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This is the first time in what seems forever that I didn t finish a book I don t mind gritty or foul language but this ead like porn Gratuitous everything I understand what it was portraying but if that s thug lifestyle I must be too naive to appreciate it I loved the PLOT of this book I loved the DRAMA as well very entertaining I also loved the GASPING moments within this book However I did not like the WAY it was written The writing style was to mediocre The plot was extremely interesting though It makes me want to ead the se. Jewel is young and beautiful and with several hustles under her belt she's all about making money This doesn't leave much time for friends but she'll always make time for Touch the local hustler He's been her friend since grammar school when they made a lifelong pact to look out for each other Lucky for them their promise has never been put to.

Uel especially after the ending This is the first book I ve ead from this author and I can t wait to ead California Connections 2 to see what happens next I was hooked from the very beginning and with a cliffhanger ending like this book ended with it left me wanting of Jewel Touch Sasha and Calico Their story is far from over and the grittier their story is the I love it Nothing is off limits when it comes to this group of characters and I m excited to see how things play out This was a page turner and I would definitely ecomme. The test until now When Michael Burroughs arrives on the scene from LA he floods the East Coast with top notch product and uickly earns his title as the California Connection Calico for short He's also a smooth brotha with a knack for getting whatever he wants out of women then tossing them to the side When he meets Jewel sparks fly and thing.

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Nd it Jewel is a trip and bestie is a grimy trick who needs to get hers Will eventually finish book two Prefer audio because don t have time sit and hold a book lately I Omnibus Films really liked the story of this book It was a page turner One day though I want toead an urban fiction book that talks about I got this outfit at this black business on such and such street All of this DG assorted label talk means to me is Look what Graeco-Egyptian Magick rich designer I madeicher today UGH Not impressed by that kinda information But all that aside I LOVED THE BOOK. S uickly spin out of control Touch knows how Calico operates and doesn't want to watch his friend get used and abused Little does he know he doesn't have to worry about her because Jewel has a few tricks of her own When Calico shows his true colors Jewel knows just how to get evenge Will her plans backfire or will she be the last woman standi.

Since the release of her 2004 debut novel A Gangster’s Girl Essence Magazine best selling author Chunichi Knott has gone on to pen three additional best selling novels Married To The Game The Naked Truth and Return of A Gangster’s Girl With than a half of a million books in print and on the heels of her fifth novel California Connection Chunichi’s talent as a writer combined with her c