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Ike behavior ie the evil raptors are so evil they kill little birds for fun but there s no mention of them ever eating their prey because gosh I guess that s too violent and gruesomeI also ave the sneaking suspicion that the author didn t do any real research at all about birds Pigeons and swallows fly very different from sparrowhawks and falcons because of the difference in the size and shape of their bodies and wings but you d think that every little bird is the cheetah of the skies the way they outfly and outmaneuver the raptors Not to mention all the times when oh noes the raptors miss the little birds by a talon length and instead just shear off some tail feathers Tail feathers are vital to the way a bird flies and losing one so violently in midflight is bound to قصه‌های خوب برای بچه‌های خوب --- ۶ have conseuences on their aerial capabilities All right enough I didn t need or reuire exhaustive encyclopedic descriptions of aerial avian maneuverability but I m no expert and even I know this and when you re presenting a book about birds as birds I expect them to ACT like birds These don t Theyop and fly and that s about all the birdness they display There was even a point where some city birds are captured and are beginning to starve because their raptor captors promised to bring them berries to feed them Excuse me BERRIES Really In the middle of Boston these little sparrows and pigeons and cardinals expect the raptors to bring them BERRIES as if BERRIES are an easily obtainable staple of their everyday dietAHEM Anyway yes 1 star for being boring way too padded with dialogue and worst of all claiming to be epic tale of bird VS bird warfare. Tors Soon the Talon Empire and the Feathered Alliance are at war and as the battle ensues an unlikely Resilient hero emerges to defendis ome a young swallow named Ragtag.

Recommend to fans of The Guardians of GaHoole and Warriors series The battles between the Feathered Alliance and the Bird of Prey are fast paced Ragtag is a young sparrow who is continuously ignored and put down so is somewhat withdrawn from the politics and old ways of the Feathered Alliance but demonstrates is leadership and ingenuity as Grumpy, Frumpy, Happy, Snappy A Silly Monster Opposites Book he attempts to save the city of Boston from being taken over by raptorsI love the references to theumans Ragtag is a swallow living in Boston His mother is the representative of the swallows to the city wide bird government The Feathered Alliance The city is being attacked by the Raptors an alliance of falcons جامع التواریخ جلد 4 فهرست ها hawks and other meat eating birds Thisas a good cover although I wish it was just a touch lighter and it s a good readalike for the animal adventure genre Warriors series Oppel s Silverwing series Personally it s not my genre I m not really into blood spillage I wish the characterizations were a bit deeper the plot s a bit predictable the writing isn t that great But those aren t generally the things that kids will worry about and my uibbles are slight It s good just not awesome I read this book since my younger brother owns it It s simplistic vocabulary is for the younger generation and I enjoyed it for a simple uick reading I don t see the point in rating it based on other mature books since it was written for the teens and below Besides my brother really enjoyed reading it This book Tug Hill Country had neithereart nor soul and would Dragon Ball Anime Comics, Vol. 2 have been onlyalf as long if it What Well Leave Behind (Thirty-Eight, hadn t been padded to death with boring dialogue I mean COME ON I know where the stupid birds are going alr. Warring birds battle over the city of Boston in an action packed fantasyIn this engrossing story for older middle gradersundreds of birds of prey ave been driv.

Eady and what they re doing I don t need them endlessly talking back and forth at each other about ow they re going to go 8 1/2 here and do this and while they re on the way there they talk about where they re going and why and when they get there they talk about why they re there The ENTIRE BOOK is like thisNot to mention that all of the characters from Ragtag the protagnist to Tattler the side character and even the evil birds of prey aren t even two dimensional They re one dimensional They re not even cardboard Ragtag is supposed to be the plucky rebellious slightly foolish young bird who succeeds against all odds but insteade s just an annoyingly stupid little birdThere s no real plot The evil birds are coming Oh no The Feathered Alliance will be broken because the evil raptors are going to enslave them allAnd therein lies the biggest problem of this book The birds don t really act like birds I can buy that all the non raptor citybirds formed an alliance to look out for each other fine with some interclan scuffles But I just can t buy that solitary and territorial birds of prey all form the Talon Empire and allow themselves to be ruled by an osprey forming an army big enough to wipe out Boston s entire bird population in the course of a few daysIt s as though the author wanted to write epic battles like Brian Jacues Redwall series but wanted to preserve the birds as birds like the rabbits in Watership Down instead of Health and Healing for African-Americans having them carry weapons and wear clothes with the end result that this book is a morass of boring dialogue in lieu of scene setting or plot with random birds that don t even display proper birdl. En out of the Berkshires by encroachinguman development They ead toward Boston which is already occupied by the birds of the city but that won’t stop the rap.

Karl Wolf Morgenlander divides his time between Boston and Los Angeles RAGTAG is his first book