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Seventeen year old Mary O Connor is sent from her very oor home and family to live with Dr and Mrs Roberts to help her recover from TB As the Roberts have never had any children of their own Mary fills in the void as well is a great help around the house Then Mary falls in love with the Roberts handyman who is soon to leave for the war WWII When Tom Downing is killed Mary believes she is bein. When seventeen year old Mary O'Connor collapses one Sunday in church she is taken to live with Dr Roberts and his wife in a beautiful Yorkshire village for her health Though initially employed as a maid Mary soon becomes the daughter the couple were never able to haveWith Britain at war unable to remain idl.

G The Scot punished for their night ofassion the Christmas before he left But love comes to Mary again in the form of Jack Holmes As their life together moves forward Christmas seems to be the time for the most hurtful things to happen Mary believes it is because of her and Tom s Christmas sin that all bad things happen at ChristmasChristmas Past moves through a lot years watching Mary grow up marry E Mary finds employment in the local steel works but when her fiancé Tom Downing is killed in action Mary is convinced it is retribution for their night of sin during Tom's Christmas leaveHowever Mary grows to love Jack Holmes a local miner They marry and move into a humble terrace house with little but th.

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Nd have her own children who then grow up and live their own lives Mary is not Spring Snow perfect and sometimes she forgets how important her family is but she is a very successful womanseamstress Sadness comes to her when she is reminded that her family needs her and therein she finds the lessons she needs to learnA very good read a little slow at times but interesting characters and a very good storylin. Eir love to keep them going As the yearsass Mary is determined to achieve success for herself and her family She sets up her own dressmaking business and it seems as if she has finally found eace of mind But the business starts to dominate her life until tragedy once threatens to destroy all she holds de.