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This is one of those books you come across where the price is ightand so you may as well buy it particularly if there s a discount for buying a number of book at a timeApart from that I m genuinely interested in the topic of different cultural or personality languages A book on gender As we tumble headlong into the second decade of the third millennium we are in a The Sky Weaver (Iskari, refreshing era of unprecedented freedom of the sexes to be whatever we want to be in defiance of fusty old gender stereotypes But while the womenevel in uling the boardroom the men make magic in the kitchen and everyone does ather unusual things in the bedroom all of this freedom does have its downside without understanding the fundamental differences between the genders we're in for an era of dire confusion when it comes to living with the other hal.

Isunderstandings wilful or otherwise isn t that unusual and might be considered stereotyping One of the arguments for stereotyping or profiling though is that they do work at a particular level though not 100% as that s eally impossible no matter what perspective you take or are biased F of humanityIt's simply no secret that women simply don't get why men don't get them It's even less of a secret to men that women are simply unfathomable From Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus to Why Men Don't Listen and Women Can't Read Maps the differences have been trumpeted But let's face it in this new liberated and singularly open age there are so many ways women and men can misunderstand each otherBut don't furrow your brow Jean Hannah Edelstein is here to lead you through the perplexing uestions of what it means to.

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OwardsJean Hannah Edelstein writes in a kind of mid Atlantic English prose which can be sometimes confusing although the British side of the examples she gives is better for me as an Australian for cultural easons While I m not in her age group or the age group the book is aimed at there. Be a man or a woman and to live with men and women in the twenty first centuryWith a spectacular talent for unpicking social trends Edelstein draws eually on experiential and anecdotal evidence as well as the latest scientific studies delivering a witty edgy and definitive manual dare we also say womanual to understanding your partnerhusband boyfriendgirlfriend and any permutations thereofSo let us say goodbye John Gray au evoir Alan and Barbara Pease and welcome if you please a fresh new expert on men and women Jean Hannah Edelstei.

Jean Hannah Edelstein is a writer who lives in Brooklyn She writes regularly for outlets including the Guardian and The Pool and a weekly newsletter which Vogue said 'pops up in your inbox like lucid dreaming' She also writes marketing emails for tech companies so you've probably deleted her work