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One who is thinking about going into writing or just wants to delve into the history of Grimms can find a lot of it here Bottigheimer is singularly skilled at getting her points across with as much detail and evidence as possible The final result is a book that not only dissects the perspectives of the Grimms Brothers and their interpretation of stories but also our perception of them and conseuently ALL OTHER STORIES from Grimm to all the way to modern writers of today The Grimms fairy tales OF ALL media tends to be overlooked in terms of how it was influenced Its biuitous original The Rancher and the City Girl uality gives it the impression that it sprung forth from the groundntouched like friggin Athena from Zeus head To say that it had no middle man from mouth to page is to Ice Wolves (Elementals, underestimate the men who took itpon themselves to jot down the. For example the relationship between transgression and punishment noting that gender distinctions rather than the severity of the sin determined the conseuences of transgressing prohibitions  She finds that in the course of the Tales’ editorial history speech was systematically taken away from women and given to men  She shows how common elements nite images and themes as disparate as abandonment in the forest subliminal eroticism violence and Christianity in the Tales  And she treats their social and ethical bases analyzing such aspects of the plots as the workings of the judicial pro.

Stories being heard around them and the intensity of their need to impact society in a way that THEY deemed fitThis all in turn gives a brand new way to look at modern literature The speaking roles the language sed to describe characters all of it And when you see it that way it s disheartening to see how little has changed since the Grimms bent the stories to their will Bottigheimer offers a very in depth study of Grimm s Tales that shows incredible insights into the moral and social values Wilhelm Grimm specifically permeated his tales with At times shocking to read how he reworked the fairy tales in order to make his female characters either silent and complacent or downright devious and cruel A good look at the social implications of the Grimm fairy tales A bit outdated at this point but still worth the read. Cess and the relation of anti Semitism to the economics of work and moneyAccording to Bottigheimer Freudians praise fairy tales as contributing to children’s moral education; although Jungians recognize the gender distinctions inherent in the tales they treat the collection ahistorically ignoring its nineteenth century German origins  By combining a sociohistorical analysis of these stories with close scrutiny of the language in which they are told Bottigheimer radically alters the ses to which Grimms’ Tales can be put in the future by historians psychologists feminists and educators .

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Scanned for the thesis This wasn t nearly as seful as I had anticipatedor remembered I Marrying Well used it once before for a Sleeping Beauty paper and it wasseful for that AlasBut that did mean I got through it really fastNo rating read for thesis Pretty great all in all I would have liked to see examples and analysis in a mixed format but it was written so that several pages of examples were given followed by a short lumped analysis I loved seeing Grimm s tales in a complex light and the sources language and readability were wonderful Personally I think that if you re going to read the Brother Grimm s Fairy Tales in anyway seriously this is a book to keep by your side Its major fault is that it leans slightly toward the didactic but hey it s what we re here for reading a Tavern Wench university press book right Hell even just as some. The fairy tale collection of the brothers Grimm has been a central document in German social and literary history for generations mined for various purposes by scholars of many persuasions  This book the first in than fifty years to examine the entire body of tales provides a thorough content analysis focusing in particular on these of gender in the stories Ruth B Bottigheimer’s close analysis of several major editions of Grimms’ Tales reveals coherent patterns of motif plot and image and also affords insight into the moral and social vision of the collection  Bottigheimer discusses.

Ruth B Bottigheimer is a Research Professor in the Department of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies at Stony Brook University State University of New York is a leading historian of European fairy tales Her conclusion that the most popular modern fairy tale plot originated in Renaissance Venice has been hotly contested and occasioned the October 2010 issue of the Journal of American Fol