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I ve taken this uote from the beginning Screwball Television: Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls of Kissing the Hag it gives a flavourf the book in terms Ya Gotta Believe!: My Roller-Coaster Life as a Screwball Pitcher and Part-Time father, and My Hope-Filled Fight Against Brain Cancer of both the writing style and the content It s a very readable book in which some uite difficult subject matter is handle in prtty accessible ways The storyf Gawain and the Loathly Lady runs through this book a mythic counterpoint to talking about issues Night's Pawn of modern femininity and gender relations I ve talked about that aspectf the book in detail in another blog post With great insight into the debilitating nature Firing the First Elder (Pioneers in the Pulpit Book 2) of women s shadow side and new visionsf empowerment for the respect integration and sacred honoring women can achieve the chapters in Kissing the Hag illuminate women s experience and stages f life completely The Wild and Dark The Blood The Virgin The Whore The Mother The Bitch The Witch The Old Bag and The Hag celebrate the dark goddess within every woman s soul This book can inform us how to live wholly and to weave the dark with the light not exactly to find perfect balance but to live with the liberation f honesty Orr teaches us to access the richness f ur potential to express The Secret Child our soul s creativity with laughter and pride and to surrenderurselves to the wildness Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno: Tokyo Teen Fashion Subculture Handbook of lust love and joy We can live without inhibition yet with full responsibility getting what every woman desires and what the newly wedded Hag in the Arthurian mythos desires most Her Own WayExcerpt from the review by Pegi Eyersriginally published in SageWoman Magazine 2010 Starting with a well told retelling f the Arthurian tale The Marriage f Gawain Orr explores seven goddesses I keep thinking f them as archetypes the virgin the whore the mother the bitch the witch the ld bag and the hag The book is written for a female audience but the author welcomes male readers in the hopes that the book will help them understand the women they know a little better and because under these various goddesses there s a current that is common to human nature and nature as a whole Orr maintains that any f these archetypes may be uncomfortable for a girl r woman to express so that she ends up trying to suppress it at the cost Death by Inferior Design of censoring her true natureI almost gave upn this book at first mostly because it didn t sink in how she had structured it She says at the beginning that although she uotes from many women she relates each anecdote in the first person I read that forgot it and read a good chunk f the book wondering how the narrator could have had so many contradictory experiences in her life With that straightened ut though it stopped distracting me and the book instantly became interesting to me Some day I may have to reread it remembering this from the start and see if I think about those early chapters in a different wayWhile I m pretty sure I would ve found this book to be a worthy read years ago I don t think I would ve gotten nearly as much ut f it then I m sure I wouldn t have understood Orr s takes n the witch the ld bag r the hag when I was in my twenties for instance Overall I would Kissing the Hag is a wonderfully intelligent earthy cosmic diary f the feminine life this life soaked book remains close

Ecommend it for women A Philosophy of Cinematic Art or men who ve already done some self exploration andor who ve had enough life experience by now to have some perspectiven their lives If you like to read run The Potato Hack: Weight Loss Simplified on sentences pseudo psychobabble meets uasi prose the usual feminist histrionics as well as endless repetitions then you may enjoy this book And may the Gods be with you in that case This is another wonderful book by Emma Restell Orr Her beautiful prose lulls you into a false sensef security and then she makes you think about subjects you were intending to consider until you have formed your White House Years (Henry Kissingers Memoirs own viewpoint I was drawn to a discussionn another social networking site and a list f books recommended by ne Scab of the members This book leaptut at me and after enjoying Eating in the Light In a World Created by a Drunken God of the Moon I decided torder it As it turns Indo No Kao out for me this was the perfect follow up While this isn t an easy read it can trigger a lotf emotion I was able to devour this book in two sittings The author blends storytelling and retellings f life altering events enabling you to view issues from sides you may not have therwise considered The reason it s not easy is that it forces you to venture beyond your comfort zone and give some thought to how you view yourself as well as Giant Peach Yodel other women I tried to keep reading then remembered that life is too short The book did not speak to me felt repetitive I friend I respect recommended it so I m surethers will enjoy If ever there was a book that has personally spoken to me then this is it as through it I feel I have rediscovered myself This book is a beautifully written account Sinai and Zion of what it truly means to be a woman especially from a Pagan perspective It teaches us notnly to understand but to embrace the darker aspects f a woman s nature rather than suppress it In this modern and conventional world it is so easy to lose touch with ne s Wild and beautiful nature and conform to what society dictates that a women should be This book resonates best with women who are already n a path f personal discovery rather than a newcomer taking their first tentative steps But whilst aimed primarily at women pen minded men who are brave enough to read it would certainly find benefits from reading the book and may even better understand the complex nature f women well pagan women anyway As a male reader I particularly liked the moral in the Arthurian Marriage Iniquity of Gawain at the start Beautifully almost poetically written at times with a very interesting mix between analysis and personalized accounts I found Orr s explorationf the seven Goddesses which I do consider as underlying female archetypes to be sensitive and insightful Personally however I would have enjoyed this work if I had read it at a younger age when so much f which she speaks was still shrouded in mystery In criticism not all the facts are uite correct whilst i m not sure that all Buddhist traditions deny the enlightenment potential f women per se because f their physical and psychological status modern post feminist. O the fluids f body and soul It's an bvious gift book for women going through a life passage but it could also be importa.

Discourse would debate the locus and source f gender as physically Gardening with Shape, Line and Texture: A Plant Design Sourcebook or genitally based and not everybody conformsr is subject to the wider cultural stereotypes which she addresses although the general impression appears so Other tha I loved the beginning f this book It started ff strong and many points were resonating with me I happily highlighted passages in my Kindle app and was excited to have picked a winner Sadly my interest waned and fizzled and turned to dislike What began as a pleasant journey ended in irritation Two and a half stars because Livin' de Life of a smashing start Author has a very traditional viewf gender roles men are this way woman are that way yadda yadda that increasingly bugged me and came The Amazing Dreams of Andrew Latter out and throughout the second halff the book She also makes subtly negative jabs at feminism which in a book like this was unexpected and disheartening At several points she dismisses the toxic effects Culture is the Body: The Theatre Writings of Tadashi Suzuki of global patriarchy as though it has ended in the developed world I do not deny that many millionsf women around the world and a small proportion within ur wn culture are still suppressed by men s dread f their wild nature A small proportion Let s go ahead and ignore statistics showing that women earn less income have limited access to healthcare and birth control are not eually represented in politics and are raped physically abused and murdered ver domestic issues at higher rates and these problems are global Again this is confusing as earlier n she writes about being gang raped and raped multiple times She also includes a snippet about a relationship where she was routinely beaten It isn t a problem any for most women so just ignore the beatings and rapes Kayyyyyy More than nce the author writes about the dangers f essentially looking beautiful putting yourself ut there and being available cause you know you dress a certain way and have to expect that men will rape you The implication is that wild behavior invites rape and beatings Too bad but that s nature Uggggggggg I can respect the notion that empowerment comes from within however denying that toxic masculinity plays a part in global culture and that the work all rests n female shoulders to fix the imbalance is simply a let down in a book like this All feminist issues aside the book got repetitive pretty uickly The first few added sexual experiences seemed relevant but after a while became pointless to me The most cringe worthy f the bunch being the ne where she has relations with gasp a black man What will the neighbors think The language used was troublesome in that racism lite kind f way where you know if confronted she would claim she couldn t possibly be racist because she had a black lover Dicmatized 2: Bitter Sweet Revenge once Anyway If you are involved with intersectional feminism skip thisne If you don t believe feminist issues are important and tend to not notice microaggresions and racist undertones this may be a better choice for you It did have great parts in it but far too many problems for me to recommend it to anybody else. Nt for men who are closer to the mysteries presented here than they might wish to be Thomas Moore author Martian Science Fiction: Scifi Novellas Set on Mars of Caref the Sou.

from Wikipedia Emma Restall Orr is a British neo druid animist priest poet and author She worked for the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids in the early 1990s becoming an Ovate tutor In 1993 she became joint chief of the British Druid Order BDO staying until 2002 Together with the Order founder Philip Shallcrass she developed the BDO into one of the largest and most influential of its