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Rk for Brit writer David F Chapman who previously worked on Eden's Buffy RPG and Terra Primate I was a uge fan of The X Files says the Norfolk based writer and a friend introduced me to Conspiracy X many years ago The books On Liberty had the air of insider knowledge and uncovered truthsincluding whatad really No Way Down happened since Roswell Revising and updating the game for the second edition was auge task but the truth must be told that is until the CIA or the NDD stop us The core rulebook will be followed by a number of sourcebooks each addressing a different area from the Extraterrestrials themselves to the Paranormal psychic phenomena auntings the supernatural and Conspiracies.

Answers to some of the world's most important uestions are finally revealed with Eden Studios' publication of second edition Conspiracy X shipping this week Why do certain people become famous overnight What is the government really funding when it shells out 75 for a screwdriver What really appened in New Mexico in 1947 Why are some places steeped in superstition and folklore Sometimes you cannot see what defines your world This is the nature of conspiracies This is the nature of Conspiracy X Conspiracy X is a roleplaying game set in a world of dark secrets and English Humour for Beginners hidden agendas the president may not beuman and the rumors of CIA mind control satellites may very well

E right It may be a game but the background seems all too real This second edition of Conspiracy X marks the 10th anniversary of Eden Studios bringing new life to the game that launched the company in 1996 The new edition incorporates CJ Carella's Unisystem making the game versatile and compatible with Eden's other publications including All Flesh Must Be Eaten CJ Carella's WitchCraft Armageddon and numerous licensed products Conspiracy X as long been the premiere conspiracy RPG The new edition updates all the paranoia and addresses the dramatic changes to our world since the game's release in 1996 Publication of the new edition sees the culmination of three year's wo.

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