Susan Page Davis: On a Killer's Trail

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It was good but as I write this eview 2 weeks later I don t Essays One remember the ending Must not have been too memorable Either that or Iead too many books Excellent book The story line was ok A lot of interactions didn t make sense and then you were expecting something to happen and then nothing There was so much chatter that it was hard to keep the characters straight This was su. A sweet elderly lady is killed on Christmas Day and nothing else not a single wrapped gift around the tree is disturbed Detective Neil Alexander can't figure out the motive Ro.

Ch a wonderfully Femmes, si vous saviez... : 83 questions-rponses, hormones, mnopause, ostoporose romantic and suspenseful book Kate and Neil were excellent characters but so was Conner I loved how protective he was of both Kate and his family The suspense was good It wasn t one of those One of my friends is bad sort of stories but the suspense kept me going I noticed that the font in this book was smaller than most yet I couldn t put it down andead the enti. Okie eporter Kate Richards wants the story but Neil has little to share Until there's another murder Same MO Same ballistics There has to be a connection And Kate is determin.

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Re book in one dayI loved the elationship that slowly formed between Kate and Neil as wellThis was just one of those books that makes you sigh I egret that Conner and his wife didn t have their own story I m sure it would have been a good one I ve ead some of Susan Page Davis western and humorous westerns All were excellent I enjoyed the suspense and how things worked together. Ed to find it Neil is impressed with her dedication but he worries about where it will lead They're on a killer's trail And keeping Kate safe means keeping his heart off limit.

FROM AUTHOR'S WEBSITE I'm a native of central Maine and grew up on a small farm with a wonderful mom and dad three sisters and a brother Most of my books take place in small towns many of them in Maine My husband Jim and I moved to his birth state Oregon for a while after we were married but decided to move back to Maine and be near my family It allowed our six children to grow up feel