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Like old books that make you think and realize what life used to be like and this is certainly an example of what institutions were like in the past Thank goodness such things don t happen or to that extent in mental health facilities today Definitely thought provoking and recommended Don t let this author die Read 35 Very interesting uniue way of describing insanity You could actually feel how it would be to experience this Very sad The Snake Pit begins like so many social comedies with a woman called Virginia newly arrived in New York from the Midwest wondering about all the crazy city people around her We learn she is a ournalist that she is waiting for her husband who is unaccountably and irritatingly late and that she is sharp and funny and accomplished though a little confused by her surroundings A few pages in we realize Virginia isn t sitting in a park in Manhattan She s a patient in an insane asylumWard makes craziness uncomfortably natural as well as breathtakingly surrealreal At several points in the book I convinced myself that Virginia was completely r An important book to be sure but I m not so sure about the pacing and overall structure Maybe I m missing somethingI love the film starring Olivia de Havilland though it made me cry and doubt my sanity I ll give Mary Jane Ward 4 out of 5 birds for her novel The Snake Pit This is a tough book to find my friends I bid for it on Ebay and waited patiently for it to come My good friend Genie recommended to me because she knows I like the crazy in life If I could be so bold to compare this book it would be an earlier The Bell Jar I felt like I was on the ward with Virgina Cunningham living with all the other crazies I couldn t believe that shock treatment was used so freely and some of the treatments were pretty out there I m so glad that helping those with mental illness has come as far as it has We still have a ways to go The only thing that was hard with this book was the umping around I often found myself flipping ba A fictionalized autopathography based on the author s own experiences with the healing process in early 20th century mental health facilitiesThe Snake Pit was startlingly realistic in its narrative Virginia s struggle to remember where she s at why she s there and how to get better was harrowing Right from the opening pages thrust inside Virgina s mind I could see AND feel the fear and frustration caused by the confusion that Virginia battled That disorientation transcended the page pulled me into her ourney and showed me how terrifying mental illness must be And like most tales of insanity that I ve read to date I was pretty sure the normals were ust as or maybe even screwed up than some of the sick people4 starsRead as part of my 2015 research into insanity The biggest takeaways 1 Is there a difference between the mind and the brain 2 Is it accurate to call a patient s narrative unreliable simply because they re sick Isn t all perspective biased from the inside outAs of 162015 I have not watched the film adaptation but I plan to. Fictionalized brilliant and uncompromising first person account of madness and life in an insane asylum was subseuently made into a haunting movie.

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Ve taken away from giving it the full five stars is that it is slow at parts and while I understand and appreciate this as being part of the story as a reader I myself personally found that I set it down than once after finishing every chapter With patience and interest though this proves to be a rare and highly underrated treat First read January 30 2019I m really surprised that I loved this book as much as I did I guess I assumed that due to it being or less forgotten it hadn t stood the test of time or was ust a poorly written trendy book that was only popular in its own time because of the shocking subject matter However I was mistaken and I really enjoyed this The narration shifting from first to second to third person is something that I ve never come across and I enjoyed it if only for the novelty of it but I think it also added something to the text highlighting Virginia s unstable sense of selfI found the depiction of mental illness very realistic and empathetic that sounds like little to ask but surprisingly few books on mental illness strike this balance It s immediately obvious that the author is writing from personal experience if only because of how realistically she portrays mental illness ie not glamorizingromanticizing it presenting the symptoms as they are and the social effects of it and her empathy Virginia is not a monster or morally corrupt in any way and her suffering in the institution is carefully detailed It s hard to get across the exact tone that Ward strikes but suffice it to say that I greatly appreciated it Particularly since it is from the 1940s It would have been easy for Ward to submit to tropes from the time but she resisted and I find that admirableI do wish that some of the ideas around psychoanalysis were a little fleshed out clearly Virginia and Richard resent it but is that them merely being defensive Or Ward s comment on its ineffectiveness There s also a bit of an ominous tone towards the end and I couldn t help but feel that Virginia would have a good chance of relapsing at home and getting no further help But those things didn t necessarily decrease my enjoyment of the book Transnasal Endoscopic Skull Base and Brain Surgery just left a nagging thought at the back of my mind Overall I really enjoyed this and greatly appreciate it for its depiction of institutions in the mid 20th centurySecond read June 27 2020I think I have almost the exact same feelings as I did the first time I read it and I don t think I necessarily gleaned anything new from the reread Still an enjoyable book with a lot of important and interesting messages I amust me Virginia Stuart Cunningham There is only one of me and it is having a hard enough time thinking for one let alone splitting into twoThe Snake Pit was written in 1946 and details a ournalists nervous breakdown into multiple personalities I ve seen the film which is uite depressing though Olivia D Havilland is fantastic and I picked up the book at an antiue store or somewhere Once I got through the first uarter of it the story picked up It s a well written albeit depressing novel To health and freedom When it was first published the book claimed attention as a moving study of mental illness based on personal knowledge This.

I picked this up because I found out it was based on a hospital about 10 minutes away from where I live It s an interesting look at how mental illness was treated less than a century ago and a good reminder that though we ve come very far in many medical areas mental illness is still not always well understood and remains a social stigma Also let me ust say that I m glad we no longer go with the idea of well if this would make a sane person insane then maybe it will make a insane person sane Really who decided you could shock someone back into sanity by throwing them in a pit of snakes Rating 45 5The most impressive thing about this book in my opinion that I would like to point out is the writing style and how original it is and how well it matches with the subject matter of the storyTo briefly describe it this is a first book in which I have encountered all three points of view being used all in a Mes recettes veggie au robot-cuiseur - 150 ides faciles et rapides ! jumble and yet uite effectively and understandably first person as in a train of thought second person as though someone is describing your life to you and third person as a narrator telling the events of the story at hand Now I have heard of extreme novels like James Joyce s Ulysses as employing such tactics almost to a maddening degree but as I have not yet been acuainted with the gentleman s work I cannotudge anything in comparison to it Suffice to say that for my first experience of a mixed person narration I was uite impressed and able to follow along with the story uite wellCentering around Virginia a patient at the mental hospital of Juniper Hill the events are revealed through her perspective or at least even the third person narration is limited to her point of view For the first forty pages or so she doesn t even realize where she is or as she admits she has been creating an alternate reality for herself to escape what she knows to be the truth of her situation Virginia like apparently most of the patients there is not mentally ill with something like schizophrenia or dyslexia or anything like that all of the patients have ust had nervous breakdowns which they need time to help and cure Virginia is the hospital s own Lady Innocent not knowing why precisely she is there but admitting that there is something wrong with her though she attributes it to forgetfulnessIndeed as the reader goes through the story sometimes at a slower pace than most readers have patience for Virginia s forgetfulness becomes maddening for the reader as well as for Virginia as it seems to hold up the story and take away from filling in blanks that we desperately want to be filled We want Virginia to get well as she does indeed have a charming personality but when seeing things from Virginia s limited perspective this becomes rather difficult in seeing the end goalComing across a variety of characters some crazy and others not we experience Virginia s climb back to sanity at a slow pace but understandably so My praises for this book consist mainly in the way in which is it was written but also for the story The only reason that A dramatic best seller The Snake Pit vividly depicts one woman's plunge into the nightmare world of the mentally ill and her agonizing climb back.