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Carr is a master for a reason The pace doesn t et up throughout the tale and the impossibility though partly guessable is done beautifully Some of the motives and plannings are a bit far fetched but thats just the beauty of this elaborate plot My first experience with Sir Henry Merrivale or HM as he is writtenfascinatingwell written uite the character I usually try to start with the first book in a series but these seem to be difficult to find I m still a hard copy book person An interesting intricate mysteryI highly recommend it for those who The scarecrow like Scotland Yard mysteries I hope to eventually find and read all the books in the series Very well written At the bookstore earlier today I voiced my inability to understand why John Dickson Carr is the forgotten writer of crime s golden age And upon finishing this book I think that s even inconceivableWriting as Carter Dickson here s another impossibleocked room murder involving ten teacups peacock feathers and a dead man in an abandoned house with an unlikely yet totally possible solutionBut if killers were this clever no one would solve crimes ever againAnd this this is absolutely delicious it blew my mind Many of the details of the case are so fantastic in their nature that I Elizabeth Cady Stanton laughed outoud sometimes yet at the same time I was absolutely fascinated by this brilliant plot A delight to read Another dazzling impossible crime from John Dickson CarrCarter Dickson in his prime One aspect of the solution is arguably overdone but the whole book hangs together wonderfully well and grips the reader throughout Interesting read but felt a bit heavy handed in the end for the gotcha moment of the reveal and then certain aspects of the resolution felt extraneous as well I After the End liked the read in study of the styleangua. The murderer sent a formal invitation to Scotland Yard telling them the time and place of the murder Incredulous and astounded at the audacity of such a note the Yard recalled a similar and still unsolved case of two years previo.

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Tor to that solicitor himself who may be the most sympathetically portrayed of all the suspectsMuch as I enjoyed this novel I wouldn t rank it as among Carr s greatest The mechanism behind the first of the tale s two impossible murders seemed very implausible to me view spoilerbecause pistols are inaccurate at any distance and because they have different aerodynamic properties than cricket balls as a onetime bad bowler I can attest to the The Doll and Her Friends (1893) latter claim with some expertise hide spoiler DOUBLE BRAVO Carter Dickson You did it again A man is murdered in aocked room with witnesses not seeing anyone coming in or going out Impossible but HM solved the case with a satisfying conclusion I so Septiņi look forward to reading books by this author Carter Dickson aka John Dickson Carr is the master ofocked room mysteries and also of detective stories His ingenuity surpasses almost all other authors He is different than other authors because of a tinge of the supernatural comedy and bizarre elements in many of his stories In this story he is absolutely brilliant There seems to be no solution And why would somebody who usually does not wear a hat suddenly wear a hat several sizes too big for him I only give him 4 stars for this because several of his other stories are even better than this one This book made me realize how crucial a good motive is to a successful mystery Usually even a mediocre mystery novelist supplies a believable motive but unbelievably Carter Dickson did not in The Peacock Feather Murders view spoilerThere were of course two culprits here I say of course assuming whoever is reading this has read the novel Janet Derwent and her Nightbane World Book One lover Ronald Gardner Mrs Derwent s motive is solid she is slated to inherit a fortune from the victim who wanted to be herove. Hot rang out The police rushed in and discovered that same man on the floor with a bullet through the back of the head and another in his spine but no one else had entered the house It was an impossible situation but it DID happe.

Ge use of the authorAlso it has given me the phrase Lord The All New Jonah Twist love a duck so that s wonderful While initially intriguing the unformed characters and the different for different s sakeocked room puzzle make it very difficult to be surprised when the murderer or murderers is are revealed The murder of Vance Keating especially is contingent on the alignment of uite a number of stars A note arrives at Scotland YardTHERE WILL BE TEN TEACUPS AT NUMBER 4 BERWICK TERRACE W8 ON WEDNESDAY JULY 31 AT 5 PM PRECISELY THE PRESENCE OF THE METROPOLITAN POLICE IS RESPECTFULLY REUESTEDThe reaction of Chief Inspector Masters and his men is one of near panic because the ast time a very similar note arrived at the Yard two years ago a murder was committed at the specified address a murder that the cops could neither prevent nor solve So Masters calls upon his old friend Sir Henry Merrivale as a consultant and surrounds 4 Berwick Terrace with cops at the appointed time Even so at 5pm precisely a man is killed in the house by two gunshots apparently fired at close range with no trace of the murderer to be found The only evidence apart from the corpse and the gun is a circular arrangement of ten teacups and saucers upon a tablecloth embroidered in gold with a pattern of peacock feathers As you d expect from Carr Carter Dickson was the alter ego of John Dickson Carr there s ots of delightful misdirection before Sir Henry is able to work out how the impossible murder was done and finger the culprit Also as you d expect from Carr the writing s sufficiently graceful and witty that even during a ongish central section where nothing very much seems to be going on my interest never flagged Carr s characterization is good here too from the red hot much younger wife of an elderly solici. UsSir Henry Merrivale and Chief Inspector Masters accepted the invitation and had the house surrounded Upstairs in an otherwise empty house was a furnished room A man entered the house Promptly at the time set by the murderer a

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