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To reveal too much about the story but Luthiel is about to turn 15 when her whole world changes She is a very loving and self sacrificing person and she willingly puts her life at stake to save someone she loves Through her journey she learns who she really is both in character and bloodOn the surface this is a great antasy story but it is also pretty deep This is one of my Heart of the Night (Secret Agent favorite parts about right and wrong Intentional wrongdoing is denial of personal truth when you harm others you deprive the most important part of yourself the part of you that hungersor love and to give love Many do not think of it as a need but it is as necessary as air and light as essential as earth and water It is the very design of life to support other life and to grow greater by the support of other living things I am recommending this book and very much looking The Greek Bosss Demand forward to The War of Mists Thank you Ron Unlike some I m a hugean of elves and angels This book had both in ways I hadn t yet imagined So magical and yet at the same time somehow down to earth this book reminded me what it was like to February or Forever (Tarrins Bay feel wonder again while standing witheet irmly planted The author came to my school a couple of weeks ago I got the book and couldn t put it down Started at about 5 PM 12 hours later I was thinking about playing hookie This book will keep you up all night This delightful tale is the story of a young girl named Luthiel who is orced to go on a dangerous and A Virgin For The Taking (Clemenger Sisters frightening adventure that is sure to result in her own death Noorced is a bad word to describe what this delightful heroine does She goes on this treacherous adventure because it is simply what she has to do The alternative is unacceptable to her and as the story unfolds the stakes become even higher than she ever imaginedAs other reviewers have said Luthiel is an absolutely amazing heroine She isn t a What She Saw / Operation Reunion fearless warrior who goes on an adventure andaces death because she has something to prove or thirsts The Moretti Marriage for the chance to be a hero Luthiel is a young girl who BECOMES a hero because she s willing to sacrifice herself andace unthinkable The Dark Duke fear andrustration to save the life of someone she loves very much She s one of the most perhaps even the most honest and immediately likable A Measure Of Love (Kincaid Trilogy female characters that I ve ever read in this genre because despite all that she does and the world that she lives in she s amazingly NORMALI can t possiblyorget to mention how amazingly well written this book is Robert Fanney weaves this tale through a colorful vivid breathtaking world that will suck you in and make you wish that you could hop into the pages and become a character to help Luthiel along her wayEven if Starting Over on Blackberry Lane (Life in Icicle Falls fantasy isn t your thing I would give this book a try It contains magicantastic creatures and an imaginary world but it also contains heart and real life magic than anything that I have read in uite a while Unlike many books that are out there Luthiel s Song Dreams of the Ringed Vale makes you think At least it made me think It made me think about the nature of love and sacrifice and what I would do to save a life if given the chanceI honestly think that this book has the potential to be the The Soul Of A Thief first of a series that will become absolutely huge think Harry Potter or Eragon huge someday Buy yourself a copy of this one so you can say that you knew about it and loved it way back when. Ldest and mosteared of all the werewolves past great back spiders who weave webs out of nightmares through glittering mists with the power to reshape Claiming His Desert Princess (Hot Arabian Nights flesh and at last into death by the teeth of dark and ancient Vyrl whoeed on the blood of elves Either choice will bring death unless Luthiel can Secret Baby, Surprise Parents find the secret in her remarkable Stone a secret that even the nightmarese.

It may be time to check out George R R Martin s A Clash of Kings After all those Lannisters know where the bases are Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder I was getting tired of reading Mystify (Mystyx, fantasy novels with male leads andemale leads that just didn t seem real to me when I happened to stumble on this book I m really glad I did A debut novel by a somewhat unknown author this book had me The New Baby from page one The characters seemed real genuine and completely convincing Luthiel is a heroine with traits that exemplifyemale heroics she s not just another buxom sword wielding lady dressed out in skimpy armor Not only was the story and main character Wild Streak fantastic I encountered a number of things in this book that I ve never run into previously in aantasy novel The Vyrl P.I. Daddys Personal Mission (The Coltons of Montana, for example were a masterwork of depth and creativity The dragon was a refreshing change of pacerom the norm And if you don t Say Youll Stay And Marry Me fall in love with the werewolf then there s something wrong with youHonestly a must reador anyone who enjoys great Rafaellos Mistress fantasy This is probably myavorite book of all time It is not just a book about elves though the ones depicted in this story are in my opinion really uniue it is about a magical world that takes traditional myths and paints them in a subtly new wayWhat made me really love this book though were the characters They were all so rich and colorful They have depth complexity and deep reasons The Boleyn King (The Boleyn Trilogy, for being what they are Though it is a tale about good vrs evil it does not define good and evil in absolute termsAsiderom its rich depth the story is also just plain good Rascal fun I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good book and to anyone who also loves a good story I have not read anything with a elf since LOR I caught the author on cspan one morning seemed like a bright chap and was pleasently surprised to see him on goodreads Luthiel s Song is a well written novel with a engaging premise and a dynamic storyline The style was as lush and layered as the world it protrayed It was a joy to read and I highly recommend it Enjoy If you loveantasy novels this book covers it you will love it as I did I really enjoyed this book It is well written and genuine a sense of a true heart I highly recommend it Dare to dream as Luthiel does You will be glad you read this bookIt is a Another Day of Life fresh and delightful look towards allies least expected An adventure in heroism as a young teen elf named Luthiel sets out to save someone she loves Her life as well as others lives are in the balance This young 15 year old elf encounters wizards werewolves a tiny dragon and others on her uestThis book is truly a must read you will be lookingor It is a delightful credit to Fantasy Novels It What Would You Like? finally came inThis is not just a book it is an entireantasy world In the back there is a glossary of terms used an appendix of the suns and moons and an appendix of the elfin runes their language and markings compared to our alphabet The world Robert Fanney has managed to create is amazing in and of itself There are two incredible pictures of the main character Luthiel and I didn t see illustrated by anywhere so he must have drawn them They are seriously incredible and I Narcissus in Chains (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, found myself staring at them This book builds and builds and then it ends the main characters are about to go into battle and I am very anxiousor the next book to come out I don t want. D of dreams and nightmares and a Blade Dancer dreaded protector of the Faelands who bears a dark message Instead of celebration Luthiel is given a terrible choice if she does nothing someone she loves deeply will die Or to save a life she can break the most perilous law of the Faelands and venture alone to the Vale of Mists If she chooses the journey she must race Othalas

This book really surprised me It started out with a traditional story line and then I ound myself in an entirely different place altogether But it wasn t jarring I was smoothly swept away The author s world is illed with Friend Foe fantasy archetypes but they all somehow seem uniue and have depth If you re lookingor a story and characters that will really surprise and delight you don t pass up this bookThe only shame is that a major publisher hasn t picked up on this author and put some real heat behind his work But small presses have done double time in the past I m waiting anxiously The Longevity Diet for the second installment Not too long ago I read A Game of Thrones an excellentantasy novel with exceptional world building with Grassroots Innovation fantasy elements kept in moderation just the way I like it intrigue and suspense provided by a complex plot andully realized characters That sucker grabbed me and wouldn t let go As a Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase, by Van Gogh fantasy Luthiel s Songailed because it lacked all of the above It didn t grab me Hell it barely groped me It was like the awkward boy who took you to the 10th grade dance and was so set on making a good impression that he barely made an impression at all By the end of the night you would have welcomed an attempt at copping a cheap Architecture and Utopia feel because it would have given you a good story the next day to tell yourriends and verify that he did in Perfect Cities fact know of the existence of the bases Suffice it to say this book did not give me a good story to tell myriends And I began to wonder if it even knew where the bases were In Luthiel s Song the Prometheus Wired fantasy world was overkill andull of self referential terms and concepts that are seldom clearly explained Granted that could have also been because tedium set in early on and I ound myself not caring much about piecing all that mumbo jumbo together Oh and you know what really irks me When antasy novels have a helpful appendix in the back and half the words and terms you look up aren t listed We have elves we have werewolves we have talking animals we have giant killer spiders we have giants we have dragons we have Special Topics in Calamity Physics fallen angels who have become vampires we have ghosts we have wizards we have valkyries we have magic crystals we have swords that are important enough to have names we have portals between worlds It s a bit like the author won a shopping spree at Ghouls R Us In other words we have everyantasy trope and cliche under the two suns of Oesha yup even two suns The problem with all of this Seven More Languages in Seven Weeks fantasy clutter is it leads to the second problem weak characterization The characters never really differentiate themselves based upon personality We never know much about Luthiel other than as an orphan she has alwayselt out of place and like all orphans she will predictably turn out to be than she seems and she loves her sister Leowin so much that she s willing to offer her life in her sister s stead when Leowin is chosen as a sacrifice Scenes from a Revolution for the Vyrl Cue the adventure in which Luthiel will learn about herself as she encounters mystical threats andinds unlikely allies YawnNow all of this might be a little entertaining to someone who hasn t glutted themselves on antasy as I have over the years Most of this is predictable with a very been there done that lavor It s not necessarily that bad but it s not necessarily that good Instead of moving on to the next book in the series I think. Luthiel's Song is an epic Microsoft Visual C fantasy novelor young adults It is the Soulprint first in a series of seven Below is a description of the story First Summer's Eve has come and all elves celebrate as the black moon's shadowades Blah Blah Black Sheep from the world It is also Luthiel'sifteenth birthday With it come two extraordinary and dangerous surprises a Wyrd Stone its silvery heart a window into a worl.

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