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N today for his hugely successful NECROSCOPE novels that dominated the vampire genre back in the 1990s Before then he was better known as a writer of Lovecraftian fiction whose short stories on the matter would often adorn many an anthology or magazine FRUITING BODIES AND OTHER FUNGI was the first collection of this writer s short storiesIt s a tremendous effort that puts across just how entertaining this author s writing is Lumley is a wordsmith at heart he makes his sentences come alive and although he often deals with familiar subject matter his writing always seems fresh and alert These factors make the majority of his writing a pleasure to eadA few stories the vampire yarns RECOGNITION and NECROS and Titus Crow effort THE MIRROR OF NITOCRIS I had already 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life read elsewhere so I didn t bother with them again Things start off on a fantastic note with FRUITING BODIES an award winning story firsteleased back in 1989 detailing an old cliff top village assailed by nature in two ways first off erosion means it s gradually dropping into the sea and secondly and far sinisterly a creeping fungus gradually eating away at everything and everyone in the village As a kid I Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, remember a fungus that kept pushing up through the tarmac on the driveway of our house so this story had specialesonance for meTHE MAN WHO PHOTOGRAPHED BEARDSLEY is of a typical horror effort about an artist who uses human bodies as his inspiration It s short and sick and to the point THE MAN WHO FELT PAIN uses sci fi trappings in its tale of a man who feels all the pain in the world and the imagination behind it works wondersTHE VIADUCT is an entirely different beast a non supernatural thriller about a couple of schoolboys who soon wish they hadn t been brave enough to climb a crumbling viaduct As I suffer from vertigo this is another effort that hit home although I wasn t a fan of NO WAY HOME Lumley s science fiction stories just don t seem as eal to me THE PIT YAKKER is a story of teenage yearning and human horror in which the author wisely avoids bloodshed in favour of some good old fashioned psychological terror THE THIN PEOPLE. Nte en torno a los personajes y página a página va estrechando su cerco hasta atrapar al propio lectorPrepárate para disfrutar con Brian Lumley de la cara más terrorífica e inuietante del malTexto de solapaBrian Lumley es una de las voces más interesantes y prolíficas del actual género de terror Nació en el noreste de Inglaterra cuyos ambientes brumosos le han servido de inspiración para

Not sure if I have ead some Lumley before in the dark and distant pastif I have I suspect it would be a tale of two in the horror anthologies I used to devour a lot in the eightiesThis book I found in a charity shop and was part of one of those multi book deals which are so cheap you can afford to take a iskI m glad I did this is a strong selection of macabre talesThe tone is emphasised in the introduction with Lumley eflecting on splatterpunk works and how that genreat this point anyhowdidn t eally fit himit seems he prefers the slowly evolving take which maybe leaves the true gore in the mind ather than dripping off the pageInterestingly enough many of the tales in this small collection have been published in magazines or presented for awardsaward wise it s little surprise as this is a strong bunch of tales taking in lovecraftian influence tales of probable urban myth and dark ealitya very UK based bunch of tales too which though barely important I do think allows the home audience to identify the settings of some of the talesThough Horror these tales are light on blood and gore yet strong in plot and some have a sci fi leaning tooa decent obust collection thisnothing to add I actually like Lumley s short stories better than his novels I m not particularly fond of his take on the Cthulhu mythos but I would still consider him as one of my favorite modern writers in the horror genre A great collection of some of Lumley s lesser anthologized tales Most but not all are Lovecraftian in tone but ALL of them are worth eading Lumley has to be one of my favorite of modern authors as he is well able to give you the frisson of fear ather than the splatter that seems to be so popular these days and he addresses the difference in syles uite well in his introduction He s a wonderful stylist and he writes genuine and believeable charactersThis collection includesFruiting BodiesThe Man Who Photgraphed BeardsleyThe Man Who Felt PainThe ViaductRecognitionNo Way HomeThe Pit YakkerThe Mirrors of NitocrisNecrosThe Thin PeopleThe Cyprus ShellThe Deep Sea ConchBorn of the Winds Brian Lumley is best know. Del maestro del Terror Brian Lumley se publica por primera vez en nuestro país esta selección de trece elatos escogidos por el propio autor ue incluye el cuento ganador del British Fantasy Award de 1989 Cuerpos fructíferosHuyendo de los lugares comunes pero enraizado en la tradición narrativa de H P Lovecraft Lumley consigue ue las cosas vuelvan a acechar en la oscuridad El mal se mueve sutilme.

Seems to be a one note idea and was one I didn t think much ofStill things start to get eally good at the climax of this anthology We get THE CYPRUS SHELL one of the deep sea horrors that the author does best with an unbearably horrible climax Straight after is the story s seuel THE DEEP SEA CONCH which is even better a fine mix of scientific fact and prehistoric horror Ramsey Campbell called the climax of this one nasty and he was ightFinally comes the Lovecraftian BORN OF THE WINDS which actually takes an August Derleth creation as its inspiration It s all about the legend of a wind walking demon in the Canadian wastes and is an able exciting eadDespite a few misses this is a fine collection from one of my very favourite modern horror authors Now this is one of those few collects that has eluded me for some time You see Brian Lumley has been writing all sorts of dark fiction and horror for some time but not only that they vary greatly in length too Take some of the Vampire world books which at the time where heavy tombs indeed though these days seem somewhat lightweight all the way down to short storiesNow as you can imagine with such variety and uantity there is plenty of space for anthologies and trust me there are than their fair share of them from Mr Lumley Now the problem is though is that it seems to be the same selection going around and around with only a few new stories added in So you have you to keep buy them just in the hope of picking up that extra one or two that has finally been eleasedNow I dont mind buying the new books as to be honest e eading them is fun but it does get a little frustrating when you ead one anthology and half way through the next you start to encounter the same storiesThat said it has been so long since I have dipped in to a Brian Lumley they all feel new and fresh and so this time I ipped through the book savouring each and every new tale If ever you want to ead something creative and different take a look at the work of Brian Lumley like all authors it my not be for every one but the fact it is so varied does mean that the odds are in his favour. Us elatos Sus aportaciones a la saga de Los mitos de Cthulhu le han convertido en uno de los más eputados continuadores de la obra de H P LovecraftGanó el British Fantasy Award en 1989 con el elato Cuerpos fructíferos incluido en la presente ecopilaciónLumley es el creador de personajes como Titus Crow cuyas aventuras cuentan con numerosos seguidores y de la exitosa serie de novelas Necrosco.

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Brian Lumley was born near Newcastle In 22 years as a Military Policeman he served in many of the Cold War hotspots including Berlin as well as Cyprus in partition days He reached the rank of Sergeant Major before retiring to Devon to write full time and his work was first published in 1970 The vampire series 'Necroscope' has been translated into ten languages and sold over a million copie