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Ar against the Germans who have taken over their country Finn and Loki go and help by delivering letters which are coded and Finn ends up in a lot of bother because of ned and in the process sees people he knows been executed which scares the life out of him Finn and Loki help the resistance and along the way scary things happenDefinitely a good book or the young to read will keep them interested and learn along the way what it was like in the war Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality for kids and adults alike the things they went through and that loose tongues got people killed or in prison A thrilling read with young teenage heroes doing marvellous things to undermine the Nazis in Norway Great information about Heinkels Spitfires life in Norway and aantastic mix of action humour and pathos This book is about occupied Norway in1940It is a good boo. E But to succeed they Learning and Development face their greatest deadly challenge how to steal an enemy plane andly it to reedom Can two boys take on the might of the Nazi powe.


World War they are mostly about either Britain or Germany so it is refreshing to ind that this one is set in Norway it makes it uniue I would recommend this book to people who enjoy action adventures set during the Second World War It kept hold of my attention right until the end it wasn t weighed down with lots of technical words it held a good pace throughout Set in stark conflicted Norway just prior to and during Nazi occupation this is a sobering account of ordinary lives turned upside down As Mastering Gephi Network Visualization fiction based on reality the cruelty and horror of the Nazi oppression is evident on every page as individuals andamilies strive to survive and sometimes r Finn lives in Norway with his mam and sister his dad went to England to help The Canadian Regime fight the war and died Finn has ariend called Loki and they want to help Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space fight the Risk arrest torture and execution They also don't know who to trustWhen vital secretsall into their hands and the enemy is in hot pursuit they must escap.

Author Craig SimpsonPublished 07022008I received this book or ree through GoodReads FirstReads competitionsThis book is the irst in the Special Operation series and what a start to the series it is This novel is set in 1940 in Norway when the country has been invaded by the Nazis and taken over However best riends Finn and Loki both only 15 years old are determined to Un Cadeau pour ma Femme fight back against it The two boys must take on the might of the Nazi s and succeed in steal an enemies plane toly to reedom This book was very well written and described by the author making all of the scenes seem realistic and like you are right there in the action with them trying to escape This is the irst book I have read by Craig Simpson and I will definitely be reading the rest of the series When a book says that it is about the Second. NORWAY OCTOBER 1940Norway a country invaded by the Nazis Finn Gunnersen and best Shadow Bound friend Loki Larson are determined toight back Joining the Resistance they.

A writer of action thrillers and adventures mostly WWII inspired by secret agents of the SOE My first book Resistance 2007 was short listed for the Branford Boase Award and my highly acclaimed award winning Special Operations Series 4 titles has been followed by various short format illustrated EDGE titles for Franklin Watts Hachette I am currently working on a swashbuckling novel set