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Al of the story teaches the children a great lesson about what it takes to take care of farm animals which is a lot work than expected But the ending has a positive twist that will make it worth reading until the very end Although this story has a great Aspen s first library book of the 2010 2011 school ear. El Blanca is nowhere to be found How will Rosalia protect Blanca without the priest's blessing In a surprise ending Rosalia has an idea that keeps Blanca safeRichly textured illustrations bring to life this moving tale that will touch the heart of anyone who has ever cherished a

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Tory It tells a story about a Summary young girl who lives on a farm with her family and the animals she loves to take care of It informs theoung readers about her specific culture in a fictional story format It shows the importance of family and importance in a way that can be entertaining for some children The mor. Tect them from disease and predators In Blanca's Feather Antonio Hernandez Madrigal weaves together the rituals of this ceremony with the special friendship between a girl and her petRosalia can't wait to take her hen Blanca to the blessing but when it's time to leave for the chap.

Every The Janitor (The Contenders, year on St Francis of Assisi s Day people bring their newborn pets to be blessed Rosalia can t find her hen Blanca so she brings her feather instead The people in line make fun of her but the priest blesses the feather all the same Blanca s Feather by Antonio Hernandez Madrigal is a diversely written Saint Francis of Assisi Day is celebrated in Mexico and many other countries including the United States eachear on October 4 Since the twelfth century men women and children have paraded their newborn farm animals and pets to the local church to receive a blessing that will pro.

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