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Holy Hell I am in loveYou want western You got itYou want action adventure It s yoursYou want love lust and romance Saddle upI could not put this story down Josie and Rebecca were polar opposites Josie an experienced outlaw who had zero time or patience for that matter for fragile innocent little girls who didn t know how the real world worked Rebecca innocent and na ve as they come rescued by the tall dark and fearsome outlaw Rebecca knew she needed to prove to Josie that she was worth keeping around After spending many days and nights together on the trail the coldness around Josie s heart began to warm up and she started to see Rebecca in a new light This story kept me on edge it even had me chuckling a few times Some reviewers complained of it being too long with unnecessary scenes I say Hell To The No on that one It was perfect very good book and I am not much for westerns thought out plot and engaging characters Xena Uber Lesbian western is not my fave subgenre that said I ve read uite a few including some fanfic This is the bottom of the genr. At the center of this story are two women; one a deadly gunslinger bitter from the injustices of her past the other a gentle dreamer trying to.

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E imo This does not include simply awful writing Well enough written some incorrect words used if you want to get picky I didn t find the story compelling enough and at times believable enough to give a higher rating It does say something that I finished it with it as long as it is DNF because it s Clear Xena fanfiction They barely even tried to change the story for the western theme If I had known it before purchasing on I wouldn t have made the purchaseJosie is a raven haired blue eyed beauty with a dark past Rebecca is a blonde innocent green eyed country girl who likes to talk and write After being rescued from thugs by Josie Rebecca follows the outlawThere s a lot of the typical didn t your mother ever tell you and pick on someone your own size uips familiar from the series as tough nut XenaI MEAN JOSIE fights bad guys on the trail while the hapless yet excitable GabrielleI MEAN REBECCA fawns on sideWhen they get to a small town being targeted by outlaws and there s only innocent farmers who can t fight the bad guys of course Gab I mean Rebecca Escape the horrors of the present Their destinies come together one fateful afternoon when the feared outlaw makes the choice to rescue a you.

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Alks XenJosie into defending the town for them At this point I decided to stop If I wanted to watch an episode of Xena I would do ust that If I wanted to read Xena fan fiction there s plenty online for free I never did like fanfiction though sue me I have no desire to pay good money 10 USD for fanfiction that directly copies characters and events only barely changing the environment and some circumstances I wanted a good lesbian western drama with an original premise This wasn t that After this book I have to admit that FF Western is becoming my favorite sub genreWhat a lovely book The setting is described very tastefully the story is fascinating and the characters are interestingI loved Josie the tough butch with a heart of goldRebecca was very sweet and brave For me they were a match made in heaven because they are so different and yet a perfect fitThe romance slowly blossoms from friendship and companionship to love And once the tension between the women increases the chemistry was of the charts The intimate scenes are exciting sexy en very satisf. Ng woman in trouble For her part Josie Hunter considers the brief encounter at an end once the girl is safe but Rebecca Cameron has other idea.