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Y c 1980 and just gets my back up I actually have had experience as working as the only woman in a man s world as an engineer on an oil refinery and it s not as one imensional as this implies that it is The era when women were willing to essentially become men has long since gone and this book misses a great opportunity to show this OK so this was set in the military but I mean come on2 The heroine is herself one Lillian Toos Little Book Of Feng Shui dimensional and absolutely no match for the hero The hero is sensitive balanced smart experienced and well just plain great The heroine appearsesperate by comparison and I just can t believe that the hero would be attracted to her for any other purpose than a notch on the bedpost except that he isn t the kind of guy who s interest in notches The heroine s character totally lets The Winter Warrior down both the hero and the plot which is actually great training course with ulterior motives and training exercise that goes wrongAnd finally and the big killer for me she s not so much a spitfire sticking up for herself with the intelligence that her life experiences and intellectual capabilities would imply than a punchy aggressive harridan You would have thought that after her extensive experience of being the only woman in her situation she would have learned to use herifference subtley to her advantage not to go for the jugular with every complaint but to persuade and to emonstrate through action I ve never been in the military but I ve never seen such an aggressive approach work in a work situation where you re the only woman She would have been made the butt of jokes and not taken seriously at allThere Rant over I m going to look for some fun sexy fluff to read now All I m going to say is that Harvard and PJ s story made the top of my this is how to lose your virginity list An excellent addition to the Tall Dark and Dangerous series Enjoy Opening Line This was wrong It was all wrongAck this was so good Although I will admit a bit slow to get started by the end however I really felt like I knew our heroes and was completely wrapped up in their lives especially uring their last so called training mission together Jeez talk about suspense and romance in the jungle Harvard Becker is the 5th SEAL from Brockmann s Tall Dark and Dangerous series to have his story told And while I somehow missed this fantastic series the first time around I m sure enjoying the hell out of it now with the re issues These well written uickie romances are impossible to put Toffees night noises down withelicious alpha male heroes sweet romances and just the right amount of action suspense and melodrama to keep you coming back for And except for Brockman s tendency to make up imaginary countries I just love her style of writing using real military jargon she gives us larger then life Navy Seal heroes and exciting yet plausible storylines Her romantic Flawed (The Butcher, dialogue and love scenes are always amazing and our big bad hero sigh usually even sheds a few tears Harvard and the rest of SEAL team 10 are running training exercisesuring an 8 week experiment wherein they are to train members of FInCOM in all things Navy SEAL With the type of life and The Covent Garden Ladies: The inspiration behind ITV show HARLOTS death situations they face this is an exclusive boys club and that s just the way Harvard likes it Enter PJ Richards sharpshooter most capable recruit Harvard s perfect intellectual match and of course all woman With his sexist attitude these two have problems from the start Harvard justoesn t believe women belong in a combat zone it s too Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins dangerous too brutal and she would be far tooistracting A great Flaunting, Extravagant Queen (French Revolution, deal of HARVARD S EDUCATION takes place within the relativeowntime of training so we really get to know our couple Watching their relationship ebb and flow at times felt like a character study without the usual benefit of firefights tangos and explosions Another great aspect here was getting reacuainted with past team members in particular Joe Catalanotto from book 1 Prince Joe We are also introduced to new grey group member Crash and I can t wait for his story inHawken s HeartThe ending chapters here were fantastic as a planned out of country training mission goes horribly wrong Leaving me hanging for uite a while as to whether the mission and fatalities were in fact real or a training op Pinned Pages From Bee Journal down by hostiles armed only with paint ball guns and with their leader Captain Joe severely injured and taken hostage it s going to be up to PJ and Harvard to save theay Will he be able to set his prejudices aside long enough to let PJ Stones of Witness do her job and help rescue their team mates Will they make sweet love while awaiting nightfall save their commander and maybe fall in love Sorry myescription makes this sound super cheesy when in fact this is actually suspenseful exciting and really well one Cheers Brockmann another great read. T herself get sidetracked Not now when her goal was finally within reach Unfortunately so was Harvard every hard muscled pure male irresistible inch of hi.

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I have been evouring this series and loved Harvard in the first 4 books I was really looking forward to his story I still really like Harvard s character but this book just fell flat for me It was okay and entertaining but somehow left me wanting I my uest to read all of the Tall Dark Dangerous books within a short span of time this was a reread for me I always expect great thing from Suzanne Brockmann and she rarely Lots of Mommies disappoints In reading through the series this book is 5 I have noticed that some of the characters have similarities with some characters from the Troubleshooter series One really striking similarity is between PJ and Alyssa LockePJ is a balls to the wall black woman who is out to prove she is just as good as any man and better than most She is a FInCOM FBI agent and has been chosen to take part in a joint training operation with SEAL Team 10 Alpha Suad to combat terrorism The CSF team is PJ and 3 other men and the 7 member Alpha Suad Master Chief Daryl Becker Harvard finds it lust at first sight when he meets PJ and she goes on to not only make him fall in love with her but to earn his respect while sheoes it When they throw out the training book the team gets into a very angerous situation Harvard is forced to make ecisions that put PJ in Fantasy Man danger I loved this story It s one if 4 in the Tall Dark Dangerous Part 2 anthology I liked PJ She was a woman in a man s world who had a tough upbringing and had to work hard to prove herself Plus she was a black woman in a man s world While Ms Brockmannidn t touch upon the racial aspect of PJ s life she The Flame Of Adventure did an inepth look at being a woman in the military or military like organization I ve never had a esire to be in that type of organization but I can only imagine how hard it is Plus PJ is a little thing so it was probably hard for her to get them to take her seriously And being a black woman is going to cause some issues with a lot of people Other than her not really touching on that and the hut interlude which was a little far fetched I loved this story I idn t think Harvard would get his own story and I was pleasantly surprised I ve been telling my friends who might not have previously read one of her books to pick this one up Now I m reading Crash s story and already they made me cry I m enjoying this series and would recommend it Author Suzanne BrockmannFirst published 1998Length 4340 kindle locations 248 pagesSetting ContemporarySex At the end Reasonably explicitHero SEALHeroine FInCom agentA lot of time spent Divine Magnetic Lands discussing the role of women in the military the casual sexism of otherwise strong educated respectful men and how gender roles influence our expectationsAndone very well tooEg Discussing her physical attributes rather than skills Exactly how many members of your team were hit tonight Mr Hawken Six He smiled slightly Four of whom you were responsible for Four out of six She shook her head exhaling in a short burst of Frog and the Treasure disbelief as she glared at the SEALs I beat you at your own game and yet you re not talking about my skills as a shooter You reiscussing my butt Don t you think there s something really wrong with this picture loc4840Or women excluded from combat roles on principle She snorted Sorry From where I stand you re the enemy I m what You heard me You want me gone from this training op on pure principle You think women have no place out in the field in the line of fire You re judging me not as an individual but based only on the fact that I The Butterfly Club don t have a penis What s theeal with that Do you use your penis to aim your rifle better Does it help you Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors dodge bullets or run faster loc5517And it overall works Brockton walks a path between strong independent woman in a man s world who must prove herself over and over and the needs of a romance sex with an Alpha male Aifficult path but she succeeds Harvard and PJ His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, don t jump into bed at the first opportunity She isn t side lined on his say so PJ is no TSTL heroine forcing her way into positions reuiring rescuing She s intelligentisciplined strong And Harvard learns to appreciate herA very solid enjoyable story35 stars rounded upTall Dark DangerousBook 1 Prince Joe Veronica St John and Lieutenant Joe CatalonottoBook 2 Forever Blue Blue McCoy and Lucy TaitBook 3 Frisco s Kid Alan Francisco and Mia AppletonBook 4 Everyday Average Jones Harlan Cowboy Jones and Melody EvansBook 5 Harvard s Education Senior Chief Harvard Becker and PJ RichardsBook 6 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear William Crash Hawken and Nell BurnsBook 7 The Admiral s Bride Zoe Lange and Admiral Jack RobinsonBook 8 Identity Unknown Mitchell Shaw and Becca KeyesBook 9 Get Lucky Lucky O Donlon and Sydney JamesonBook 10 Taylor s Temptation Bobby Taylor and Colleen SkellyBook 11 Night Watch Wes Skelly and Brittany EvansRe. THE MAN AND HIS MISSIONAs a navy SEAL Harvard had seen his share of trainees before but PJ Rogers managed to pack fire in her five foot two inch body than.

FerencesAuthor s website Read in Tall Dark Dangerous Vol 2 Books 3 5 ISBN 9780857996336 CR Well I like an alpha male and I like a strong woman as counterpart to make it interessting but it s easy to cross the line where I get annoyed If a male is too alpha I Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? don t like and if a woman is too strong Ion t like For some reason the author chose another very strong and very independed woman againIn the book before about Cowboy his woman was borderline I get that getting someone pregnant isn t a reason to get married or base a marriage on but resting all the help is stupid In this book PJ took this whole independent strong woman thing another step furhter I get as a tiny black woman in a mainly mens job you have to be twice as tough as everybody else but after the 5th repetition that she can J.M. Coetzee do whatever they cano I kind of had enough and it touched the line of being annoyed when she threw it in Havards face whenever he made a command At least that was my impression throughout the storyThe story itself wasn t really my thing I liked Havard as supporting character in all the other books but he failed to win me over completely as a main character Maybe the reason was PJ as I idn t really warm to her I adore this book In the read through I just finished what stood out for me was the themes of racism and sexism in the plot Harvard got his nickname because as a black man who actually graduated at the top of his class there and became a Navy SEAL he is both an example of reasons not to stereotype and also of tokenism in institutions PJ is a woman whose race is not given but she has escaped her inner city upbringing by a single mother rug addict in The Club of Angels determination not to repeat her mother s mistakes She has become a federal agent and the plot revolves around a joint counterterrorism training operation between her agency and the Navy SEALS I think there are parts of these characters that the author used for Alyssa and Sam in the Troubleshooters series Archo you agreeAnyhow in order for the operation to succeed to save the boss when a training operation goes SNAFU goatstyle our hero has to swallow his urge to protect He has to learn to admit that the woman with whom he fell in love is a warrior and also that he would not have fallen in love with anyone who needed the protection his instincts are pushing him to insist upon This is the education to which I believe the title refersPJ has other issues with which to Blue Skies and Gunfire deal They stem from her upbringing and from the sexism she encounters in her work If there is a weakness in this work it is that Ion t see much of Harvard s influence in her triumph over these issues she just seems to be growingWell written well thought through with lighter moments to provide a bit of leaven My favorite is when PJ gets away with leading a non sexual conversation revolving around H s penisI will be reading this series over and over again I loved it I ve been looking forward to this character s story and Suzanne Brockmann id not isappoint giving a story with characters so real you feel you could sit 새로 만든 먼나라 이웃나라 12 - 미국 3 down and have a chat with themNavy SEAL Daryl Becker nicknamed Harvardoes not see any place in combat training for a woman particularly 5 2 PJ Rogers I guess he s not a fan of GI JANE But the fact is you re a woman Having you on my team out in the field in a combat situation would be a serious Ossos Perdidos (Temperance Brennan, distractionBoy has he got a lot to learn PJ is part of the FInCOM team training with the SEALS for a combined antiterrorist team and she isetermined to succeed Harvard is strongly attracted to PJ as she is to him but he s going to have to learn to Born Fighting deal with her as a person before she is willing toeal with him on a man woman level She s a strong talented and above all practical woman and it isn t long before Harvard realizes that those very ualities are a large part of what he s is falling in love with The two of them make a formidable pair and it was a elight to watch them get to know each otherBTW I loved the way PJ handled herself and the male prejudice that she met I imagine some readers are going to think she takes too hard a line but she s got my respect and admiration Not bad for a fictional character wouldn t you say OK I have to admit that I gave up on this one I couldn t even get half way through the previous book and although I got 75% of the way through this one it just stopped working for me The biggest problem I had with this one was that the heroine was so one imensional She was a gun toting wrong side of the tracks virgin man wannabe Serving Up Secrecy (Ladies of Westside determined to show that she s as much of a man as the next man I have a few problems with this so here goes1 The portrayal of the heroine is so stereotypical The woman wanting to be a man thing just annoys the hell out of me It s totallyated let s sa. All the men he'd ever worked with And he couldn't help hoping for some personal contactOne thing always in control PJ Rogers couldn't afford to o was le.

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