the book at all though The writing was good and easy to follow and did keep my interest It is an neuivocal belief of mine that love is a basic human right children in particular are entitled to it pg 278It s than just a fight to be a child protection worker The author nearly lost his life It takes than courage to do the work he does as sometimes courage can fail The Truth About Jane Doe us It s love And the belief that everyone especially children should be lovedNote pg 45 Unconditional positive regard a concept developed by the great therapist Carl Rogers which is a kind of mantra for social care workers It means that no matter what a client has done no matter how they treat you you always deal with them with absolute respect ad warmth In many ways it is the toughest part of the job but it is absolutely essential I don t know why I feel compelled to read books Ig will pay a terrible price Edgar is a twelve year old boy whom nobody wants not even the staff at the residentialnit where he lives Just when it seems that there might be a way of getting through to him his mother reveals a secret that changes everything innie is a teenage boy who knows exactly what his gangster father is capable.

Ike this I suppose in a way it could help him with the kids I meet at work as they come from a variety of different backgrounds and we do meet some tricky ones but I am always curious as to why they create that behaviour etcThis book is written by a social worker and incorporates some of the children he worked with It is distressing to read how some parents think there children can be brought Mediterranean Men Bundle up a six year old left alone for two weeks with not enough food whilst mum goes on holiday her excuse was that it was done to her and she thought he d enjoy the freedom What world do they live in This child is one who Shane deals with and tries to befriend It is no wonder his behaviour is everywhere and he trusts no one Then there is another little lad whose dad is involved with gangsters and hides food all around his nursery as if he doesn t know when his next meal will be and then the only son of a top gangster who is openly homosexual but whose father refuses to acknowledge him as he wants a son who will take over his criminal business empire. Of of how hemakes problems disappear He also knows he has become a very big problem for his father One man's fight to give these children the future they deserveIN 15 years as a child protection worker Shane Dunphy saw children growingp in horrific situations He also saw their amazing ability to survive those npromising beginning.

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I thought that this was a good book I felt for Shane and all of the children and families mentioned within it It gripped me by heart and took me into realising what may go on behind closed doors and what the authorities really do Well done I found this book very interesting as I do with nearly all books in this genre What was different about this book however was that it detailed multiple nrelated cases alongside what was happening in the author s personal life While some people do not like this as they feel it is self centred and egotistical I actually felt this made the book feel much real It showed the struggle to maintain a personal life in these types of jobs and really highlights the blurring of the lines between private and work lives that is all to real when working in these sort of jobs In this book Shane Dunphy shares three seperate cases he worked on during his time as a child protection worker and the things that were going on in his life during the time he was working those cases Some of the things in this book seemed. Three heart stopping stories of children trapped by their parents' pasts Craig the little boy who can't speak English isn't allowed to Holding Tight (Five in a Bed Book 3) use his real name and hides food around the playground afraid he'll be hungry again His parents are trying to make a fresh start but their gangland bosses are about to catchp with the family and Cra.

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