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Ley is Stanley Not because Tom is gay So it s VERY intriguing book and I would really like to now how their relationship evolves Because honestly I really do think that Tom can fall in love with Stanley the way that Stanley falls for him Is this means there s going to be angst Again VERY intriguing I uite admire this novel for beingdifferent I admit I was not really aware of the world of transsexual drag ueens and the wanna be straight men who lust after them thinking it s easier to go for a guy in a dress than go for the real deal and consider yourself gay As such this story described a totally new world and also portrayed characters that I ve never seen in this constellation beforeStanley Korski is a cop who just switched to the homicide department The funny thing is he s a willowy twink who is also flamboyantly gay and doesn t make a secret of lusting after his newly assigned hot and hairy hunk of a partner Tom Danzel Only Tom is straight hates fags and is not shy in letting Stan Chosen Vessels know how he feels Together they re assigned to solve the murder of a guy who picked up a whore and got shot in the chest by the lady after according to eye witnesses discovering that she wasn t in fact a lady Investigating in the drag scene isn t a task that Tom would have liked to do on his own so he s happy to have gay expert Stan by his side to do the translations Tom is a lady s man through and through He likes big tits a round pelvis and a good hetersexual f without strings attached Asking uestions in the city s most popular drag club confuses him immensely Beautiful girls wherever you look How can they NOT be real And why does the thought turn him on somehow Looking at his handsome twink of a partner he wonders what Stan would look like in drag He s sure he d be just as pretty as the girls around hereYou get where this is headingThe romance part and the straight to gay transition is pretty uniue here I can only assume that the intention behind the story is that Tom is a repressed gay man which I tend to think most GFY MCs are who is only willing to explore his homosexual side if he can still convince himself that it s the female attitudes in his love interest that make it possible to get physical with Stan Still he cannot shake off the fact that Stan is a man and therefore anything between them is doomed from the start That aspect was actually new to me in mm romance so I was positively surprised More often than not it s hot muscled jocks who go all GFY over each other making me wonder when they were ever straight Still I had several serious issues with the storyIt s clear that Stan has the hots for gorgeous Tom right from the start but even though henows the man is straight and a colleague he makes pretty direct advances The most disturbing moment was the view spoilermassage Stan gave Tom when he was drugged Without any other sexual context Stan rimmed him joking about taking his temperature I found that totally out of line First it s or less abuse since Tom was drugged and second rimming is an intimate act that I totally don t want to see out of context like This is probably one of the less dreamy book I read by Victor J Banis means that it s pretty down to earth and direct and open but probably also among my favorite Lola Dances still has the first place but this one is very near I like Victor J Banis style but one thing I almost always regretted that in the end the two main characters don t walk toward the sunset together only Lola did and this is the reason since she is f I can t help it I love cliffhanger endingsGreat book Very witty dialogue The least sexually arousing sex scene I ve ever read but somehow it made senseI love Stanley I love TomBut seriously the dialogue is out of this world hilarious Rounded up to 4 starsIt was my first of Victor J Banis and for sure not the last one but I have difficulties to rate the first book in Deadly Mystery series It evoked and provoked many different emotions from wow to wtfmeh and offered an extended range of all possible ratings from 2 to 5What I really enjoyedIn spi. Pursuit trying to resolve another mystery their unexpected attraction to one another.

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E beginning I found Banis humour heavy and passive aggressive It s fun to play being politically incorrect but after too many jokes you start to sound insecure and annoying In the end I found him sharp and hilarious and sometimes I frowned rolled my eyes and laughed at the same uip or extravaganceSure he dropped it a notch in the meantime but it s also because as heavy and ferocious as the fag and Neanderthal jokes are it s just that Stanley and Tom are two living clich s for one another they are standing at opposite ends and they are uncomfortable defensive and aggressive in the beginning It s also because as acerbic and down to earth as he is the author explores what lies behind and between the stereotypes with understanding and something akin to tenderness This is not another case of closeted cop and this is not another case of Gay For You either This is about a drag ueen serial No Apology Necessary killer 2 cops who are forced to work together and become partners about unreuited love sexuality and blurred lines The mystery was not unpredictable but well put together and punched me in the guts Tom and Stanley sueezed my heart and made me laugh my ass off I want tonow what s going to happen next and yippee There are 5 books to read 35 stars I ended up liking it than i thought i would The story and the writing is weirdly entertaining Straight macho Cop and Out and proud Gay Cop pairing was definitely interesting Tom and Stanley s partnership was filled with hilarious moments I liked them a lot I didn t believe in their relationship The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag kinda came out of nowhere but it didn t bother me at all The case was interesting and the perp lawd what a fucked up situation The investigation process was uestionable though We got Drag ueens Yay Overall it was hilarious and enjoyable I am so glad I finally started this seriesThis book has been in my to read pile for ages I love a good mystery and I was hooked from the first pageThe story brings together Stanley gay cop and Tom supposedly straight cop to solve a mystery There is a drag ueen serialiller on the loose and Stanley is assigned to work with Tom because Stanley being gay Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) knows the ins and outs of the drag sceneStanley is great He is funny self effacing and humorous He is out and proud and doesn t really care about the underlying homophobia within the police force in fact he camps things up with his force colleagues just to let themnow he can hold his ownTom is straight but increasingly curious and becomes increasingly attracted to Stanley Tom is also macho and this drag ueen world confuses him Nevertheless he reluctantly partners up with Stanley and discovers a few things about himself as he solves the mystery with his gay side Whoops! kickI love Stanley He accepts who he is and tries his best to be a good cop He is great at solving crimes less great at protecting himself and very caring even of those family members who hate him I loved his humour and hisindness but also his uirky courage and determination Stanley you are dah man And in the end the mystery is solved and the guys get their man or woman as the case may be A great mystery which was eually humorous and serious but without the angst This goes to the top of my cop series and I am so pleased I have another five books to go in this seriesYay This is another gay themed murder mystery series aside PsyCop and Adrien English that piues my curiousity because it seems as getting good reviews I have to say as for the first book it surely captures my interest The mystery part is intriguing I was able to figure out the real murderer but the journey of getting there was good Of course in series like this the characters are very important as well because the story is about them as much as the murder caseI feel this time the book is different Unlike the other books both men are gays I mean sure Jake in Adrien English is a closeted gay cop but he has sex with other men Tom Danzel on the other hand is well straight He might care for Stanley Kroski his openly gay new partner who s ueer as three dollar bills so to speak but it is because Stan. Drag ueen serial iller and along the way they find themselves engaged in a intimate.

Rating 35 starsDeadly Nightshade was surprisingly good It involves a murder mystery with one very butch cop and one very flamboyant one The contrast in characters led to some very interesting conversations and fun to read interactions between Stanley and Tom The mystery itself was okay nothing groundbreaking but had enough momentum in it to hold onto my interestWhat I didn t like was how uickly things developed between Tom and Stanley For just a first book in a series I was expecting a slower burn think Adrien English But things ind of sparked and caught fire really uick before everything got snuffed out The sexual interaction between the two just felt out of placeBut overall I did enjoy this first entry I will definitely look forward to book 2 in the near future REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK JUNE 2013 12 STARTerrible Terrible Horrible UGHWorst narrator I ve come across so far I was so displeased with this item I took a refund on it which I rarely do even if I didn t like the story I only take a refund when the narrator did a poor job and so far I ve only refunded 2 books this one includedThe narrator Roy Wells sounded like someone s grandpa with a 3 pack a day habit and unlikely to last to the end of the book Several passages were omitted from his narration lines repeated and the foreign words IIRC it was a French phrase was just left out So was the word transgender almost every time It would be there in my ebook but the narrator just skips it Kept pulling me out of the storyTo top it all there was that dog barking in the background somewhere in chapter 3 I think which made me wonder if this audiobook was produced in the narrator s house I m not familiar with howwhere these narrators record the books At first I thought it was coming from my apartment but it wasn t I paused the audio to check Then some chapters later 16 IIRC the dog is back but fainter WeirdThis truly is the worst audiobook production and Audible ought to redo this and pull this version from their shelves I only lasted till two chapters before the end and couldn t stand the narrator any so I just reread the remainderThe experience put me off so much I held off listening to the next book Deadly Wrong which is narrated by a different guy Guy Veryzer who is halfway through the narration of the 3rd installment at this writing I took off to listen to the award winning classically trained Kaleo Griffith in Breaking Point REVIEW OF FIRST READ JUNE 2011 5 STARSEnjoyed this immensely There weren t any parts where I had to reread to figure out what the author was trying to say no mental double takes no TSTL behaviour as tends to happen in romantic suspense Though I did think Tom ought to have been smarter than to fall for the old trick trusting a stranger to fetch a drink for him Of course the expected happensAside that from that I liked the way the murderer was revealed earlyand yet we still don t now hisher identity Banis used the world of drag ueens transgenders as an excellent backdrop for this murder mysteryThe relationship between the straight Tom and openly gay Stanley develops slowly Very slowly Yet Stanley s feelings for Tom are unmistakeable He s obvious enough for his friend Chris to warn him about doing any swan dives into disastrous romances Tom on the other hand isn t uite there yet admitting he has romantic feelings for Stanley In fact it doesn t uite enter his mind so he s constantly fantasizing about a warm pussy Nothing uite materializes with this and after all that sexual tension there s a scene where Tom takes Stanley to a very special place to chill Stanley already experiencing pangs of jealousy and suspicions about Tom s interest in a drag ueen transgender Tom tells Stanley Don t beA whole universe of possibilities in those two little words and left me as bewildered and hopeful as it did Stanley I m hoping of course that Tom won t be as cruel to Stanley as Jake was to Adrien English but I m not holding my breath I can see Stanley totally crushed and devastated before I get to the good part This series had better have a solid HEA In th. Straight cop gay cop and a woman who isn't real Tom and Stanley are on the trail of

Jerome Banis May 25 1937 – February 22 2019 was an American author often associated with the first wave of west coast gay writing For his contributions he has been called the godfather of modern popular gay fiction