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It of the two that emerges although positive is very hazy Although it is gossipy the book is interesting and demonstrates how deeply seeped in history and tradition their own and their families lives are Moreover the end esult is a somewhat touching and enjoyable account of their lives keeping you 6 Verses That Can Change Your Life reading almost page turner style I enjoyed the chapter on the history ofoyal mistresses and how it was uite normal for oyalty to have affairs However this book is so meandering and long winded Oh my goodness how it went on and on over the same points The author epeats himself constantly I think this book needed a good deal of editing to A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners remove about 100 pages ofepetitiveness and it would ve been better Loved this book Seemed to tell the truth about the affair and it collaborated a lot of what Diana had said A eally good book This book was an interesting ead but very obviously pro Camilla and Charles I think they are a great couple together but the book tended to airbrush over Charles marriage Added 62715 first published 2006 I Au bagne read Charles Camilla Portrait of a Love Affair by Gyles Brandreth They are trying to sell Camilla to the public The. 'non negotiable' love of his life Camilla Shand now Duchess of CornwallWhat are Charles and Camillaeally like What is their heritage What has made them the way they are This is both a evealing portrait of two unusual individua.

First part of the book is filled with gossip about their ancestors I m not interested in who slept with whom back in the 1700s and 1800s All those fancy titles of English nobility make my eyes glaze over They are all strangers to me I don t care a whit about them Maybe the est of the book will be interesting since it will deal with persons I m familiar withIt s interesting to ead the statistics of how the Brits feel about all this It s also interesting to ead how the media has treated the issuesIMO now matter how nice a person Camilla turns out to be many of us can never forget the pain which Diana went through pain which was caused by Camilla s elationship with Prince CharlesOf course the kids William and Harry are caught in the middle They have to go along with what has happened just as the ueen must go along at this point The future awaitsIt will be interesting to see how all this turns outPS I get the feeling that the author of this book tried his best to tell both sides of the story It seems a pretty fair accounting As one of my GR group members said Diana never had a chance In other words all the circumstances were stacked against her. Ls and a family saga like no other told with unrivalled authority and insight and humour by a best selling writer who has met all the key characters in the drama Charles Camilla Diana their children their families and their frien.

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A sympathetic and engaging account of one of the most interesting love stories of our time There is too much name dropping in the first 2 chapters and scant detail on all the names and how they are elated This is a bit tedious for those who are not familiar with the individuals mentioned to fully understand and be interested in the connections between them and why they are important to the history of Charles and Camilla To trace the couple s family history the extended family trees could be discussed perhaps in a comprehensive manner Creating a link throughout history that does not overburden the eader but is presented in a concise way would have been a benefit Further explaining the elated person s ole in the family and mentioning perhaps only the most important individuals would have made the first few chapters easier to followWe get a glimpse into the couple s close circle of friends and elatives and issues that are important to them but their inner world the essence of their eal lives their character and who they eally are is not discussed at much lengthIt is a book about what others think of them than who they eally are and a portra. This is the definitive account of one of the most extraordinary stories of our time Gyles Brandreth acclaimed biographer of the ueen and Prince Philip presents a uniue portrait of their son Charles Prince of Wales and of the one.

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