Janet Davey: The Taxi ueue

F them were really developed ither from a continuing relationship point of view or concerning the Gone (Gone, effect this could have had on the characters other relationships to any greatxtent so overall a bit disappointing Only 510 for me It was an Ok read but the characterisation was a bit flat. For unearthing the accidents of fate that define us to find the truth of who we ar.

A nice review in the Guardian tipped me off to this oneA really lovely if uiet book Dull tale insipid ineffectual characters nothing at all happens If this sounds like your kind of book you ll love The Taxi ueue In my case i was temped to throw it out of my 20th floor window on finishing. A chance meeting between Abe in his arly twenties and Richard married with three

Reading it Utter time waster Thank god it was short This started off as an okay read with Abe meeting complete stranger Richard in a taxi ueue at a railway station and they nd up having a one night stand this set the scene for what could have been several promising storylines but none Aughters opens a door that Richard thought he had closed forever Davey has a talent.

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