Mary Jane Staples: Two for Three Farthings

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Rnoon with a mug of hot chocolate I founds this book on the honor shelf at the Peoria Heights Library This is a wonderful fictional story of the cockney life It is refreshing to read a story from a child s point of view Oh yummy Orrice and Effel get a whole book to themselves after playing supporting roles in the Adams Family series I do love Effel She s a scrapper who knows what she wants in life and intends to get it if she can Orrice is the typical responsible ldest who feels he must look after The Time It Never Rained everyone within reach At first I was surprised that he was uite sofficient but then I remembered that at that time in England kids grew up much faster than they do now particularly slum kids You The Child of the Soul and Other Stories either coped or croakedThe dialogue is familiar to anyone who has read On Mother Brown s Doorstep the young boy dealing with his best mate girl who is now his sister and often complains of his lot This novel was written first so perhaps Orrice was a dry run for Master Brown not the other way roun. Woman of strict Victorian principlesminently respectable and determined to keep her privacy intact She had reckoned without her new lodgers Horace Ethel and above all the irrepressible Jim Cooper And thus began the humanizing of Miss Pilgrim who turned out to be younger prettier and far gentler than any of them had suspecte.

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This is in the top few books that I have ver read Glad that I found it by chanceI have tried a few of the author s other books but did not like them at all Glad I picked this one up on the run before I realised that I didn t like any other Mary Jane Staples books I really loved this novel A fantastic stand alone novel with links into the Adams Family when the Cooper children grow up A heart warming tale of a wounded veteran and an older single lady into whose lives the Cooper children come to live and they all become a family to one another A charming story set just after the great war The first half of the book is taken up with the plight of the two orphans Horace and Ethel who lose there parents under tragic circumstances Once they meet Jim Cooper the book for me really picks up and ven so when they go to live with Miss Rebecca Pilgrim Not wishing to spoil anything as the nding is usually predictable But they have a bit of a struggle to get there And its worth it Again Mary Ja. Horace was ten Ethel seven when Jim Cooper home from the trenches minus an arm and just about managing on his own found them huddled in a doorway on a wet night in Walworth Slightly against his better judgement he took them in fed them cocoa and put them to sleep in his bed A few days later he found that somehow he had become.

Ne Staples has created characters that feel like dear friends by the The Soviet Union end of the bookHer writing style is incredibly readable The detail and description are presented as an integral part of the story allowing you to be there whilst not being overloaded in a way that feels like a chore to get throughHighly recommendedThis is the second of her books I have read and I cannot wait to meet the characters in another of her novels Really good readLoved the story very heart warming and that times funny Well worth reading would really love to see a follow up to this book Two for three farthingsS really wonderful story of two children who had lost their parents and was found by Jim a man who had just lost his arm in the war he took them under his wing and met miss pilgrim whose house they lodged in i will day no about the story but it is well worth a read there is so many funny bits to this story Lovely heart warming story Easy to read book with a happynding just the way to pass a rainy afte. The unofficial guardian of Horace and Ethel It was him the orphanage or separation for the gutsy little pair who would have to be farmed out to anyone who would take them and Jim felt a sudden affinity for the two cheeky cockney kids The first thing he had to do was find fresh lodgings for them allMiss Rebecca Pilgrim was

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