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Good relationship with Charles I m team Sean all the way but I liked Alice s bond f at least friendship with the vamp That was pretty much tossed ut the window now5 There s no connection to anything with Moses which has the been the large story f the first four books and the ending cliffhanger Porter Rockwell: A Biography of the fourth nothing is progressed there at all In addition we don t get anything resolved with her potential new family memberther than a cliffhanger Lake and Satire others from previous books aren t here at all There isn t a big mysteryther than Alice trying to recover power and memories6 For someone who is supposedly so powerful can we please have her stop getting hurt every Deflower the Boss other chapter in every book7 It s a personal pet peevef mine that the powerful can have their powers easily stolen If that s the case with the worldbuilding I can t be that impressed by their power8 The wolf thing is awesome but I still want her to be in her roots involved with all the supe groups and herself instead Hebrew magic amulets of making it all about wolves which is where the story seems to be suddenly heading Sadly the book was mainly dull it pains me to admit it Somef my dislike f it is personal pet peeves that aren t the books fault my irritation at convenient amnesia r powers being stolen but Being There otherwise the book s shiftf POV made it feel basic and repetitive the filler uality without much story and not continuing any هذه بلادنا: الجواء of Alice s personal story was a disappointment after the wait I was saddened to see every character associated with the vamps at all to now being enemies again she s even rude to Brian instantly at the beginning I d like to thank the author for gifting me with an ARC to read and reviewSince I discovered the Alice Worth Series a couplef years ago I ve become a stalwart fan She doesn t disappoint In Heart Buddha's Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom of Shadows the story startsff with Alice having been hurt I admit I felt reluctant to dive in at first because I just wanted the poor woman to have a break But nce things got going the world building and characters grabbed me as always One thing I really liked about this addition was that we saw a different side f Alice and she continues to grow in her relationship with not nly Sean and the pack but also with a few ther characters In the early books she was pretty much like a scary dangerous hedgehog In this book she is still gutsy and powerful but also not so busy pushing everyone away The action was non stop as usual and the I couldn t put the book down for the second half Witness to the Martyrdom: John Taylor's Personal Account of the Last Days of the Prophet Joseph Smith of the story Thenly reason I didn t give this five stars was because the timeline format used in this book was ne where it jumps from the present to past a few times and I really dislike that My analytical brain gets sidetracked n a continuous loop trying to calculate was it really four days ago r was it three I hope Edmonds plans to either wrap up this particular series and start another ne r wrap up this story arc within the next book r two I really like the world she has built and would love stories set in this world view spoiler but want to see the end The War at Home: One Family's Fight Against PTSD of the drama around Moses Murphy and the threat he poses hide spoiler I just feel like this series keeps getting better and better But now that I m all caught up I can t wait for the next book to comeutOh and PS Sean is a freakin top teir book boyfriend Give him the gold 35 Better than I expectedI don t normally like books in a series where the MC forgets their me. Sean his pack and the Court form an uneasy alliance to locate them Days later Sean finds Alice n the side f the road far from home with no memory and no magic and no sign f MalcolmFor Sean Alice’s condition means starting ver with the woman he loves For Alice it’s a chance to escape painful memories f her violent past but she knows she.

The fifth installment in Lisa Edmonds Alice Worth series is absolutely fantastic Readers who have read the first four books will not be disappointed with the continuing saga f Alice Malcolm and SeanRead full review in the 2020 May issue Ten Thousand Goddam Cattle: A History of the American Cowboy in Song, Story and Verse of InD tale Magazine The Yearf the Brief Reviewand this year is already 12 months to long Despite being a HUGE fan Set Theory, Logic and Their Limitations of Lisa s books thisne just wasn t for meI just can t stand the use f moving back and forward in time in a story Despite the fact that it didn t reveal all and there was a nice twist at the end it still felt like reading the end first I am clearly too linear in thinking Yes I did have something ruder in mind So please don t let this review stop you reading the book I am sure you will enjoy it Okay I was worried until about halfway through this book I really like this series and look forward to every new release butmemory loss is NOT a trope I like so the first half f the book was k I was going to bitch slap Alice for a while there but she got her shit together and finally realized what a dick the vampire isI will say I thought there would be about her grandfather as that is where imo the storyline is going This felt a bit like a filler book but enjoyed the writing and characters nonethelessREAD THIS SERIES if your into urban fantasy Another brilliant addition to this seriesI feel like all the praise I want to unleash n this book I ve already said in my previous reviews so I ll keep this short and simpleI haven t come across any The Stringbean Murders other seriesr any أساطير شعبية من قلب جزيرة العرب: الجزء الرابع other author that has managed to satisfy my reading needs as perfectly as Lisa Edmonds and her Alice Worth 5 books 5 stars each Unheardf for me I discovered this series at the end Stricken (Asphalt Cowboys, of last year and binge read allf the current books so imagine my delight when I got an ARCIn my The Sporty Game opinion the previous books were somef the best new Urban Fantasy I have read in a long time and this new inst I love this series in general and I re read the first four in preparation for this fifth release Unfortunately this turned American Yakuza II out to be my least favorite by far The author still writes well I still love the series and plan to continue but for the bad parts1 Amnesia I hate it Loathe it If it s the plotf a standalone I avoid it Having Amnesia in the main character for almost the entire book right in the middle Inventions That Changed the World: Working Wonders of a series is a nightmare I don t feel like seeing her meet people allver again and discover things all Love Onboard: Cupid's Caribbean Cruise over again I d rather get plot progression from the eventsf the last book More development in relationships instead Vertical Mind: Psychological Approaches for Optimal Rock Climbing of her not remembering anyone Argh2 Dual POV Alice was always single pov The author probably due to the amnesiar maybe wanting to change this to PNR than Urban FantasyMystery mainly told this through Sean s POV I love Sean but I don t like romantic dual POV We already know how he feels about her so having it repeated in her head then his directly made it repetitive and dull3 Not much plot There s some back and forth time shifts in the storyline but really this Blood Love one has the slowest plotut f the Alice Worth books The majority is spent with her and Sean going ver a lot f the same ground they ve already covered in previous books and a few scenes with Nan and Carly There s a cool sorcerer battle but the book is large and it needed action and direction I will say we got a potent moment ut f the real Alice s past that was well written4 The author has decided to kill any. Mage private investigator Alice Worth must solve the most difficult case f her career her wnA magic induced bloodbath during a Vampire Court gala leaves Alice and her boyfriend alpha werewolf Sean Maclin wounded Alice and her ghost sidekick Malcolm reluctantly agree to investigate the deadly supernatural attack When they vanish without a trace.

Mory so I was very pleasantly surprised to see that I really enjoyed this ne yay again for AliceUnfortunately I felt like I was reading a filler book Not much happened in the main plot and I was very excited to see how it would go nOh well still a very good series and I m still very excited to see where the story goes and what happens in the next book Only half a year left to wait until the next book is released sigh Never trust the vampiresI ll admit that with all f the bad stuff going DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting on in real life with Covid 19 I am looking for my reads to be completely unreal Paranormal and historical romance is what I m craving so I m not trying to gauge how they the characters would be coping with the Corona Virus Sure I wouldn t mind having the vampires come in and give back to the community by donating their blood to cure the virus I also wouldn t mind a werewolfr two sharing their noses to sniff ut the carriers I m also a little bit jealous f the characters getting to go ut n coffee dates Sure I can have coffee datesas long as I apply social distancing don t sit down in a public eating area Or better yet stay home and make it myself Maybe unreal doesn t really shut Civil rights, tool of communist deception out the real from creeping inI really enjoyed reading Heartf Shadows and getting to visit with Alice and Sean again While I finished the story with a smile n my face it did take a wee bit f time to settle in and get my bearings I also had to deal with time jumping which I m not a huge fan Cutthroat of Once I did settle in and Alice s journey was a little clearer I remembered how much I love this seriesWhile Heartf Shadows storyline was interesting and Alice s mission as riveting as all An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims of her previousnes I found myself completely distracted by some new revelations In this story we get to know a LOT about the vampires and how they ve been playing the game up until now To be honest I m a little disappointed at what was revealed about Charles On The Claiming of the Shrew one hand I think I m ready to cut ties with him after what was revealed On thether hand I feel like we might have missed something Summoned or maybe we re not seeing the full picture clearly I just can t give upn him completelyYETSean is still the love f my bookish life I mean the perfect book boyfriend I mean perfect for Alice I am a sucker for a growly possessive and bossy hero and Sean does it SO WELL I absolutely loved seeing him care for Alice when she was going through her memory loss Sean just keeps improving with each new instalment to the series Lisa Edmonds please Please PLEASE do not change Sean r mess with the love f my I mean Alice s lifeHonestly in the first uarter f the book I was missing the Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return old Alice While I love seeing Alice and Sean s relationship develop there s a little partf me that misses her strong independent and slightly reckless behaviour She still has a bit Dead Inside of this but it s like she s maturingr something How dare she mature and start caring about her loved nes and their feelings My beloved Malcolm does not play as huge a part in this story as he has in previous nes This story is mostly about Sean and Alice s deeper feelings and seeing their relationship move to the next level There is a lot team effort in this The Taste of Spruce Gum one and we finally see Alice turn to her pack for helpI am a huge fanf this series and after that little glimpse into the next instalment I can t wait for If you haven t tried the Alice Worth series yet I definitely recommend giving it a try. Needs her power back before her enemies learn she’s vulnerable To find Malcolm and her stolen magic she and Sean team up with his pack a white witch the Court and a pair f dangerous black witches Their investigation unearths an ancient vendetta and a shadowy enemy so powerful and ruthless no ne involved most f all Alice will ever be the sa.

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Lisa Edmonds was born and raised in Kansas A graduate of Buhler High School she studied English and forensic criminology at Wichita State University After acuiring her Bachelor’s degree she considered a career in law enforcement as a behavioral analyst before earning a Master's from Wichita State and then a PhD in English from Texas A&M UniversityShe is currently an associate professor of