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Wxcellent resource with clear images and instructions The art of embroidery has been efined simply as the ornamentation of textiles with Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 decorative stitchery In this book Lucinda Ganderton provides a clearly illustrated step by step guide to over 200ecorative and practical stitches A copy of this book has been part of my reference library for almost ten years and I refer to it whenever I am looking for a ecorative stitch for a particular purpose or when I need to remind myself exactly how to work a particular stitch It is an ancient craft which encompasses a wealth of history. From a herringbone stitch to a wheatear a new edition of this comprehensive guide to stitching Create beautiful needlework with this complete illustrated guide to stitching It is the perfect reference for embroidery needlepoint.

Diate level stitch I could have really used this book when I was attempting my first French knotsThe stitches are organised into four categoriesLine and Border StitchesFilling StitchesOpenwork StitchesNeedlepoint StitchesThe colour illustrations for each stitch are clear and uncluttered and there is an illustration of the completed stitch as well I most recently referred to this book for ecorative border stitches for some appliue I m attempting The only problem I have is that there are so many Dark Ties (Broken Saints Society different stitches to choose from an entire world of possibilitiesJennifer Cameron Smith. P by step instructions andetailed working photographs will help you understand exactly how to create any stitch and what it should look like This title is invaluable for beginners and full of ideas for the accomplished stitch.

And the same stiches are used by embroiderers throughout the world After a section entitled How to Use This Book this book contains six chapters The first chapter covers the euipment threads and fabrics used for stitchery and the Um Fogo Eterno different techniues involved This is followed by a library of the 234 stitches featured within the book with the page reference to the instructions for each particular stitchFor example Back Stitch Rings p102 Turn to page 102 for pictures of how to work the stitch advice on what it is useful for and the method used and materials reuired to work this interme. Dressmaking canvas work or other needlecrafts Find advice on what thread needles or fabric will work with which stitches and take a look at over 200ecorative and practical stitches with ideas on how and where to use them Ste.

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